Nude celebrities and non-nude celebrities pictures and video
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- Brooke Paller HOLY HOTNESS!  Young babe with PEFECT body and godess beauty!  14 HD vidcaps from her in "Legacy"
- Brooke Paller hot body and beautiful in various shots x14
- Alexis Grace hot legs and beautiful blonde on American Idol '09 x57 + 43 HD caps
- Megan Joy Corkrey superhot blonde on "American Idol" (2009) red hot dress x6
- Brie Larson MEGAUPDATE: cute hottie star of "United States of Tara" tons of various shots, young and new x184
- Michelle Marsh huge breasts on this British blonde beauty x118
- Mila Kunis - this ain't no High School Musical!  Nude in shower, topless having sex, hard nipples in mud, shackled feet, and lots more from "Boot Camp" HD x70 (videos from this movie at bottom of pages)
- Figure skater Michelle Kwan - WOW!  Crazy hot bikini body!  3 photos. Straight 10's from this judge!
- Mena Suvari candid topless on beach + lots more x118
- Melissa Theuriau, super sexy super cute French news anchor topless and lots of photoshoot pics x103
- New videos update released
- Kate Todd, "Radio Free Rosco" star looking sexy in some of her profile images
- Melissa Schuman
busty young blonde babe x8
- Melissa Joan Hart
perky photos x8
- Kristin Cavallari
HOT tanned bikini body in various bikinis in "Green Flash" x55 (plus 5 vids from that movie)
- Melinda Stolp, gorgeous busty blonde who was on the reality show "Real World" tons of pictures: skimpy candids, sexy photoshoots, personal photos, etc.. x156  Usually I don't like promoting nobodys who play up for the camera attention, but she's hot!
- Megan Fox lookin sweet on the set of "Transformers" x29
- Amanda Loncar so gorgeous, nice cleavage in open tops from a variety of shots x30
- Malin Akerman, star of "Watchmen" sexy body in Maxim photoshoot + paparazzi x53
- Mega-fox Megan Fox MEGAUPDATE:  bikini hot body, hard wet nipples, paparazzi cleavage, x210
- Mary-Louise Parker topless and full nude in movie x30
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead sexy movie stills + gorgeous in some paparazzi shots x32
- Marla Sokoloff cute busty brunette actress x28 mixed
- Marisa Tomei topless, no bra and pokies, hot body and gorgeous.  Various x96
- Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller hot body paparazzi + bikini shots x72
- Mariah Carey topless in bikini on beach, cleavage, large selection of photos x103
- Maria Sharapova superhot tennis superstar looking.. well.. superhot x69
- Maria Menounos lookin pretty in 2 different outfits, paparazzi shots x16 (last row of pics on that page)
- Maria Grazia Cucinotta amazing large breasts on this gorgeous Italian beauty x27
- Marg Helgenberger large breasts on plan candids + paparazzi x13
- Marg Helgenberger topless in "Species".  These actual pictures have been online for awhile but for some reason there was no page created form them!

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Miley Cyrus MEGAUPDATE !  1,068 photos added !!  TONS of candids, paparazzi, photoshoots, live on stage, caps from videos, etc.  Galleries 19-29.
- Happy birthday Jessica Biel who turned 27 today!  Wow, only 3 years from being a middle-aged woman.
- Manuela Arcuri gorgeous Italian babe in underwear on runway x11 + hot nude videos of her
- Mandy Moore MEGAUPDATE:  301 shots of her in bikini, candid out shopping, vidcaps, young and cute and recent photos from all kinds of sources!
- Malin Akerman, star of upcoming "WATCHMEN" movie nipple visible through sheer dress + more x37
- Maggie Q superhot asian babe of "Live Free or Die Hard" fame x7 beautiful in red dress
- Maggie Gyllenhaal nude and sexy in photoshoots x30

- Lacey Chabert scary looking!  But still *hawt* :)  From "The Lost" x65
- Scarlett Johansson lesbian kissing Penelope Cruz, nice cleavage, great ass in tight shorts + more from "Vicki Christina Barcelona" HD caps x76
- Penelope Cruz hot body in very loose clothing, great legs and cleavage with no bra, lesbian kissing in "Vicki Christina Barcelona" HD caps x42
- Rebecca Hall, hot British brunette perky breasts, nice legs in "Vicki Christina Barcelona" HD caps x41
- Madonna in a wide variety of different shots, old and new x129
- Lynda Carter big breasted Wonder Woman photoshoot x4
- Lucy Pinder's sexy topless body candid at beach with topless large-breasted friend, x53
- Lucy Liu hot body in a couple photoshoots x17
- New videos update released
- Liv Tyler candid bikini photos, caps + photoshoot x87
- Lisa Kudrow of "Friends" candid bikini x39
- Lindy Booth hot in thin dress x39 + some caps
- Lindsey McKeon superhot yet little-known actress x11
- Lindsay Lohan MEGAUPDATE:  665 pictures!  See-through top, bikini, sexy photoshoots, candids!  This update goes from gallery 50 to gallery 56.
- Linday Park, star of "Star Trek: Enterprise" HOT BODY in BIKINI!
- Linda Cardellini, star of "Scooby Doo" sooo naturally sexy x34 - paparazzi and photoshoot
- Lily Allen OOPS!  The British singer exposes her breast by accident getting out of car x11
- Leslie Bibb topless holding breasts in "Midnight Meat Train" + bikini photoshoot x21
- Leona Lewis nice body and cleavage in photoshoots x11
- Lena Headey, star of "300" and "Terminator" (TV) sweet body in some sexy photoshoots x90
- Leilani Dowding fit body in lingerie photoshoot + leaving after surgery x18
- Leighton Meester pretty papz shots x11
- Leelee Sobieski MEGAUPDATE:  large breasted beauty bikini candids, killer cleavage paparazzi, bikini vidcaps, sexy photoshoots and lots more!  234 photos.
- Lauren Holly smokin hot body x16
- Laura Ramsey, star of horror flick "The Ruins" and "The Real Cancun" hot body in bikini candid photos on teh set of "The Ruins" x11
- Laura Prepon sexy body in skimpy bikini photoshoot, hot caps, + paparazzi x137
- Laura Harring sexy photoshoto x10
- Laetitia Casta topless in photoshoot & movie x25
- Lacey Chabert's nice breasts and cleavage x77
- New videos update released
- Kym Marsh topless candids in the pool ("Coronation Street" actress) x11
- Kym Johnson SUPERHOT Australian breasty blonde from "Dancing With the Stars" x86
- Kylie Minogue pretty paparazzi and in interview x35
- Kristanna Loken very sexy photoshoot in a t-shirt but nice and tight, accenting her breasts which she holds x7
- Kristin Kreuk natural beauty, photoshoots + paparazzi x75
- Ashley Tisdale hot body in various outfits from "High School Musical 3" x67
- Jemma McKenzie-Brown cute and beautiful in "High School Musical 3" x52
- Vanessa Hudgens in beautiful summer dresses and French maid outfit in "High School Musical 3" x45
- Olesya Rulin cute in "High School Musical 3" x15
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead MEGAUPDATE:  *SUPERHOT* body in "Make It Happen" wearing skin tight dance bottoms and short athletic topics.  Amazing body on this sexy girl who's usually known for her safe 'girly' roles x206
- Brianna Keilar sexy blonde Aussie CNN personality x7
- Arielle Kebbel hot body in underwear, cleavage in tank top, gorgeous in "Freakdog" x73
- Sarah Carter sexy body in underwear, mouth to mouth with Arielle Kebbel, in "Freakdog" x19

- Kristin Chenoweth caps and paparazzi x36
- Kristin Cavallari might be an over-exposed nobody, but wow that body.  Bikini candids!!  x146
- Kristen Bell MEGAUPDATE:  335 pictures including some wicked hot photoshoots
- Kristen Stewart, star of movie "Twilight" sexy legs paparazzi, HOT photoshoot all done up, candids x66
- Krista Allen gorgeous body in skimpy outfits, photoshoots x35
- Kirsten Dunst MEGAUPDATE: 205 pictures, mostly paparazzi

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- New videos update released !
- Amanda Crew what a hottie.  Caps from "Sex Drive" [unrated] - cleavage, hot body in jeans, skirt, cat fight with another girl, gorgeous x133 + videos
- Katrina Bowden hot topless body, sexy legs in short skirt, catfight in "Sex Drive" caps x62 + videos
- Jessica Just SEXY FINGER SUCKING!  14 caps + video from "Sex Drive"
- Caley Hayes upskirt ass shot, spread legs, topless with perky breasts playing with her nipples then her friends!  From "Sex Drive" x48
- Alice Greczyn nice ass for an Amish girl :) x21 from "Sex Drive" [unrated]
- Katie Holmes nice nude breasts in HD x16
- Laura Ramsey nude with breasts hanging down, nice bare butt, see-through tank top in "The Ruins" (HD) x22
- Kerri Kasem (radio DJ host Casey Kasem's daughter) skimpy photoshoots x66
- Kelly Monaco bikini shots + tank top caps x25
- Kelly Hu see-through tank top and hard nipples x6
- Kelly Carlson amazing body in see-through shirt and nude bottoms showing off killer legs x1
- Kelly Brook MEGAUPDATE: topless beach candids, bikini candids, photoshoots, paparazzi x345
- Kellie Pickler *awesome* down-shirt cleavage of her perfect naturally breasts hanging down as she signs an autograph, + red ress photos x18
- Kelli Garner large breasted actress in photoshoot + vidcaps x57
- Elizabeth Banks HD caps (wow I haven't done those in awhile) from "Zack & Miri Make a Porno" x121
  Amazing body on this hot young blonde in tiny black bikini on the beach.  This is probably the largest single candid-bikini update that I've done!  426 photos!
- Keira Knightley beautiful in a few different photo shoots x58
- Keeley Hazell in photoshoot with truck x10
- Kaylee Defer pretty young actress with tight body on her x10
- Katie Lohmann gorgeous blonde, photoshoots + paparazzi x23
- Rosemary (err, Katie Holmes) topless a nice breasts in thin tank top paparazzi x84
- Katie Downes British hottie "page 3" girl x19 (last 2 rows on that page)
- New Videos update released!  (2.3GB in 89 files)
- Katie Cassidy (co-star of movie "Taken") MEGAUPDATE!  This is about the 3rd largest update that has been done in one shot for this site: 1,215 pictures with TONS of paparazzi shots
- Vanessa Marcil nice cleavage in photoshoots and paparazzi x30
- Kathleen Robertson sexy photoshoots + paparazzi x26
- Katherine Heigl candid bikini photos + paparazzi x33
- Katharine McPhee MEGAUPDATE:  sexy/kinky photoshoot showing off her crazy hot legs, big cleavage in low-cut dress paparazzi, other hot paparazzi shots and photoshoots x316.  THIS UPDATE PUTS US PAST THE 200,000 PICTURES ONLINE MARK !!!
- Kate Von D (Katherine von Drachenberg) of "LA Ink" lookin sexy as always x9
- Kate Perry the "I Kissed a Girl" singer hot hot collages including upskirt x6
- Kate Lawler crazy hot bikini body x12 (she was a former star of the UK TV show "Big Brother")
- Kate Hudson *amazing bikini body* candid photos on the beach!  x69
- Kari Byron of "Mythbusters" MEGAUPDATE!  654 pictures!  See-through butt suit, bikini, tank tops, gorgeous!
- Kate Bosworth breast hanging down in shirt OOPS + sexy photoshoot, see-through x14
- Kate Beckinsale MEGATEUPDAT: 229 shots including candid bikini, butt crack candids, paparazzi
- Kaley Cuoco cleavage photoshoot in tank top + cleavage vidcaps x21

- Julie Bowen sexy photoshoot x4
- Julie Benz beautiful paparazzi on red carpet x50
- Julia Stiles x112 caps from movie, paparazzi
- Julia Roberts bikini candids x21
- JOSS STONE MEGAUPDATE: candid bikini!  Joss Stone showing off her hot young body in tiny bikinis, NUDE photoshoot, lots of paparazzi and on-stage, and a very sexy collection of her with her tongue sticking out (about 70 shots of those)
- Joy Bryant sexy body in a couple of collages + papz x10
- Josie Maran hot body in movie + paparazzi x27
- Jordana Brewster hard nipples with no bra walking with boyfriend candid photos + nice back in open-back dress paparazzi x14
- Jordan Ladd paparazzi + sexy body in skimpy outfit from movie caps x44
- Star Trek's Jolene Blalock hot body in bikini top, hd caps, more x14
- JoJo upskirt on stage x8
- Jill Hennessey ("Crossing Jordan") sexy photoshoots and beautiful paparazzi x33
- Jessica Biel awesome ass in tight athletic pants walking her dogs x59
- Jessica Alba crazy hot body in photoshoot + tight jeans paparazzi x50
- New Videos update released today!
- Gail O'Grady hot wet swimsuit caps x311 in "Another Woman's Husband"
- Jordana Brewster in D.E.B.S. caps by DTravel x453
- Jill Ritchie in D.E.B.S. x 227
- Stacy Keibler MEGAUPDATE:  crazy hot body candid bikini pictures, sexy magazine photoshoot, candids in shorts, and paparazzi shots x195
- Elisha Cuthbert HOT HOT body - amazing tummy - in sports gear in water and on beach for some celebrity athletic event x78
- Jewel Staite in skirt on stage (fan shots) x10
- Jewel Kilcher sooo sexy paparazzi and great legs in skirt on stage x13
- Jessica Stroup candid on beach, paparazzi x46
- Jessica Simpson hard nipples in bikini, upskirt, paparazzi, tons of sexy shots x85
- Jaime King beautiful in black dress in recent even this January x82
- Jessica Collins gorgeous in 2 different dresses x4
- Jessica Biel MEGAUPDATE:  507 shots of her perfect ass in tight jeans, paparazzi, photoshoot in sexy thin dress, and tons more!
- Jessica Alba MEGAUPDATE:  367 photos with lots of behind the scenes photoshoot stuff
- Jeri Ryan large update of 111 photos: tight outfit as 7 of 9 on ST:TNG, paparazzi, photoshoots
- Jenny McCarthy sexy body in bikini candids, paparazzi, photoshoots x85
- Jennie Garth ("90210") nipples see-through dress x3 (last 3 on page)
- Jennifer Tilly sexy various shots x66
- Jennifer Love Hewitt MEGAUPDATE x157 various, nice cleavage
- Jennifer Lopez MEGAUPDATE:  upskirt, candids, mag shots, etc x243
- Jennifer Ellison biggest tease in the world flaunting her large breasts x75
- Jennifer Connelly x27 various shots including nice thong
- Anna Popplewell very pretty in the behind-the-scenes extras of "Prince Caspian" HD x18
- Jennifer Aniston MEGAUPDATE:  172 bikini candids, hard nipples in tank tops, paparazzi, etc
- Jennie Garth hot body in jeans + paparazzi shots x22

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Jennie Lyn Bernston large breasted host of TV show "In a Fix" x55 caps
- Jenna Jameson candids shopping + paparazzi in yellow dress xd17
- Jenna Fischer photoshoot + paparazzi x22
- Jenna Dewan ("Step Up" star) amazing bikini body candids + paparazzi x58
- Hayden Panettiere bikini bottoms and white top x26 (candids)
- Gemma Atkinson young British babe with large breasts and great butt x11
- Eva Mendes elegant magazine shoot x8
- Elle Macpherson hard nipples and no bra, candids out and about x7
- Chloe Sevigny nice fit bikini body candid photos x18
- Asia Argento's hot nude body and large firm breasts x12
- Anna Paquin in tank top and shorts candid paparazzi shots x6
- Tennis star Ana Ivanovic hot bikini body candid photos x2 (last 2 on page)
- New celebrity videos updates released today
- Jena Malone sexy body bikini candids x10
- January Jones nice legs and cleavage x23
- Gretchen Mol, Hollywood's best kept secret x10
- Anita Briem sexy blonde Iceland babe hard nipples & wet, tight pants in "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (2008 version) HD caps x138
- Allison Stokke gorgeous athlete with perfect body x80
- Keira Knightley breast exposed, awesome legs, lesbian scene in "The Duchess" HD caps x42
- Hayley Atwell drop dead gorgeous UK brunette + lesbian scene with Keira Knightley in "The Duchess" HD x32
- Jamie Lynn Spears
paparazzi x58
- Jamie-Lynn Sigler
("Sopranos") bikini candids!  Hot wet body in tony bikinis, candids + more x219
- Jaime Pressly hot bikini body, sexy photoshoot shots, DOA stills x89
- Jamie Lynn Spears in jeans, paparazzi x12
- Jaime King paparazzi in a few different locations x62
- Jami Gertz beautiful and busty in black dress HD caps x11
- Ivanka Trump's big Bambi eyes and hot cleavage x111
- Isla Fisher hot body swimsuit candids and bra & underwear caps from movie x288
- Imogen Bailey nipples and more showing through her sheer wet see-through outfit x7
- Indiana Evans
young starlett x213 - lots of caps and a few photos
- Hayden Panettiere
lots of sexy caps from movie x130
- Gemma Atkinson
busty British tease, bikini shoot x8
- Eva Longoria
paparazzi x39 (last 2 sets on that page)
- Elisha Cuthbert
in 35 very cute paparazzi shots being friendly to the camera
- Chyler Leigh
hot body in tight pants x11
- Catherine Zeta Jones
sexy magazine shoot x5
- Carrie Underwoood
x1 sexy shot of her in jeans in barn
- Avril Lavigne paparazzi + kinky photoshoot x14
- Amanda Bynes bikini candids x7
- Hudson Leick x14 small caps of her topless sweaty body having sex on bed
- Holly Valance gorgeous and leggy in white x5
- Hilary Swank bikini candids showing off her amazing body (a bit thin maybe) x35
- Heidi Klum sexy photoshoot for Italian "GQ" magazine x5
- Evan Rachel Wood is becoming quite a weirdo lately, but here's 27 shots of her
- Eva Mendes elegant yellow dress x105
- Emily VanCamp beautiful photoshoot for TV promo x7
- Elisha Cuthbert nice cleavage in black top and beautiful paparazzi shots x64
- Carmen Electra crazy hot body in bikini candids and sexy costume with cleavage x33
- Brooke Hogan huge cleavage in tank top x8
- Beyonce Knowles kinky photoshoot in Giant magazine x7
- Angelina Jolie cleavage in photoshoot x6
- Ashley Tisdale sexy legs on stage x6
- Ariel Kebbel open front top and black skirt x72
- Abbie Cornish nice figure in tight dress x13
- Hilary Duff
MEGAUPDATE:  574 PHOTOS including lots of candids, paparazzi, photoshoots
- Helen Mirren
x78 gorgeous photos, old and new - STILL looks hot!!
- Heidi Montag
- bimbo nobody who lives for the paparazzi - killer body in bikini x183.  Shots are made to look like candids, but her and her boyfriend CALL the papz to let them know where they'll be just so they can have their photos taken.  Hah, once they even went to an airport making it look like they were getting on a plane, had their photos taken by the papz, snuck into a washroom, changed into new wardrobe, and came out of the airport getting their photos taken again!  Yep - NO PLANE ride.  What a bunch of bloody fake bimbos.  But oh well, hot body so someone will undoubtedly want to see her, so here she is.  She's been known to flock to the tabloids rack just to see if she's in them...  <puke>
- Heather Locklear *amazing* bikini body - candid photos x11
- Giada de Laurentiis and her large natural breasts showing cleavage x5
- New videos update just released
- Gemma Atkinson large breasts in skimpy outfits photoshoot x16
- Eva Mendes see-through black top x10
- Eva Longoria sexy black dress at airport x12
- Erika Christensen nice breasts in shiny purple top x12
- Emmanuelle Chriqui younger and supersexy in kinky black outfit x5 (last 5 on that page)
- Emma Watson: SEXY photoshoot of the "Harry Potter" girl all grown up!  x69
- Leighton Meester MEGAUPDATE:  262 shots of her including bikini, paparazzi, and photoshoots
- Elizabeth Banks shows off her sexy legs in fire-hot red dress on the Craig Ferguson show x16
- Elisha Cuthbert on fire on the set of "24" Dec.10th x16 (last shots on that page)
- Christina Aguilera hot cleavage in collage + paparazzi x6
- Ashley Tisdale sexy photoshoot in black x3 (last 3 shots on page)
- Anna Kournikova beautiful at an event x1
- Angelina Jolie cameltoe in shorts x1
- Amanda Bynes leggy out shopping paparazzi x5
- Emma Watson MEGAUPDATE: GORGEOUS in sheer front dress x281
- Elizabeth Banks such a natural beauty x27
- Elisha Cuthbert busty and beautiful in tight top x12
- Christina Milian paparazzi in white tank top x8 (last shots on that page)
- Christina Aguilera bikini candids!  Rock hard body, plus photoshoot looking beautiful x73
- Cat Deeley sexy and upskirt, bikini, and more - the "So You Think You Can Dance" host is gorgeous x25
- Olga Kurylenko BOND GIRL NUDE!!  Quantum of Solace Russian SUPERBABE in tons of various shots including topless and full nude x186
- Blake Lively GORGEOUS with breasts snug inside sheer white low-cut top and tight lacey skirt x110
- Ashley Tisdale tight jeans out shopping paparazzi x14
- Amanda Bynes sexy tanned legs in white dress, paparazzi shots x7
- Alicia Witt nipples pushing through thin tank top + photoshoot in purple x42
- Adriana Lima stunningly beautiful in bra and underwear photoshoot x6

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Heather Graham nice body paparazzi and photoshoots x103
- Haylie Duff had nipples and firm breasts in tank tops, candids x106
- Hayden Panettiere megaupdate!  374 photos with tons of paparazzi, tight jeans
- Halle Berry's large breasts x58 paparazzi shots
- Gwyneth Paltrow nude in movie, paparazzi, and candid photos x79
- Gwen Stefani hot in various shots x32
- Gretchen Mol paparazzi, always beautiful.  It's too bad she doesn't do more work.
- Grace Park, Battlestar Galactica superbabe amazing body in bikini photoshoot + paparazzi x15
- Still working on getting over *3000* Gisele Bundchen pictures back online - check out my progress starting at gallery 1!  :)
- I'm re-doing the entire Gisele Bundchen gallery collection.  WOW I never knew I had over 3000 pictures of her online!  I'll post when the new galleries are complete - basically I'm just putting more photos on to each page so there's no 50+ gallery pages.  100 pictures per page should give a better layout.
- Gina Gershon gorgeous paparazzi shots + photoshoot x101
- Giada de Laurentiis pretty x3 in photoshoot sitting on chair
- Geri Halliwell (Spice Girl) amazing fit body in tight athletic outfit with hard nipples going for a walk/run with some meathead (candids) x8
- Elisha Cuthbert *gorgeous* with awesome cleavage in black dress x9
- Ashley Tisdale cute as hell on bed in photoshoot and sexy paparazzi shots x37
- Gemma Atkinson's large breasts in skimpy clothes photoshoots x25
- Franka Potente topless, beautiful photoshoots, various x25
- Fran Drescher bikini candids x15
- Famke Janssen photoshoot and candids x15
- Faith Hill hot body in bikini x14
- Evangeline Lilly sexy candids, on-set, photoshoot x49
- Evan Rachel Wood 40's look x49
- Eva Mendes nude bare butt, sexy photoshoots with very low cleavage x139
- Eva Longoria ass in bikini candid photos x54
- Eva Habermann topless with perky breasts in movie and on "Lexx" x30
- Eva Green busty Bond babe (from 2 Bond movies ago) x13:  this puts Zodcaps at 190,000 pictures!
- Eva Amurri: Susan Sarandon's BUSTY and gorgeous daughter x21
- Estella Warren amazing body, g-string underwear candids, lots more x82
- Erika Eleniak Baywatch babe x39 hot body in swimsuit, bikini, thong in movies, etc
- Erika Christensen nice body and beautiful x32
- Elisha Cuthbert HOT legs in skirt and tall boots on the set of "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" x42
- Chelsea Staub various x4
- Brooke Burke amazing bikini body in candid photos on the beach x36
- Angelina Jolie nude bare ass getting out of pool in "Wanted" x29
- Amy Adams elegant paparazzi shots x25
- Happy birthday Scarlett Johannson! (24 yrs)
- Alyson Michalka stunning sexy in red x8
- Adriana Lima bikini candids x8
- Emmy Rossum may be a boring goody-goody girl, but she sure is hot!  x158
- Emmanuelle Chriqui sexy body and gorgeous paparazzi shots x160
- Emma Watson MEGAUPDATE: 392 photos from all sorts of different sources
- Emma Rigby perfect bikini body on this young blonde x9
- Emily VanCamp natural beauty x42
- Emily de Ravin gorgeous blonde in various photoshoots and paparazzi x52
- Emily Blunt topless x9
- Ellen DeGeneres nude lesbian scene with Sharon Stone x15
- Elle Macpherson gorgeous body in different photoshoots x40
- Elizabeth Hurley big cleavage and bikini photoshoot x101
- Elizabeth Berkely paparazzi and bikini candid x24
- Elisha Cuthbert MEGAUPDATE!  207 pictures including hot body in bikini (candids) and topless photoshoot, paparazzi, movie shots, etc!
- Anna Kournikova hot photoshoot behind the scenes x16
- Elisabetta Canalis amazing body in bikini x42

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Ashley Benson bent over in cheerleader uniform costume bobbing for apples on "Supernatural" x27
- Luisa D'Oliveira *SEXY* beautiful in kinky nurse costume bent over bobbing for apples with see-through top underwater on "Supernatural" x57
- Elizabeth Banks bikini!!  And gorgeous paparazzi shots x35
- Elisabeth Shue pretty paparazzi x16
- Drew Barrymore sexy, kinky, beautiful in tons of varieties of photos x196
- New videos update released tonight
- Charlize Theron sexy/kinky in "Aon Flux" caps x127
- Linda Fiorentino topless and other caps from "Gotcha" x205
- Daphne Zuniga young and cute in "Vision Quest" (caps)
- Madonna singing in "Vision Quest" x7
- Linda Fiorentino younger, caps from "Vision Quest" (1985) x192
- Daisy Fuentes elegantly stunning x7
- Diora Baird busty sexy blonde actress who first got her fame in "Wedding Crashers" in some really hot photoshoots hots, vidcaps, etc.. x25
- Dina Meyer looking great in lots of paparazzi shots x238
- Diane Lane x64 paparazzi shots of her everlasting beauty
- Diane Kruger sexy body and gorgeous, paparazzi, photoshoots, caps (nude) x146
- Brittany Robertson cute starlet (well, she's 18) on "Swingtown" x496 including videos
- Claudia Schiffer sexy photoshoot in skimpy outfits x4
- Devon Aoki (formerly of Fast & Furious fame) awesome body in all sorts of pictures x129
- Demi Moore hot body bikini candids in Mexico x27
- Debra Messing in revealing outfit side breast shots, paparazzi x12
- Danielle Panabaker pretty paparazzi x8
- Danielle Lloyd hot body on this British beauty candid & photoshoots x25
- Chloe Sevigny hot legs in short dress x6
- Cate Blanchett elegant photoshoot x5
- Carmen Electra in kink Halloween costume at party in Vegas x27
- Blake Lively hot bikini body candid pictures and on set x162
- Ashley Tisdale hot tanned legs in skirt x45
- Amanda Seyfried busty actress x7 photoshoot pics
- Amanda Bynes x15 leggy photos (last 2 rows on page)
- Alexa Vega x12 more of her in that sexy black dress
- Daniela Pestova awesome bikini body x174
- Danica Patrick's hot little body in a sexy dress, and some bikini photoshoot shots x74
- Christina Aguilera huge breasts showing them off, photoshoot x88
- Brooke Burke and 4 more hot bikini shots
- Britney Spears nice wallpaper style pictures x10

- Blake Lively sexy schoolgirl photoshoot and on set of movie x8
- Beyonce Knowles in some kinky outfits, wallpapers x9
- Ashley Tisdale x15 arriving at studio in Studio City
- Anna Kournikova still as hot as ever, Mixed Doubles Exhibition Match, Stanford Championships in Dallas, October 25 2008 x8
- Ana Ivonovic athletic body during tennis match x7
- Amanda Bynes sexy legs as always, out and about in Beverly Hills on Oct.28 x12
- Adriana Lima lookin good in black dress at some perfume thing
- Latest video updates released
- HOT BABES including twins Janelle & Jessica Carbera, Naama Nativ settle, Michelle Arenal, Vanessa Villalovos, Cindy Pinzon, and Moran Atias from "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" in bikinis and underwear, HD x57
- Mariah Carey cleavage and nice body in short dress from "Zohan" HD x32
- Emmanuelle Chriqui hot body in tank top and jeans, from "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" HD x107
- Marisa Tomei on hands/knees in car, upskirt sexy legs, from "War Inc." HD x24
- Hilary Duff HOT HOT HOT caps of her - sexy body in skimpy outfits, on hands and knees on table, licking a plastic nozzle, nice tummy, etc.. from "War Inc." hi-def x131
- Maria Kirilenko hot blonde tennis player x237
- Daisy Fuentes amazingly hot bikini shots, partial nipple slip on stage, paparazzi/photoshoots/etc. x159
- Christina Milian nice cleavage in low-cut dress x4 (last 4 on that page)
- Rutina Wesley hot babe with nice cleavage and rock solid body on "True Blood" HD x28
- Christina Aguilera white hot outfit in concert x14
- Beyonce Knowles upskirt in concert x5
- Avril Lavigne bikini candids with firm body x97
- Ashley Tisdale sexy in very low-cut dress x139
- Anne Hathaway in stylish magazine shoot x6
- Amanda Bynes x19 pictures of her sweet legs
- Alexa Vega sexy in black x3
- Crystal Lowe's sexy body in skimpy bikinis x85
- Courtney Cox beautiful/casual paparazzi x11

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Anna Paquin's perky breasts in tank tops again.  HD caps from "True Blood" x19
- Connie Nielsen topless in movie, paparazzi, photoshoot x31
- Claudia Schiffer topless candids, sexy photoshoot x112
- Claire Forlani topless candids at the beach x16
- Claire Danes bikini candids, photoshoot and paparazzi x39
- Yvonne Strahovski MEGAUPDATE:  1248 photos!  The blonde babe of TV show "Chuck" in lots of vidcaps from what show, as well as other TV appearances and photoshoots.  Movies of her at bottoms of her pages!  Originally I thought she was Russian (name) but apparently, she's Australian.  HOT!
- Cindy Margolis, over-glorified nobody x14 with cleavage.  Why I'm adding to her 'fame' I have no idea.
- Cindy Crawford hot bikini body in candid photos x36
- Christine Taylor beautiful in brown dress x15
- Christina Ricci CRAZY bikini body candids + paparazzi x55
- Christina Milian hot body bikini candids + paparazzi x39
- Christina Applegate in 37 sexy photos: photoshoots, vidcaps, paparazzi.  Probably one of the last updates for her for awhile just out of respect for what she's recently gone through.
- Christina Aguilera MEGAUPDATE:  139 shots including topless holding breasts photoshoot, HUGE cleavage of her (growing?) breasts, lots more
- Cheryl Tweedy naturally sexy x24
- Carmen Electra sexy fishnet stocking photoshoot x17
- Carla Gugino sexy in gold dress at Spike TV's Scream Awards x29
- Brooke Hogan large breasts and cleavage in open pink top x5
- Brooke Burns and her athletic swimmer's body in skimpy photoshoots x73
- Ana Ivonovic hot body playing tennis x5
- Kelly Monaco topless in lots of different shoots and vidcaps x134
- Anna Paquin topless in sex scene with vampire dude in "True Blood" x34
- Amanda Bynes gets the best legs of the year award in this short skirt x8
- Alyson Michalka just gets more and more gorgeous by the second x10
- Ali Larter on some show in jeans x6
- Ali Landry sexy in various photos / photoshoots x22
- Alexa Vega crazy hot body in small black dress x40
- Zarah Taylor's nice perky smooth breasts topless in "No Brother of Mine" HD x34
- France Viens topless with hard nipples and nice firm ass in thong lingerie from "No Brother of Mine" HD x32
- Anna Paquin VERY HOT body in short summer dresses in HD from "True Blood" x93
- Rachel Weisz topless and showing a bit more in "Stealing Beauty" (HD) x14
- Liv Tyler topless, licking herself, hands and knees in "Stealing Beauty" HD x102
- Brittany Snow legs and cleavage x3
- Ashlee Simpson out and about paparazzi shots x8
- Amy Smart hot in low-cut open front dress at event x20
- Alizee's *perfect* bikini body.  Hires candid beach bikini photos x8
- Alice Greczyn topless and sexy body in dress x11 (last pics on that page)
- Aimee Teegarden pretty in black x6 (bottom pics on page)
- Charlize Theron in sexy shoulderless outfit, papaprazzi shots x79
- Celine Dion has an amazing bikini body!  Who knew!?  Bikini candids on the beach x13
- Catherine Bell nice firm breasts in sexy dress + other paparazzi x79
- Cate Blanchett elegantly beautiful x31

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Evan Rachel Wood sexy while elegant x29
- Carrie Underwood MEGAUPDATE:  242 shots including fan shots in concert, amazing breasts in tight t-shirt, paparazzi, lots more
- Carrie-Anne Moss in a kinky Matrix-style photoshoot x4|
- Caroline Dhavernas x4 sexy photo shoot
- Carolina Ardohain (Pampita) - Argentinian model with perfect body x12
- Carmen Electra beautiful in paparazzi shots and bikini compilation x23
- Cameron Richardson and her always-hot athletic body x11
- Cameron Diaz HOT BODY bikini pictures, bald, and on stage
- Brooke Langton
sexy paparazzi with open front dress x35
- Latest Videos update released today (it's a big one this week!)
- Brooke Hogan hot curvy body bikini candids x118
- Brooke Burns sexy athletic swimmer body in bikini + paparazzi x32
- Britney Spears MEGAUPDATE:  255 pictures including candid bikini shots sun-tanning
- Brittany Murphy sexy body, cleavage x114
- Brie Larson leggy x2
- Bridget Moynahan sexy photoshoots + parapazzi x146
- Bree Turner hot in tank top + paparazzi x6
- Blake Lively MEGAUPDATE:  candid bikini -hot body!  Sexy legs paparazzi and more x209
- Bijou Phillips paparazzi + watery photoshoot x27
- Beyonce Knowles bikini candids!  On beach and in pool x35
- Avril Lavigne lookin good in concert x14 (bottom of this page)
- Ashlee Simpson sexy photoshoot x10
- Angelina Jolie young photoshoot x29
- Ana Ivonovic beautiful tropic photoshoot x9
- Beverley Mitchell MEGAUPDATE! Her large natural breasts x242 of this "7th Heaven" star
- Barbara Alyn Woods elegant in red x4
- Barbora Kodetova
topless in "Dune" (miniseries) x6
- Bai Ling
gorgeous body in bikinis, and nude! x201
- Autumn Reeser
natural beauty x2
- Ashley Tisdale leggy paparazzy shots x41
- Ashley Scott x94 including some sexy body bikini candids
- Ashley Judd x82 various photos: she's such an under-recognized beauty!
- Ashley Benson x13 looking beautiful at event in black dress
- Ashlee Simpson candid bikini, nice breasts paparazzi, bikini photohoot x101
- Arielle Kebbel cute and sexy in yellow outfit at even x23
- Selma Blair hard nipples in thin shirt, legs spread, upskirt on couch, lesbian kissing x54 in "Cruel Intentions" HD
- Sarah Michelle Gellar lesbian kiss, cleavage, in "Cruel Intentions" HD x65
- Reese Witherspoon wet bum in swimsuit, nice breasts in tight shirt from "Cruel Intentions" HD x18
- Anne Hathaway gorgeous paparazzi + sexy photoshoot x85
- Anna Popplewell MEGAUPDATE: supercute British actress x316 - lots of paparazzi
- Anna Paquin MEGAUPDATE: gorgeous paparazzi, photoshoots x210
- Anna Kournikova x4 sexy shots of her in black tank top at event
- Angelina Jolie nipples exposed out of bra in "Pushing Tin" + photoshoot x27
- Tennis star Ana Ivanovic bikini candids and sexy tennis shots x63
- Ali Larter braless paparazzi x5
- Amy Smart semi-nude candids, paparazzi, hot hot as always x118

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Fitness babes showing off their hot athletic bodies in sexy exercises x230
- Sophia Bush elegant 30s/40s style hair and outfit with cleavage on "Conan" x17
- Molly Ringwald topless in "Malicious" x27
- Jenny Adams'
natural beauty x39 hosting 2 different shows
- Hilary Duff
cute on "LIzzy McGuire" x27
- Betty Nguyen
stunningly beautiful as always on CNN x46
- Amber Smith nude body in various scenes from "Sin City Diaries" x69
- Jennifer Peterson-Hind sooo cute/sexy on "Hi-5" x90
- Amy Jo Johnson ("Pink Ranger" from Power Rangers) in bra, legs spread, etc.. x25
- Amy Adams candids x8
- Amber Smith (ex Sports Illustrated swimsuit model) sexy in tight dress x4
- Amber Tamblyn candid, paparazzi, photoshoot x71
- Amber Heard hotness x44
- Alexa Davalos' perfect round bum in "Feast of Love" (HD) x42
- Radha Mitchell topless and full nude in "Feast of Love" (HD) x42
- Amanda Seyfried candids, paparazzi, photoshoot x41
- Amanda Peet elegant in dress and candids x38
- Amanda Bynes *HOT* athletic body in tight top and shorts exercising as well as gorgeous in form-fitting brown dress at event, x153
- Alyssa Milano x76 nice cleavage vidcaps + paparazzi
Click here for photosSEP.28
- New videos update for the past week has been released
- Virginie Ledoyen HOT cuteness see-through top and great body in "The Backwoods" HD x65. In case you don't recall her name, she was the babe in "The Beach" that Leonardo hooked up with..
- Kate Mara nipples see-through shirt and bound and sweaty in HD from "Shooter" x11
- Kate Mara gorgeous at different events x21
- Kirsten Dunst sexy, cute, beautiful HD caps from "Bring It On" x174
- Eliza Dushku hot body as a cheerleader, HD caps from "Bring It On" x66

- Jessica Alba hard nipples, candid bikini on beach, x130
- Alyson Michalka just gets more and more beautiful each time, x12
- Alizee x11 paparazzi shots of this gorgeous French singer
- Alison Lohman breast falling out of dress paparazzi x3
- Ali Larter x10 hot body in lingerie from TV show
- Kirsten Dunst MEGAUPDATE: 305 photos - bikini, swimsuit, kinky, parazzi, etc.

- Ali Landry hot hot body and gorgeous as always x53
- Alicia Keys nipple visible through top on stage x5
- Alicia Witt pretty in blue x13
- Ali Landry hot in blue at photoshoot x7
- Alexis Bledel on red carpet x23

- Alexa Vega perky/fit body x32
- Aimee Teagarden's getting some nice ample-sized breasts, hot in red x10
- Adriana Lima nice cleavage in black dress x10
- Abbie Cornish nice breasts in bikini top x4
- Kate Beckinsale MEGAUPDATE:  hot body bikini candids, sexy photoshoots, x286
- Olesya Rulins' hot young bikini body paparazzi shots
- Michelle Rodriguez
MEGAUPDATE: lots of candid bikinis, see-through shirts, paparazzi

- Saffron Burrows MEGAUPDATE gorgeous in all sorts of pictures x296
- Beyonce Knowles MEGAUPDATE: 292 pictures of her hot body candid bikini, sexy photoshoots, more..
- Heather Graham in "The Guru"
- Maria Bello in "A History of Violence"
- Cheryl Ladd on the Muppet Show (1978!)
- Erica Durance lookin good in low cut black dress
- Hayden Panettiere sexy at home
- Alyssa Milano in see-through top (bra showing through)

- Marnette Patterson cute as ever in skirt, from "Starship Troopers: Marauder" HD x69
- Jolene Blalock sexy and sweaty in "Starship Troopers: Marauder" HD x96
- Hot nude babes in "Starship Troopers: Marauder" HD x63

- Updates are a bit slower at the moment as we're in the middle of a server migration
- Workout babes MEGAUPDATE!  671 vidcaps of their firm athletic bodies done by "loner926)
- Emmanuelle Chriqui topless hot body then in skimpy tank top + more from "Tortured" x39
- Mischa Barton MEGAUPDATE: hot body candid bikini photos, paparazzi, sexy photoshoot in lingerie x262
- Jessica Simpson hot body bikini candids in pool, paparazzi x137

- Angelina Jolie sexy cleavage in "Playing By Heart" x26
- Natalie Portman kinky victorian outfit, LOW cut top in "Goya's Ghosts" x10

- Latest video updates released today.
- Eva Longoria sexy on "Leno" curled up in chair
- Eva Longoria candid photos in bikini
- Vanessa Hudgens SEXY black laytex pants on stage
- Hot workout babes doing some sexy fitness routines x109 (as always thanks to blackmask for these)
- Neve Campbell cute and sexy schoolgirl in "The Craft" HD x12
- Robin Tunney cute as schoolgirl in "The Craft" HD x6
- Fairuza Balk hard nipples in HD in "The Craft" x9
- Christine Taylor swimsuit in HD in "The Craft" x7

- Lisa Arturo topless with firm breasts x30 in "Insanitarium"
- Kiele Sanchez lookin good in "Insanitarium" x29
- Olivia Munn hot as a nurse in "Insanitarium" x29

- U.S. Olympian cutie Shawn Johnson in all sorts of different photos x97 (and videos at bottom of pages!)
- Elizabeth Banks hot body in underwear and so gorgeous face in "Meet Bill" x133
- Jessica Alba feeling another girl's breasts in "Meet Bill" x29
- Vanessa Lengies hot making out with guy, almost lesbian scene with girl in "Foreign Exchange" x70
- Sarah Agor lesbian kissing another girl, and cute as hell in football uniform from "Foreign Exchange" x14
- Ashley Edner cute and leggy in "Foreign Exchange" x25

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Kate Perry nice cleavage
- Kate Beckinsale at press conference
- Luisana Lopilato MEGAUPDATE: 310 pictures of this Agentinian _beauty_ !
- Hayden Panettiere MEGAUPDATE: 222 photos - hot legs, cleavage, candids

- Kelly LeBrock in underwear and nude in shower (covered) in "Weird Science" HD x22
- Emmy Rossum hot in kinky black dress

- Latest video updates released tonight.
- Laetitia Casta
(French model) hot bikini candids and photoshoots x110
- Avril Lavigne
MEGAUPDATE: 308 pictures including lots of paparazzi, candids, and photoshoots

- Megan Fox tons of photoshoot shots + topless on movie set, x222
- Rachel Bilson tons of paparazzi and one supersexy photoshoot x320
- Jessica Biel paparazzi, sexy photoshoot, candid x128
- Eva Mendes topless photoshoot in Italian Vogue magazine x74
- Keeley Hazell topless photoshoot x20

- Lindsay Lohan MEGAUPDATE: 331 pictures including sexy candids, paparazzi, photoshoots
- Hilary Duff MEGAUPDATE: 321 shots with lots of candids and paparazzi
- Evan Rachel Wood topless and full nude underwater in "Across the Universe" (HD) x69
 -Sarah Roemer MEGAUPDATE - 338 pictures, mostly paparazzi and some hot photoshoot shots

- Susie Feldman (wife of Corey Feldman) nude photoshoot, bikini x49
- Susie Feldman on "The Two Coreys" Playboy photoshoot x29
- SUPERHOTTIE Jennifer Peterson-Hind hosting kids TV show "Hi-5" looking unbelievably gorgeous and cute as always x170

- Kim Basinger hard nipples in tight dance outfit, swimsuit, from "Never Say Never Again" hidef x52
- Ashley Tisdale MEGAUPDATE bikini candids, paparazzi x353

- Denise Richards topless lesbian scene in "Wild Things", Hi-Def x131
- Neve Capbell lesbian scenes, sexy punkish look, hd caps from "Wild Things" x55
- Marisa Miller hot hot body in skimpy clothes/underwear x95

- Jessica Simpson
hot cleavage, upskirt in HD x49 from "Blonde Ambition"
- Mila Kunis various hot photos
- Mayko Nguyen
natural beauty with big brown eyes on "ReGenesis" (HD) x20
- Mandy Moore
nice bumbum in HD from "Dedication" x20
- Anna Kournikova
hot bikini body in Maxim
- Ellen Page
always cute x116
- Kellie Pickler
gorgeous southern belle hot ass in tight jeans and even a bikini shot! x90
- Kristen Bell
MEGAUPDATE - hot candids, on set of movie, photoshoots, paparazzi x233
- Catherine Zeta Jones
hot b&w photoshoot + paparazzi x29

- Denise Richards MEGAUPDATE bikini candids galore!  Tons of bikini candids showing off her hot body unknowingly on the beach, including a few _very_ revealing shots!  349 pictures!
- Jenny Adams MEGAUPDATE: superbabe and host of HelpTV in LOTS of gorgeous caps x317

- Maria Sharapova MEGAUPDATE - 212 pictures including upskirt, tennis, tight clothing
- Paris Hilton MEGAUPDATE - 240 shots, tons of paparazzi, hot bikini, etc..

- Danica Patrick MEGAUPDATE - BIKINI SHOTS!  HOT body for bikini photoshoot, + more x354
- Emmy Rossum always pretty - rarely sexy though.  She's too innocent!
- Denise Richards
for foot lovers
- Alicia Silverstone
lookin nice in black dress on red carpet (she's still around?)
- Isla Fisher
red hot swimsuit candids
- Kate Perry
- Lindsay Lohan
puffy nipples through thin tank top paparazzi shots
- Megan Fox candids on set of Transformers
- Ashley Tisdale sexycute at premiere

- Kate Bosworth and TONS of bikini candids, plus more x352

- Kate Beckinsale SEXY candid bikini pictures on the beach and in water!
- April Scott sexy body in skimpy outfits x168


- Evan Rachel Wood in a bunch of photoshoots and paparazzi shots
- Britney Spears.. why do cameras follow her around?  Doesn't anyone else find it BORING?
- Britney Spears paparazzi shots
- Gwyneth Paltrow pretty in black dress
- Kate Bosworth tiny bikini candid photos
- Natasha Henstridge hot body in bikini

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Jennifer Connelly large breasts in bra and panties x41 HD caps from "Some Girls"
- Robin Tunney strips off her shirt after workout in "End of Days" x18 from HD
- Linda Pine lesbian threesome scene in "End of Days" x20 in from HD
- Milla Jovovich nude in high-def from "The Fifth Element" x22

- Jennifer Love Hewitt amazing body in revealing outfits from her younger years x149
- Lindsay Lohan
cleavage in black
- Hayden Panettiere
HAWT body in tight tank top and pants
- Hayden Panettiere
hot in yellow
- Megan Fox
walking down street
- Brooke Hogan
hot body in bikini (candids)
- Mena Suvari
elegant and sexy legs at event
- Britney Spears more candid bikini photos
- Mandy Moore out and about
- Lilly Allen somehow has her breast fall out of her top
- Selma Blair leggy in tight skirt on set of movie
- Scarlett Johansson nice cleavage on talk show
- Adriana Lima in lots of paparazzi shots x97

- Rosanna Arquette small gallery but contains some nudes, x19
- Rosario Dawson hot body bikini candids, photoshoots, paparazzi x104

- Rosamund Pike elegant paparazzi shots of her at a party in sexy dress x30 in her first Zodcaps gallery
- Shania Twain very sexy in photoshoots x31

- Elizabeth Banks - one of the few perfect female specimens on the planet, perfectly hot x89 including see-through tank top and bikini bottoms photoshoot
- Eliza Dushku MEGAUPDATE!
  Candid bikini, photoshoots, paparazzi x365

- Kaley Cuoco MEGAUPDATE! amazing lot athletic body in revealing clothes, bikini, see-through shirt, x371
- Mena Suvari topless on beach, plus lots of candid bikini pictures x126
- Heidi Klum MEGAUPDATE!  402 pictures - bikini, nude bodypaint, paparazzi, candids
- Brooke Burke hot body in bikini, candids, photoshoots x48

- Jessica Simpson at airport pap pix
- Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria elegant at some function together
- Rosemary, err.. Katie Holmes lookin good in tank top, hard nipples
- Sophie Simmons cute on "Family Jewels" x48

- Brooke Hogan crazy body in bikini candids
- Hayden Panettiere
perky in flowing dress
- Katherine Heigl candids in short dress/skirt
- Britney Spears
bikini candids - she's getting HAWT again!
- Jessica Simpson candids visiting Dallas Cowboys camp
- Jessica & Ashlee Simpson getting off a private jet
- Jessica Alba WOW!  Large post-pregnancy breasts with hard nipples in tank top
- Emma Watson elegant in dress
- Amanda Bynes sexy tight workout clothes going for a walk
- Mischa Barton candid bikini photos gorgeous body
- Mariah Carey nice cleavage on stage
- Vanessa Hudgens MEGAUPDATE!  378 pics: candid bikini, killer body, paparazzi, photoshoots
- Sarah Michelle Gellar MEGAUPDATE!
  430 pics including candid bikini, latex bondage photoshoots, lesbian kissing, etc..

- Caroline Dhavernas breast exposed, cleavage, in "Surviving My Mother" x85
- Sophia Loren big breasts and gorgeous in "The Pride and the Passion" x80
- Victoria Beckham
(Victoria Adams / "Posh Spice") MEGUPDATE!  440 pictures with lots of nice cleavage
- Michelle Trachtenberg MEGAUPDATE!  Lots of paparazzi and photoshoot shots x460

dids - tons of em!  x252 in her first picture galleries (wow it took a while to get her up online!)
- Amber Heard hot body in bikini, hard nipples in low-cut dress, awesome cleavage bent over guy, from "Never Back Down" (HD) x76
- Sarah Roemer nude!  Full nude in shower in "Asylum" as door locks and begins to fill up with water giving flashes of her nipples and bare butt, as well as more shots of her amazing ass that she introduced us to in "Disturbia". x43

- Kate Hudson MEGAUPDATE!  456 photos including her HOT HOT body in tiny bikinis (candid!)
- Emma Watson MEGAUPDATE!
  416 photos - candid, paparazzi, upskirt, photoshoots
- Stacy Ferguson MEGAUPDATE!  474 pictures with lots of bikini candids! (galleries 2-7)

- Megan Fox MEGAUPDATE!  Topless candids all wet on movie set, tons of wallpapers, paparazzi x657
- Hayden Panettiere MEGAUPDATE!  843 pictures!  Candids, on set in cheerleader uniform, fan photos, paparazzi, etc

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- G4/TechTV's Olivia Munn lesbian kiss, bikini home photos, sexy fans shots and more x54
- Grace Park of "Battlestar Galactica" fame in some sexy scantily clad pictures x96
- Anna Kournikova sexy Sports Illustrated 2008 shots, collages of her famous bikini 'slip', and more x186
- Gisele Bundchen nipple partially exposed, amazing body in all sorts of shots x122
- Giada de Laurentiis cleavage!  x171 shots of her ample breasts and beautiful face on this Food Network babe
- Kelly Ripa MEGAUPDATE!  412 photos including: candid bikini, photoshoot bikini, workout out in tight clothes, paparazzi, and lots more!  Galleries 4 to 8.
- Cheryl Tweedy stunning in bondage-type outfit x15
- Arielle Kebbel paparazzi and a HOT cowgirl shot x14 (what the heck is she doing now?  She was big for awhile then seems to have disappeared)
- Jessica Alba tank top no bra, pregnant in bikini suntanning, x103
- Jewel Staite
perky breasts and beautiful x50

- Christina Aguilera MEGAUPDATE:  396 pictures including candids, nude pregnant, upskirt, on stage, etc!
- Alina Marie Locklear: 19yr old *gorgeous* nude model with perfect body, long legs, and stunning face in various nude pictures (video at bottom of page) x13
- Aimee Teegarden cute in paparazzi and photoshoot x18
- Megan Fox hot body in bikini, bra and underwear, sexy legs paparazzi x180
- Eva Longoria bikini candids with some great shots of her butt, x125
- Amanda Bynes sexy tanned legs in dress, cleavage - paparazzi x140
- Eva Habermann nude and non-nude from various sources (former star of TV show "LEXX") x33
- Amber Heard sexy paparazzi shots x15
- Eva Green paparazzi and photoshoot x18

- Susie Feldman (Corey Feldman's wife) hot body in skimpy bikini x18
- Elena Tecuta *perfect breasts* on this gorgeous young brown-eyed beauty in HD from "Rise of Taj" x11
- Lauren Cohan hot body showing cleavage in dress, topless and great ass, nipple flash in "Rise of Taj" x46
- Holly Davidson bares her breasts in "Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj" x19
- Karina Lombard younger and gorgeous in "Legends of the Fall" x13

- Laura Ramsey FULL NUDE!  Getting dressed showing breasts and bare bum in "The Ruins" as well as bikini shots, tank tops, etc... x82
- Jena Malone in bikini, thin tank top and undies, in "The Ruins" x47
- Rachael Taylor in and out of bra/panties, beautiful face, in "Shutter" x89

- Kate Todd amazing ass at the top of her long tanned legs, bikini top HD x112 from "Grizzly Rage".  Yep, she was the innocent cutie on "Radio Free Rosco" !
- Jennifer Tilly nice cleavage in "Jericho Mansions" x24
- Lindsay Lohan stripping on stage, cleavage, gagged in "I Know Who Killed Me" (HD) x35

- Abbie Cornish: hot Australian blonde in bikini with hard nipples, topless getting ice cube run over her back, HD caps x33 from "A Good Year" (not a bad movie either!)
- Jessica Biel *KILLER* body in black latex catgirl suit, bra and panties HD x86

- Uma Thurman lesbian scenes from "Henry & June" (HD) x27
- Vanessa Demouy *hot* French babe with killer body, nude and non-nudes x78
- Uma Thurman awesome bikini can
- Chloe Sevigny hot body bikini candids + more x94
- Rachelle Lafevre in bra and cheeerleader outfit x23 (HD) in "Hatley High"
- Claudine Auger such a gorgeous 60's babe in swimsuit from "Thunderball" x23 (HD)

- Emmanuelle Chriqui no bra side breast view in open shirt, killer body, goddess x173
- Scarlett Johansson younger (16) cute as a button in pajamas in "American Rhapsody" HD x87
- Aussie babe Abbie Cornish beautiful and in tight jeans in "Stop-Loss" x25
- Shannon Elizabeth HOT tanned body in tight sports underwear, hard nipples, big cleavage in sexy bra, topless in love scenes, from "You Belong to Me" HD caps x40

- Ellen Page rock hard body in "Hard Candy" x38 -- get your head out of the gutter she was 18 in this film.
- Raquel Welch sexy body in swimsuit, HD caps from "Myra Breckinridge" x19

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Rihanna hot body in bikini top, hard nipples in photoshoot, more... x102
- Giada de Laurentiis hot body in swimsuit, cleavage while cooking x63

- Kim Poirier undresses for the SAW guy opening up shirt in "Decoys 2" HD caps x13
- Pamela Anderson and her two kids at LAX, Los Angeles, California - July 3, 2008 - 7x
- Vanessa Hudgens hot legs again x27
- Vanessa Hudgens hot legs in short dress
- Vanesssa Hudgens hot legs
- Shannon Elizabeth hosts US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Summer Party in Las Vegas
- Vanessa Hudgens gorgeous paparazzi shots x15
- Sharon Stone having lunch with friend x33
- Claudia Schiffer in black skirt at some event
- Danica Patrick posing in tight jeans with Lambo
- Gwen Stefani pregnant x3
- Katharine McPhee sexy mag. photoshoot x8

- Jennifer Love Hewitt HAWT BODY back in 2000
- Alyssa Milano hot various x45
- Eva Longoria sitting on a fire hydrant (!??!)
- Amanda Seyfried with dog on movie set
- Elisabetta Canalis sexy body in bikini
- Ashley Tisdale HOT BODY BIKINI CANDIDS!!  On beach in Hawaii
- Amanda Bynes hot legs x4
- Evangeline Lilly "Lost" season 4 promos
- Jessica Biel x62, candids showing butt in tight jeans, hard nipples in dress, paparazzi
- Jessica Simpson nice body in tight t-shirt paparazzi + more x80
- Kiele Sanchez hot body in magazine shoots and paparazzi x89
- Rising star Kristen Stewart behind the scenes photoshoot on the beach x11
- Jennifer Connelly hot magazine scans x11

- Evangeline Lilly with surf board at beach x27
- Lindsay Lohan turned 22 today.  Huh.. I thought she was older than that...

- Mayko Nguyen always hot on "Rent-A-Goalie" x17
- Victoria Nestorowicz former "Radio Free Rosco" good-girl now bad girl in skimpy bran and panties and very sexy in "Ultimate Killing Machine" x55
- Elisha Cuthbert's younger days on "PMK" hosting various shows x61
- Sarain Boylan hard nipples in cut-off top on "Rent-a-Goalie" x18
- Kim Poirier perky and beautiful hosting "Hypaspace" on different episodes x99

- Beautiful blonde travel show host Julia Dimon learns to kick box in sexy athletic boxing clothes x50
- CNN sex-kitten Betty Nguyen gorgeous as always x16

- Jessica Biel hot in low-cut dress singing and just looking beautiful on "Leno" x42
- Lindy Booth no bra and puffy nipples visible through her low-cut kink dress on "Relic Hunter" x18
- Sophie Simmons (Gene Simmons daughter) in bikini on "Family Jewels" x25
- Ana Ivanovic tennis beauty stunning in dress photoshoot, cleavage during match, more..  x110
- Adriana Lima nice breasts in low-cut top paparazzi x54
- Alyson Michalka pretty paparazzi x25

- Leah Miller *GORGEOUS* body on this sexy MuchMusic VJ "good girl".  Skimpy wet bikini playing on the beach, skinny dipping in ocean, at "Spring Break '08 - Cancun".  Stunning body on her that she doesn't show off much!  x129
- Monique Alexander hot tanned perky body in "Sex House" x32
- Syren vidcaps having sex with another woman in "Sex House" x34
- Beverly Lynne (ex NFL cheerleader) athletic body full nude having sex in "Sex House" x59

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- ex-Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Amber Smith in hot nude lesbian scene in "Sin City Diarlies" x82
- Tina Milano: grogeous brown-eyed beauty with HUGE cleavage x27 on this cheesy infomercial
- Fitness girls hot bodies in sexy shots x270

- Jaime King paparazzi + photoshoot x15
- Holly Valance topless photoshoot by the pool x9

- Eva Mendes hot cleavage, skimpy bra and panties in photoshoot, x66
- Jennifer Aniston bikini candids in the sun, hard nipples in tank top, lots more x102
- Jenna Elfman pregnant out and about x42

- Claudine Auger's hot tanned wet French body in bikini and swimsuit in "James Bond: Thunderball" HD x54
- Isla Fisher x22 HD caps of her gorgeous brown (hazel?) eyes and cleavage in "Hot Rod"
- Scarlett Johansson younger and cute as a button in "American Rhapsody" x72
- Ellen Page DVD vidcaps from "Hard Candy" x45
- Keira Knightley legs in skirt, paparazzi x4
- Mischa Barton paparazzi getting out of car x4

- Kelly Monaco former Playmate then "Dancing With the Stars" contestant hot body in all sorts of poses x203
- Jeannie Millar, gorgeous asian babe with perfect breasts in "The Key to Sex" x67
- Beverly Lynne in hot lesbian scene x71 in "Sex House"
- Monique Alexander hot blonde with fit body in soft-adult TV series "Sex House" x35
- Alyssa Milano's nice firm breasts showing lots of cleavage x290
- Mila Kunis sexy body candids in shorts and tight tank top, photoshoots, paparazzi x106
- Lindsay Lohan bikini, photoshoots, and paparazzi with lesbian girlfriend x119
- Carmen Electra killer body in bikini, sexy photoshoots, paparazzi, etc x345

- Tracy Ryan, soft-adult actress / blonde megababe nude having sex in various scenes x84
- Ashley Scott great legs/hips/butt in tight pants in "Strange Wilderness" x43
- Natalie Portman HD caps x58 elegant and beautiful in "The Other Boleyn GIrl"
- Scarlett Johansson HD caps x82 from "The Other Boleyn Girl"
- Anna Kournikova hot paparazzi shots x46 - what's she doing these days??
- Anne Hathaway candid bikini on boat, paparazzi, x144

- January Jones nice legs at various events, paparazzi x68
- Jessica Simpson bikini candid x39
- Busty beauty Jessica Pare x45 including topless vidcap from movie
- Petra Nemcova x130 in lingerie, paparazzi shots
- Jewel Kilcher big cleavage of this gorgeous blonde singer x135
- Sarah Roemer, the superbody babe from "Disturbia" in various photos x38

- Latest videos update has been released.
- Tara Reid megaupdate:  482 photos - candid bikini!!  Lots of 'em!  Paparazzi, photoshoots, etc.
- Hilary Duff megaupdate:  495 photos, tons of paparazzi, sexy photoshoots, thin tank top

- Cerina Vincent hot body in various poses x40
- Gisele Bundchen gorgeous legs and butt while sneaking a peak behind one of her photoshoots x90
- Angelina Jolie very pregnant with cleavage x135

- Brittany Daniel's perfect tanned body x176 from all sorts: vidcaps, paparazzi, photoshoots, etc.
- Lindsay Lohan with her lesbian girlfriend (DJ Samantha Ronson) paparazzi x176
- WE'RE BACK!  The datacenter which houses our server had an electrical explosion knocking out power to over 9,000 servers there (this one included) and due to the nature of the incident the fire dept. told the datacenter NOT to use their backup generators, so unfortunately the site was down for an extended period.  On the upside, no data was lost to any of the servers knocked out of service.

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Ashley Tisdale HOT body in bikini, great legs paparazzi, photoshoots x372
- Leighton Meester x247 lots of paparazzi shots!

- Jessica Alba photoshoots and candids, pregnant x188
- Alice Grecyzn stunningly beautiful x42
- Christina Milian HOT body candid bikini photos, cleavage + more x111 in her first Zodcaps galleries!
- Alyson Michalka perky and cute on "Phil of the Future" x60

- Agnes Bruckner perky breasts and gorgeous in "Haven" x42
- Giada de Laurentiis, Food Network megababe, gives some BIG cleavage of her large natural breasts x63
- Workout babes with hot bodies, what's more to say.  x135
- Jessica Drake x80 vidcaps on "Tyra" talking about her career as an adult film star, how she got started,
  takes you behind the scenes into her house, on set of an adult movie - very interesting videos of it!
- Mayko Nguyen pretty with those big brown eyes on "ReGenesis" x14
- AmberLynn Walker in bikini top and shorts on "Guinea Pig" x23
- Julia Dimon just looking beautiful on "World Travels" x40
- Jane Fonda HOT body nude and in skimpy tight outfits in "Barbarella" x154

- Jenny Adams crazy beautiful and busty in tight shirt x43
- Christina Ricci braless see-through shirts with hard nipples, candids, photoshoots, etc x224
- Chyler Leigh x30 beautiful brown eyes.  She needs to do some more movies!
- Charisma Carpenter (remember her?) hot cleavage x85.  What's she up to these days?
- Jennifer Peterson-Hind supercute on "Hi5" x276
- Jennifer Peterson-Hind, gorgeous blonde from kids TV show "Hi-5" x80
- Soft-adult and former NHL cheerleader superhottie Beverly Lynne showing off her nude athletic body in "Sex House" x73

- Cheryl Tweedy *perfect* body in bikini on beach, amazing!  x232
- Charlize Theron full nude in movie (Devil's Advocate) and hot body bikini candids x124
- Britney Spears bikini candids!  146 shots of her in water and on beach.
- Cameron Diaz has no hair!  Shaved headed baldy photos x16 on set of movie

- Lucy Pinder megaupdate: 426 sexy shots of her posing her large breasts
- Kristen Bell HOT ASS in athletic pants and sexy photoshoot x67
- Marisa Miller megaupdate: 484 bikini and bodypaint shots of this sexy Sports Illustrated busty model

- Julia Dimon hot blonde travel babe in bikini x148.  Holy shit you'd think this is a bikini site with all the bikini updates recently.
- Cameron Diaz MEGAUPDATE: 434 photos including tons of bikini candids and lots more
- Jenny Adams *HOT* doing various things for her show including a supersexy segment where she trains with a dance crew.  The hottest babe on TV!  x196
- Vanessa Lengies: brown-eyed hard-bodied superhottie x19.  This update puts Zodcaps at over 150,000 pictures online!!
- Stacy Keibler SEXY photoshoots in some skimpy lingerie showing off her hot body x131
- Elisha Cuthbert CANDID BIKINI EXTRAVAGANZA!  172 photos of her frolicking in her bikini, with hard nipples in some shots, in different bikinis (mostly recent Hawaii shots)
- Britney Spears megaupdate: 487 shots of her in bikinis, see-through shirts, upskirt, dressed up skanky on stage, etc..

- Giada de Laurentiis swimsuit in water and hard nipples!  She goes to Santorini and has a cleavagefest x96
- Penelope Cruz candid bikini!  Hot body on this Spanish babe! x187
- Blake Lively x70 including some killer shots of her on the beach in bikini with hard nipples playing around

- Workout babes showing off their hot bodies in various positions x99
- Amy Smart sexy long legs on "Craig Ferguson" x18 - yep, as you can tell I'm going through my backlog
  directory and doing up some caps of older stuff!

- Giada de Laurentiis huge cleavage of her gorgeous breasts on various shows
- Mayko Nguyen and her gorgeous brown eyes on "Rent-a-Goalie" x14
- Piper Perabo sexy in red dress on "Craig Ferguson" Mar.27, 2007 x15
- Kiele Sanchez lookin pretty on the Kimmel show x13
- Sofia Vergara gorgeous in black top and tight jeans on "Carson Daly" x21
- Cameron Richardson nude and non-nudes of this gorgeous athletic blonde actress x83
- Miley Cyrus MEGA-UPDATE: 535 photos - with all the controversy surrounding her right now why not do a
  Miley update.  The funny thing is everyone's coming down on her for doing those photos, but everyone
  seems to forget her father is just as (if not more) responsible!  And what's all the fuss anyway?  A bare back,
  big deal.  And as they say in showbiz, there's NO such thing as 'bad' publicity!
- Olsen Twins (Mary-Kate & Ashley) MEGA-UPDATE: candid bikini, paparazzi, photoshoots x552

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Amber Smith HOT full nude vidcaps of this gorgeous blonde bombshell in "Sin City Diaries" - Amber Smith
  was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as well as a Playboy Playmate!
- Robin Tunney megapost - 740 pictures of this brunette beauty i
ncluding some nudes
- Elisha Cuthbert young on "PMK" where she got her start x36
- Susie Feldman, Corey Feldman's HOT wife lookin VERY sexy showing off her body in skimpy bra and panties during a photoshoot, and other scenes on "The Two Coreys" x116

- Kristin Kreuk MEGA UPDATE: 1,045 pictures!!
- Sofia Vergara busty beauty x735!  Bikini, swimsuits, lingerie, paprazzi, photoshoots.
- Betty Nguyen, CNN's little sex kitten looking as seductive as always x153
- AmberLynn Walker x142 caps of her lookin sweet on the TV show "Guinea Pig"
- Ali Larter red hot in red dress on "Leno" x23

- Kristy Lee Cook hot body and super gorgeous on "American Idol" (2008) x58
- Kellie Pickler absolutely stunning in this clip of her on "American Idol" (2008) x62

- Pink hot body candid bikini on the beach and some sexy photoshoots x129
- Piper Perabo candid, paparazzi, photoshoots, x209
- Amanda Bynes hot legs x81 paparazzi
- Samantha Morton sexy photo shoot x20
- Salma Hayek's big breasts and nice cleavage x289
- Melissa George's hot Aussie body in bikini x18
- Nicole Richie x27 doing what she does best... nothing.
- Jennifer Garner x215 pictures of some sexy photoshoots, candid in bikini on the beach surfing, etc.

- Summer Glau of "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" gorgeous, perky breasts, paparazzi, vidcaps x511
- Kelly Clarkson lookin HOT in different photoshoots x52
- Natalie Portman megaupdate: 522 pictures from all sorts of different sources.
- Megan Fox gorgeous lingerie photoshoot plus lots of paparazzi x128
- Mandy Moore cute vidcaps from "License to Wed"
- Avril Lavigne HOT in concert and paparazzi shots x452

- Shilpa Mehta, large-breasted host of TV travel show "Lonely Planet" (aka. "Pilot Guides") in swimsuit gets out of water not knowing her breast/nipple is exposed, x22
- Hayden Panettiere MEGAUPDATE x867 - tons of paparazzi and candids
- Angelina Jolie all sorts: photo shoots, paparazzi, young photoshoots, red carpet, etc.. x361
- Jessica Alba x116 lots of paparazzi shots

- Pamela Anderson HOT candid bikini pictures on the beach x545
- Monica Bellucci MEGAUPDATE: 636 nude and non-nude including lots of photoshoots and paparazzi
- Jessica Biel HOT photoshoots all wet and sexy, paparazzi, bikini, etc, x274
- Jennifer Aniston:  assorted photos x81 including candid thong bikini

- Jessica Simpson HOT MEGAPOST!  Amazing cleavage, nipple slip, bikini, paparazzi, LOTS MORE! x574
- Alexa Vega lookin pretty x40
- Adriana Lima signing autographs and some event x30 hot in red dress

- Halle Berry very busty with nice cleavage and hard nipples in some pics x151
- Kiana Tom HOT fitness shots x24 (TONS of videos of her on bottom of that page)

- Sarah Roemer 1080p HDTV caps of her HOT bikini body in "Disturbia" including HD video clips at bottom of that page!!
- Anne Hathaway x156 caps of her in "The Devil Wears Prada"

- Kristen Bell HOT in swimsuit/bikini/lingerie, sexy, paparazzi x431
- Maria Menounos sexy, candids in sports bra/top, etc x159
- Keira Knightley x149 HOT photoshoot pics and lots of paparazzi on the carpet


- Lindsay Lohan MEGA UPDATE: 662 pictures including topless, candid bikini, lots of paparazzi
- Miley Cyrus MEGA UPDATE: 1,014 pictures!!! *Tons* of paparazzi, on-stage, photoshoots, etc!
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead pretty in "Sky High" x47
- Kellie Pickler wicked sexy in tight black tank top and shorts on "Ellen" interview + performance x77

- Kristy Lee Cook - super sexy blonde American Idol contestant x46
- Emily VanCamp cute as a button in bikini and paparazzi x180
- Paris Hilton MEGAUPDATE: 674 pictures including candid bikini and tons of paparazzi, magazine scans, photoshoots, etc.

- Emmanuelle Chriqui HOT body HD vidcaps!  Hard nipples and wet in swimsuit, tank top, and gorgeous from "Snow Day" x86 (1080p HD videos on bottom of page!)
- Raquel Welch & Farrah Fawcett lesbian scene!  HD caps!  Raquel squeezes Farrah's breast in bed, then they snuggle up next to each other in "Myra Breckinridge" x39  Video included!
- Anna Kournikova candid bikini photos, cleavage, upskirt, paparazzi, etc..  x222

- Maria Sharapova x450 !!  Candid bikini, sexy tennis shots, paparazzi, lots more!
- Kate Beckinsale x144.  Lots of paparazzi but also some bikini candids

- Sarain Boylain's HOT body in tight pants, and big cleavage in "Saw 4" HD caps x42 (also 2 movie clips of her making out with a guy from the film crew from the DVD extras!)
- Olga Kurylenko: *HOT* Russian babe with killer body and gorgeous face nude in "Hitman" HD caps x41
  Also 4 video clips of her in this movie! 

- Jennifer Love Hewitt busty cleavage and beautiful x100
- Heidi Montag with low cut dress
- Vanessa Mannillo at some Reebok event

American Idol BABES singing on stage x192
- Elizabeth Hurley MEGAPOST!  Candid bikini shots, lingerie, massive cleavage, etc x797!

- Miley Cyrus HOT paparazzi shots
- Denise Richards and Eliza Dushku lookin sweet together
- Eva Longoria blowing out her candles
- Jessica Simpson's ass coming out of the gym
- Ashley Simpson bikini candids
- Joss Stone bikini candids!
- Hilary Duff tank top and jean shorts
- Kate Beckinsale red hot in red dress

- Eva Longoria megapost: 229 pictures of her in candid bikini, sexy photoshoots, lots more
- Jennifer Ellison HOLY HAWT!!!  Bikini candids, lingerie shoots, on stage up-skirt, etc!!! x289!
- Gorgeous young athletic blonde babe auditioning for "So You Think You Can Dance" (video too!) x43
- Hot athletic dancer babe on "So You Think You Can Dance (2007) x39 (video at bottom)
- Sarain Boylan sexy blonde with fit athletic body in halter top on "Rent-a-Goalie" x25 (video too!)
- Amanda Crew x7 shots of her gorgeous face and those sexy brown eyes
- Laura Ramsey's hot body in bikini in "The Real Cancun" x8
- Keeley Hazell young busty British beauty topless and near-nude x174 photos!
- Emily VanCamp hottie alert!  x37

- the workout babes doing some HOT and SEXY poses!!! x111 (video too!)
- Jessica Pare busty young beauty full nude and bikini x72 in "Stardom" (vidcaps)

- Gisele Bundchen MASSIVE UPDATE: 1,542 photos!!!  Some dupes from previous online but WELL worth it for a collection like this!! 16 new pages of updates!

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Britney Spears upskirt but somebody must have dressed her - she's wearing panties
- Michelle Trachtenberg gawd she's getting hotter as she becomes more of a woman
- Catherine Zeta Jones hot on red carpet
- Danica McKellar sexy on red carpet
- Rachel McAdams hot legs and looking sexy in black
- Gemma Atkinson HOLY smokes amazing breasts in bikini x251
- Let the updates begin!  I'm back from the dead and with a vengeance.

 - I'm still alive, just still very sick.  The site updates should be coming again soon though
- Alyson Michalka, easily one of the sexiest babes on the planet, x157
- Alison Lohman hot as always, paparazzi x25
- Amanda Bynes hot legs and sexy cleavage x112
- Alyson Hannigan HOT bikini body candid shots on the beach x66
- Alizee supergorgeous French singer x14
- Alicia Witt gorgeous as always paparazzi + vidcaps x36
- Alice Evans topless but covered x7
- Ali Larter paparazzi + candids x57
- Alexa Vega x35 hard body on this young lass!

- Brooke Hogan amazing body candid bikini on the beach
- Christina Aguilera BIG breasts and huge cleavage!
- Eva Mendes breast exposed!  Nice large nipple exposed as her top his pulled down, rubbing herself on the couch, in "We Own the Night"  HD vidcaps x40 (video of this scene at bottom of page)
- The latest movie clip update was finished today.  'Starting on the next batch!
- Caroline Dhavernas showing some nice smooth cleavage in "Niagara Motel" x65
- Xenia Seeberg hot high-def cleavage from "Lexx" - also upskirt x29
- Sarah Carter nude lesbian kiss!  In HD!  Standing topless with quick side glimpse of breast as she gives Krystin Pellerin a kiss in "Killing Zelda Sparks" x7
- American Idol hot babes auditioning x69

- Gretchen Mol high-def vidcaps of her hot nude body and perky breasts in "The Notorious Betty Page" x94
- Kristina Klebe x46 topless and full nude body in "Halloween" (2007)
- Danielle Harris x32 topless shots of her in "Halloween" (2007)
- Hanna Hall x21 vidcaps topless in "Halloween" (2007)
- Sheri Moon Zombie x21 vidcaps of her stripping on stage in "Halloween" (2007)

- Christina Applegate candid bikini and paparazzi x135
- Linday Lohan NUDE!  Covered only by sheer sheet in this Marilyn Monroe shoot
- Cynthia Rhodes HD caps from "Flashdance" x29

- Sarah Michelle Gellar actually lookin sexy with LOW cut dress and no bra
- Rihanna hot bikini candids, leggy on stage, etc x268
- Katherine Heigl mega-update - lots of paparazzi and candids x354 pictures
- Keira Knightley mega-update!  369 pictures including sexy lingerie, candids, and lots more!
- Jennifer O'Dell hot in bikini x8

- Sarah Chalke elegant in dresses and in bra from TV x45
- Olga Kurylenko - GORGEOUS Russian babe who recently starred in "Hitman" lookin HOT! x169

- Ana Ivanovic gorgeous Serbian tennis pro, tanned body and long legs from the Australian 2008 x76
- Neve Campbell is still alive
- Miley Cyrus WOW!  Hot photos of her (parazzi).  Billy Ray is letting her get a way with too much for a girl her age! (not that I'm complaining....  Not how I'd raise my kids though.)
- Ellen Pompeo see through in sheer black shirt
- Rosemary Holmes elegant in red
- Nelly Furtado at Unicef event showing some cleavage

- Brooke Hogan in some nice candid bikini photos of her curvy tanned body x161
- Kristin Cavallari hot tanned body bikini candids x274
- Holly Valance x340 sexy shots of this gorgeous Australian babe
- Asia Argento topless candid bikini, see-through, lots more x45

- Jessica Alba x429 perky nipples and sexy body, lots of paparazzi shots
- Carmen Electra paparazzi mostly x184
- Jessica Simpson crawls into back of SUV
- Britney Spears see through shirt
- Britney Spears in Hustler Hollywood shopping for porn :)
- Jennifer Aniston candids in tight jeans
- Alyssa Milano looking elegant
- Hayden Panettiere hot legs in shorts - nice feet
- Joss Stone absolutely gorgeous in tight dress and some nice cleavage
- Mariah Carey flaunting her big breastisises
- Anne Hathaway nice legs in attendance at fashion show
- Alyssa Milano posing with friends

- Sara Paxton in bikini x22 in "Sydney White"
- Amanda Bynes x105 caps of her hot tanned breasts showing cleavage in "Sydney White"

- Teresa Palmer - gorgeous young blonde Australian babe with nice tanned legs in short shorts in "December Boys" x32
- Chelan Simmons shows off her nice breasts in "Good Luck Chuck" x23
- Annie Wood topless (with 3 breasts!) in "Good Luck Chuck" x21
- Uma Thurman candid bikini on the beach!
- Katherine Heigl on the Today Show x4
- Jennifer Aniston hard nipples, paparazzi
- Monica Bellucci topless exposing nipple, nice cleavage, in "Shoot 'Em Up" x48
- Ali Larter has a perfect ass!  Want proof?
- Milla Jovovich x65 nude and hard nipples with no bra in thin tank top in "Resident Evil: Extinction"
- Spencer Locke pretty upcoming actress in "Resident Evil: Extinction" x15
- Malin Akerman bikini in hot tub in "The Brothers Solomon" x4
- Britney Spears see-through (paparazzi)
- Kate Beckinsale in yellow on the red carpet
- Amanda Bynes nice pushed-up cleavage on the red carpet
- Liv Tyler candid bikini
- Rihanna looking hot at some NY music awards thingamajig
- Sarah Michelle Gellar out and about
- Debra Messing nice in low cut dress at awards
- Sarah Chalk elegantly beautiful

- Jessica Alba topless, hot ass, cleavage, etc x117 in "Good Luck Chuck"
- Yasmine Vox's perfect breasts (almost perfect - they're not natural) x17 in "Good Luck Chuck"

- Xenia Seeberg x35 HD caps of her squirming around in bed while having an erotic dream on "Lexx"
- Jemima Rooper hot nude lesbian scene in HD in "Black Dahlia" x34
- Mia Kirshner hot nude lesbian scene in HD in "Black Dahlia" x35
- Mandy Moore and Rebecca Romijn posing together
- Hilary Duff *HOT* tank top taht shows off her breasts very nicely!
- Nicole Kidman sexy open front outfit on the red carpet
- Scarlett Johansson visits some troops in Kuwait
- Lindsay Lohan in skirt out and about, paparazzi shots
- Eva Mendes beautiful in black with cleavage
- Miley Cyrus bikini photos

- Tara Reid upskirt

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- ACTOR HEATH LEDGER DIES:  "Brokeback Mountain" star Heath Ledger was found dead today apparently of a drug overdose. Actor Heath Ledger was found dead at a Manhattan apartment Tuesday afternoon in what appeared to be a possible drug-related death; he was 28. The actor was discovered in one of the SoHo apartment's bedrooms at 3:31 p.m., when a masseuse arrived for a scheduled appointment and the residence's housekeeper went to inform the actor of the masseuse's arrival. He was found unconscious and unresponsive; the New York Times stated that the apartment in question belonged to actress Mary-Kate Olsen, who was not present and was believed to be out of state. An initial police report also cited by the New York Times said that foul play was not suspected and that pills had been found near Ledger's body. A native of Australia, Ledger shot to fame as a teen heartthrob in 10 Things I Hate About You before graduating to more adult roles, most notably his Oscar-nominated turn in Brokeback Mountain. Engaged at one time to Brokeback co-star Michelle Williams, the two had a daughter but had split in recent months. Earlier this year, Ledger wrapped filming on the Batman film The Dark Knight, in which he played The Joker; the film is currently set for release this summer. Further details of the actor's death were not available at press time. --IMDb staff
- American Pie: Beta House boobies!  HOT babes topless and sexy caps x124
- Ashley Hubbard topless in "American Pie: Beta House" x14
- Meghan Heffern nice tight shirt brushing teeth lookin sexy in "American Pie: Beta House" x39
- Julia Schneider nice body bent over backwards in "American Pie: Beta House" x14

- Christina Milian HOT cleavage and see-through
- Cameron Diaz hot legs in short dress
- Kristy Lee Cook on "American Idol" - vidcaps re-done in HIDEF! x50

- Britney Spears upskirt
- Leelee Sobieski upskirt getting out of car
- Kristin Cavallari paparazzi shots

- Britney Spears is starting to look damn nice again!
- Jennifer Garner beautiful yet boring. She really needs to do something crazy to shock people!

- Kristy Lee Cook - gorgeous blonde on last night's "American Idol" x35
- Martha MacIsaac nice cleavage on this "Superbad" high-school girl in bra
- Aviva Farber's hot ass and great cleavage in "Superbad"
- Christina Ricci topless vidcaps from the HD version of "Black Snake Moan" 4 at the bottom of page
- Rihanna lookin hot in tank top
- Nicole Kidman elegant in dress on red carpet
- Leelee Sobieski at a comic book and sci-fi convention
- Aviva Farber cleavage in purple x21
- Vanessa Anne Hudgens paparazzi leaving car
- Jessica Alba early pregnancy in dress
- Cameron Diaz candids in NYC
- Maria Sharapova paparazzi shopping x4
- Elisha Cuthbert hot hot hot in tank top and skirt
- Britney Spears actually looking pretty damn fine!
- Kristin Cavallari hot body in bikini
- Leelee Sobieski leggy paparazzi shots
- Britney Spears pokie nipples and cut-off jean shorts
- Katie Holmes hot legs in red (looks like a sexy Little Red Riding Hood)

- Jennifer Aniston hot body candid bikini x158
- Christina Milian leggy in black dress
- Ashley Simpson candid bikini

- Rachel Bilson megapost x595 - bikini, underwear, candids, paparazzi, photoshoots, etc.
- Rachel Stevens in London (paparazzi)

- Piper Perabo x17 vidcaps in "First Snow"
- Britney Spears in car
- Megan Fox HOT body in short skirt dress @ the Terminator premiere
- Charisma Carpenter HOT hires bikini photos + more x52
- Kate Hudson with guy + paparazzi shots
- Mischa Barton MEGAUPDATE - candid bikini shots from various dates, nipple exposed in open shirt, photoshoots, lots of candids, paparazzi, etc. x371
- Britney Spears shirt falling off in car

- Jody Thompson, an unbelievably HOT actress with killer body x144 in "Perfect Little Angels"
- Mel B candid bikini
- Beyonce Knowles candid on beach x2
- Kylie Minogue paparazzi in dress
- Katie Holmes & Ellen page on stage at awards
- Mandy Moore gorgeous body in pink dress on New Year's Eve
- Emmanuelle Chriqui beautiful in various shots from various sources (some dupes) x58

- Cynthia Rhodes hot body dancing on stage in "Flashdance" x17
- Mischa Barton topless candids in bikini
Kelly Brook topless candids on the beach
- Rihanna *tight* dress, see-through, and awesome legs (paparazzi)

- Gwen Stefani x83 hot in bikini walking around town, as well as some *nice* videos of her at bottom of page
- Kelly Brook tanning topless on the beach candids
- BRITNEY SPEARS MENTAL MELTDOWN - photos of her in back of ambulance being taken away
  to hospital for mental evaluation.
- Stacy Ferguson hard body candid bikini

- Malin Akerman topless and bikini in "The Heartbreak Kid" HD x52
- Michelle Monaghan great body on the beach in "The Heartbraek Kid" HD x37
- Jeannie Millar's perfect breasts x16 in collages from her various movies
- Eva Longoria x4 HD caps looking pretty in "The Heartbreak Kid"
- Avril Lavigne showing her underwear
- Jenna von Oy lingerie photoshoot
- Hayden Panettiere hot cleavage in black
- Uma Thurman leggy and cleavage in short red dress

- Elisha Cuthbert CANDID BIKINI!  FINALLY!!
- Malin Akerman
- Miley Cyrus cute x137
- Morgan Webb
of TechTV bikini shots!  x113
- Jessica Alba
pokie nipples
- Christina Milian bikini!  And again here!
- Nicolette Sheridan candid bikini
- Hilary Duff upskirt getting out of car
- The latest video update was released today (and the last one of 2007).

JAN.1 - 2008 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
- Lets start the new year off with a bang, and 118 high-def caps of Natasha Henstridge topless in "Species"
- Marg Helgenberger x24 HD caps including topless and giving oral sex in "Species"
- Michelle Williams young and cute in "Species" HD x11  ('almost forgot she played the young Natasha!)
- Jessica Alba bikini, great ass, hard nipples x18 HD caps from a "Deep Blue Sea" trailer


- Thandie Newton nice cleavage in HD from "The Chronicles of Riddick" x23
- Christina Cox HD caps x28 looking pretty with rock hard body in "The Chronicles of Riddick"
- Alexa Davalos very beautiful French girl in "The Chronicles of Riddick" x66 HD caps
- Elisha Cuthbert HD caps x48 from "The Girl Next Door" HOT body in bra and thong
- Xenia Seeberg hot and sexy HDTV vidcaps in skimpy outfit, upskirt, cleavage, etc. from "Lexx"

- Susan Featherly and Jeannie Millar hot lesbian video clip!
- Megan Fox
HDTV x45 from "Transformers" DVD extras: gorgeous legs, sexy face, etc
- Rachael Taylor HDTV x21 from "Transformers" DVD extras - sexy headshots, feet, etc.
- Jessica Alba pregnant photos
- Lindsay Lohan private pictures leaked out
- Nicki Hilton bikini photos
- Leelee Sobieski candid bikini photos

- Petra Nemcova HOT model topless and paparazzi x264
- Sophia Bush hot in lots of paparazzi shots x239
- Vanessa Anne Hudgens NUDE and candid BIKINI!  The star of "High School Musical" bares quite a bit in these photos!  x145
Elisha Cuthbert - candid bikini pictures!!
- Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!!
- Scarlett Johansson CANDID BIKINI PHOTOS!   (Thanks Sith!!)
- Xenia Seeberg HDTV caps from TV show "Lexx" - upskirt, cleavage, sexy face x52
- Alyssa Milano black dress cleavage
- Alyssa Milano beautiful at a Unicef event
- Christina Ricci no bra and nipples see-through
- Vanessa Hudgens out and about
- Nattassia Malthe's tight body in bikini top and those vixen eyes in "Skin Walkers" x55
- Sarah Carter still looks hot even as a werewolf in "Skin Walkers" x42
- Rhona MItra beautiful in "Skin Walkers" x45
- Vanessa Hudgens lookin nice next to a car

- Irina Voronina, hot blonde Russian babe with no bra, tight shirt, big breasts and hard nipples in a segment from the DVD extras of "Balls of Fury"
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead HOT photoshoot, candids, and paparazzi.  Deadly beautiful brown-eyed girl!
- Maggie Q x112 HOT body in tight athletic tank top and shorts with amazing ass shots in "Balls of Fury" as well as some beautiful headshots as the gorgeous "bad chick" in "Live Free or Die Hard"
- Maggie Q x18 more paparazzi shots of her looking great in short dress
- Marissa Miller candid bikini shots

- Mary Elizabeth Winstead x37 looking pretty and having breast felt in "Live Free or Die Hard"
- Coming soon: Maggie Q in "Balls of Fury" and "Live Free or Die Hard"
- Jordana Brewster x89 bikini, paparazzi
- Lilly Allen open shirt nipple slip


- Cassie Scerbo firm athletic tanned body in bikini and cheerleader outfits in "Bring It On: In It To Win" x160
- Ashley Benson
x262 HOT caps of this starlet hottie in bikini, cheerleader uniforms, from "Bring It On: In It To Win"
- Jennifer Tisdale
bikini and cheerleading in "Bring It On: In It To Win" x42
- Kirsten Dunst
holy crap this is the sexiest shots I've seen her do!
- Brooke Hogan
hot athletic tank top candids
- Britney Spears looking pissed off
- Tara Reid
doing her skeleton impersonation
- Britney Spears' 16-Year-Old Sister Pregnant:
Britney Spears' teenage sister Jamie-Lynn Spears is pregnant with her first child. Bosses at children's TV network Nickelodeon, where the 16-year-old fronts hit show Zoey 101, have confirmed the baby news. In a statement given to Wenn, a spokesman for the TV network said, "We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being." Reports suggest the father is student Casey Aldridge, who Spears allegedly dumped this summer. Jamie-Lynn has told OK! magazine she intends to keep the baby.  WHATEVER YOU DO JAMIE-LYNN -- DON'T TAKE MOMMY ADVICE FROM YOUR SISTER!!
- Eva Mendes HOT photoshoots including see-through mesh x210
- Kelly Brook x113 with some sexy bikini shots of her busty body
- Kirsten Dunst big update x249 including some hot bikini candids on the each
- Britney Spears as classy as she ever gets
- Ali Larter in *low* front dress
- Brooke Hogan bikini candids!  HOT body!
- Lindsay Lohan doing her catwoman impersonation
- Olsen twins at some event (there's just something creepy about them...)
- Eva Amurri - Susan Surandon's beautiful busty daughter showing some nice cleavage
- Hayden Panettiere sexy in black dress
- Nelly Furtado with award
- Evangeline Lilly sexy photoshoots x24

 Previous updates here.
- Jennie Garth hot cleavage x36.
- Tara Reid bikini candids
- Jessica Simpson leggy paparazzi shots
- Alesha Dixon very see-through tank top
- Brittany Daniel hot legs and sexy eyes (paparazzi)
- Elizabeth Hurley beautiful in photo shoot x4
Scarlett Johansson candid bikini photos!  FINALLY!
- Karolina Kurkova bikini photo shoot
- Hayden Panettiere shopping again, still lookin great
- Kate Bosworth hot body candid bikini photos

- Jennifer Love Hewitt big update!  378 pictures of her in candid bikini, photoshoots, paparazzi, etc.
- Jennifer Lyons
small pics but very sexy in different kinky costumes x200
- Jamie Lynn Spears
candid and paparazzi shots x95

- Jessica Alba is PREGNANT!  Yes, you heard it hear first (maybe).  Jess is growin a baby...
- Rachel Stevens nice bikini candids x105

- Maggie Q (from "Live Free or Die Hard") elegantly beautiful
- Rachel Stevens paparazzi.  And I thought she was disappearing from us!
- Hayden Panettiere in short skirt and long hooker boots - doesn't get better than that!
- Kim Kardashian - not much more than a pretty face.  Want your show to fail?  Put Kim on it.  Sorry,
  I guess you had to be a fan of one of her shows to like her.
- Kim Kardashian - has had more than her 15 mins of fame...
- Katherine Heigl candids in shorts and sports bra
- Hayden Panettiere athletic in pink shorts
- Ashlee Simpson x211 including nipple slip bikini candids
- Arielle Kebbel x86 sex kitten with long lets in short skirt and high boots
- Gwen Stefani funky hairdo x3
- Pink video - Get This Party Started

- Megan Fox sexy in black with cleavage on the red carpet

- Lucy Liu MEGAUPDATE: 1,298 pictures!  Lingerie photoshoots, nude in movies, lots of paparazzi, vidcaps from various tv appearances, etc!
- Michelle Monaghan video clip from "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
- Teri Hatcher nice cleavage in photo shoot
- Elisha Cuthbert sexy with short hair
- Vanessa Marcil x34 hot bikini photoshoot + hard nipples caps
- Vanessa Mannillo x116 candid bikini pictures + paparazzi in her first Zodcaps galleries

- Britney Spears in black short skirt
- Tara Reid cleavage and nice tan
- Megan Fox hot in jeans and t-shirt by paparazzi
- Nicole Kea Pussycat Dolls Vocalist caught by paparazzi.
- Heidi Montag bikini shots
- Tara Reid nice tanned legs and cleavage / paparazzi

- Katie Price (aka. Jordan) ass shots
- Mariah Carey mega upate - 548 sexy revealing pictures including candid bikini photos
- Stacy Keibler and her sexy tanned legs x198 candids, paparazzi
- Lindsay Lohan stripping in "I Know Who Killed Me" x158
- Britney Spears in car nipple see-through
- Anna Kournikova upskirt!  Lookin *hot*
- Joss Stone in tight white dress x3

- Roselyn Sanchez HOT in some skimpy shots x174
- Kelly Clarkson in a wide variety of photos x105
Jennifer Love Hewitt in black bikini (candids photos)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Lindsay Lohan coffee shopping (paparazzi)
- Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini candids!
- Kristin Cavallari nice tan in tank top and shorts
- Vanessa Mannillo purple bikini candids out on a boat and in water

- Lindsay Lohan hot bikini candids x583 !
- Emmanuelle Chriqui younger and absolutely gorgeous in "Snow Day" x74

- Elisha Cuthbert x217 including some SEXY bikini top shots (candids!) of her on the beach!
- Lucy Pinder magazine scans
- Brooke Hogan HOT bikini candids!
- Britney Spears upskirt

- Jenny Adams x262 caps of this natural beauty
- Hayden Panettiere MEGA update: 564 photos!  Tiny bikini, paparazzi, etc... some HAWT ones!
- Kate Beckinsale candids + paparazzi x164

- Avril Lavigne with nice milky smooth breasts in bikini top + more x85
- Scarlett Johansson x360 photos - cleavage, tight clothing, candids, paparazzi, magazine scans,etc.

- Happy birthday to Scarlett Johansson who turned 23 today
- Lucy Pinder hot topless with nice full breasts
Vanessa Minnillo candid bikini photos
- Rose McGowan hot cleavage, pokie nipples, etc xf173
- Kellie Pickler x38 looking cute as ever

- Laura Ramsey's hot busty sweaty body + gorgeous in elegant dress from HDTV version of "She's the Man" x91
- Amanda Crew x4 more HDTV caps of her in "She's the Man" - sooo beautiful
- Amanda Bynes x24 more caps from "She's the Man" including catfight and upskirt (HDTV)

- Hayden Panettiere & Eva Longoria *HAWT*
- Stacy Ferguson hot legs in short skirt
- Beyonce Knowles close to having a nipslip with LOW cut dress and awesome cleavage.
- Vanessa Minnillo BIKINI CANDIDS on the beach!
- Amanda Bynes SEXY in silky black outfit with hot legs

- Jennie Garth candids x15 (including some hot HDTV vids of her on "Dancing With the Stars")
- Ali Larter holy hot legs !
- Alexa Vega x23 shots of her old and new.  Very cute.
- Blake Lively x41 photos of her sexy tanned body - paparazzi and candids
- Eva Longoria @ Victoria Secret fashion show - sexy
- Eva Longoria paparazzi shots, shopping in Beverly Hills
- Hayden Panettiere SEXY in *tight* striped dress, nice legs
- Lindsay Lohan lookin good in black
- Jennifer Connelly DVD caps from "Blood Diamond"
- Sarah Michelle Gellar paparazzi shots
- Winona Ryder hot candid cleavage and sweaty cleavage x33 in her first Zodcaps gallery (surprisingly)
- Laura Ramsey superhot x24 in "She's the Man" - she started out on a documentary called "The Real Cancun" in which a bunch of teens where picked to go to Cancun on spring break, and got into acting after that.  She's hot!
- Amanda Bynes x35 HD caps from "She's the Man"
- Amanda Crew x 30 more HD caps including her HOT legs in skirt from "She's the Man"

- Amanda Crew x12 HD caps of her in sexy soccer outfit in "She's the Man"

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Jessica Alba in sheer black at Awake premiere
- Rachel Bilson beautiful in white
- Rachel Bilson beautiful in black
- Natalie Portman gorgeous legs on TRL
- Alena Seredova - gorgeous model with tanned body TOPLESS candids
- Adriana Lima x78 hot body in bikini
- Nikki Reed gorgeous x57
- Rachel McAdams x40 shots of her - paparazzi, photoshoots
- Jessica Biel in "Home of the Brave" lookin good as an army girl x33
- Hilary Duff going to pilates
- Hayden Panettiere sizzling hot in black
- Anne Hathaway pretty in purple
- Ashley Simpson looking cute in black
- Jessica Alba hot in tight jeans
- Jessica Alba & Alicia Keys

- Jessica Biel x140 caps of her HOT body in bra and panties, sexy latex catsuit with great cleavage in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"
- Rene Olstead busty pictures
- Lindsay Lohan UPSKIRT - HOT legs, SHORT skirt
- Ali Larter sexy legs at some event
- Hayden Panettiere out and about
- Vivica A. Fox sexy photoshoot
- Natalie Portman sexy legs in -short- pink dress
- Heather Locklear HOT body bikini candids
- Christina Aguile
Jessica Alba Galleriesra pregnant
- Maria Sharapova at Sony party

- Hilary Duff MEGA CANDID update: 1007 PICTURES!  The majority of which are candids including candid bikini, hard nipples wet in water, paparazzi, sexy on-stage, etc.
- Erica Durance x49 including vidcaps of her on-screen appearances in her first Zodcaps gallery

- Jennifer Lopez very sexy in black and white bras
- Megan Fox x436 pictures!  All sorts of shots from various sources.
- Megan Fox with hard nipples - lookin a bit like a street kid in these though (what's she doin?)
- Vanessa Minillo in bikini (paparazzi)
- Kim Kardashian Playboy cover
- Elisha Cuthbert lookin HOT and playful

- Jill Wagner hot cleavage of her firm natural breasts, tied up, lesbian tease, in "Blade: House of Chthon" x71
- Carmen Electra x484 pics of her - SEXY photoshoots, candids, paparazzi
- Lindsay Lohan candids
- Rachel Bilson kinda up-skirt
- Vanessa Hudgens *hot* body in bikini candids
- Avril Lavigne beautiful in dress
- Britney Spears candids partying it up
- Avril Lavigne *hot* in low-cut dress
- Kate Moss see-through shirt
- Hilary Duff nice legs in dress
- Avril Lavigne in see-through top and nipple patches
- Carla Gugino x182, mostly paparazzi
- Amanda Bynes candids, paparazzi, bikini vidcaps, x322

- Kristen Bell MEGA UPDATE: 1137 pictures!!  Candids, paparazzi, magazine scans, photoshoots, etc.
- Elisha Cuthbert x142 caps of sexy cleavage and blurred nude scene in "Captivity"
- Lindsay Lohan leggy and semi-see-through nips in short black dress candids

- Katharine McPhee hot ass in tight jeans and other shots including candids x50
- Evangeline Lilly (remember her?) x82 - photoshoots, candids, etc.  Dunno where she's disappeared to the last few months...
- Calita Rainford in a sexy 3-way lesbian scene with 2 ghosts!  From "Return to the House on the Haunted Hill" x42
- Amanda Righetti
x62 vidcaps in wet tank top in "Return to the House on the Haunted Hill"
- Cerina Vincent
cleavage x18 in "Return to the House on the Haunted Hill"
- Holly Valance
x145 pictures (bikini, caps, HOT!) in her first photo galleries here

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Lindsay Lohan candids x6
- Elizabeth Hurley candid bikini in the ocean/beach

- Olivia Munn HOT TechTV host in sexy Princess Leia costume at convention x112
- Michelle Trachtenberg
x326 hot candids, bikini, paparazzi, etc.
- Jenna Jameson
busty and sexy x81
- Giada de Laurentiis
: the Food Network host shows off her body learning to surf x17
Gisele Bundchen photos
- Anne Hathaway x79, candids, paparazzi, photoshoot
- Ali Larter
lots of candids x80

- Gisele Bundchen candid bikini plus lots more x310 (galleries 15-18)  Not a bad day - 1300 new pictures added today!
- Avril Lavigne
sexy photoshoots, candids, scans, etc. x430
- Katharine McPhee
candids of her nice ass (upskirt), paparazzi, photoshoots, etc x325
- Kate Beckinsale hot in tight workout clothes, candids & paparazzi x248
- Eva Green
busty French babe in her first Zodcaps galleries (she was the bond girl in "Casino Royale")

- Crystal Lowe topless with great natural breasts and tanned body in "Wrong Turn 2" x55
- Daniella Alonso
exotic looking beauty in "Wrong Turn 2" x23
- Erica Leerhsen
lookin hot in "Wrong Turn 2" x10
- Kimberly Caldwell
nice tanned tummy in "Wrong Turn 2" x19

- Jane Fonda leggy and perky cleavage in "Barefoot in the Park" x29
- Well after capping up both "Hostel 2" then "Wrong Turn 2" I probably won't be able to eat a full meal again for days...  by far two of the goriest movies I've seen all year.  But the BABES in them!  Enjoy below :
- Vera Jordanova
*beautiful* Finnish girl with killer body, topless and bikini in "Hostel 2" x41
- Jiri Barton
full nude laying down in "Hostel 2" x8
- Heather Matarazzo
cleavage, topless bounded upside down in "Hostel 2" x15
- Bijou Phillips
upskirt, cleavage, bound, in "Hostel 2" x23
- Lauren German
x21 from "Hostel 2"
- Jessica Alba MEGAUPDATE
- 1,020 pictures!  Bikini, sexy, candids, on-set, etc.. (galleries 28-38)

- Rachael Taylor hot blonde Australian babe in "Transformers" x25
- Megan Fox hot tanned body x100 in "Transformers"
- Andie MacDowell nude sex scene in "Ruby Cairo"
- Uma Thurman
in public with a see-through dress
- Elena Lyons - Bikini Clip from Sunstorm (2001)
- Uma Thurman video having sex in bed in "Mad Dog and Glory"
- Victoria Adams/Beckham
with very hard nipples in tank top x6
- Lindsay Lohan at a Beverly Hills hotel hot in short black dress

- Nikki Cox hot cleavage and lots of sexy photos x111
- Mandy Moore
candid bikini + more x330
- Katie Holmes
(aka. Rosemary) and her baby, Tom/wedding, etc..
- Jessica Biel HOT bikini magazine shoot + more.  201 pictures.

- Maria Sharapova hot body in training, bikini, photoshoots, paparazzi, etc. (galleries 56 to 61)
- Kim Basinger hot in 3 videos from "Cool World"
- Kristen Bell SEXY latex/bondage outfit!  In bra, LOTS of kinky shots x113 from "Reefer Madness"
- Jennifer Connelly x53 shots at different events
- Jennifer Aniston
x305 candids including bikini with hard nipples
- Leighton Meester's trim firm body in bra/panties, and very sexy x65 in "Drive Thru"

- Helena Mattsson: hot young blonde Swede naked showing her amazing body in "Species:  The Awakening" x65
- Avril Lavigne x19 caps of her in short dress performing at "Canadian Idol 2007"
- Penelope Cruz x9 UHQ candids of her
- Jessica Alba
x69 caps of her hot body and cleavage, blonde hair and blue eyes in "Fantastic Four 2"

- Britney Spears lots of cleavage
- Nelly Furtado hot on stage x 8

- Lacey Chabert megaupdate x353, lots of cleavage and vidcaps
- Emmy Rossum
classy beauty x191

- Indiana Jones 4: not a hot celebrity update, just some news - The budget for the next (final?) Indiana Jones movie called "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is huge.  Apparently the budget is already at $175 million - and that's *without* the salaries of Harrison Ford, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg!
- Anna Kournikova candid bikini photos!!  Wow!
- Britney Spears
paparazzi shots x12

- Christina Applegate in a great video of her in a bikini from a beach scene on "Married with Children"

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Holly Valance hot in different videos
- Cameron Diaz
sexy in red dress with hard nipples
- Saffron Burrows
having sex in 2 clips from "Tempted"
- Rebecca deMornay topless sex scene video from "Never Talk to Strangers"

- Brooke Hogan red hot
- Jessica Biel
to do NUDE scene!  Read here.
- Erica Roby, Amanda Ward
, and other girls NUDE and hot LESBIAN scene in "Invasion of the Pod People" x96 vidcaps
- Jessica Collins
hot on "Star Trek: Voyager" as well as some VERY HOT nude/lesbian video clips of her.
- Hayden Panettiere MEGAUPDATE:
665 photos, *candid bikini*, short shorts, candid everything, paparazzi, vidcaps, magazine shoots, etc!
- Katherine Heigl HOT having sex, cleavage, legs spread, etc. in "Knocked Up" x113 + movies clips
- Britney Spears loses her children:
  Well, it had to happen eventually.  A judge has ordered the custody of Britney Spears children to go to their father, Kevin Federline.  Apparently even in Hollywood you can't drive drunk, do drugs, go out partying at night after being ordered to stay sober, and get away with it all the time.  And thank gawd for it - how long could it have been before her children got hurt.  (then again, how good of a father will KFed be?  Time will tell..)

- Deborah Shelton "Sins Of The Nite" + a few other clips
- Imogen Bailey nude video from "Man Thing"
- Kate Beckinsale
perky breasts x3 paparazzi shots
- Brooke Hogan
hot and sweaty!
- Milla Jovovich
at the "Resident Baby" (err.. Evil) premiere
- Sonja Walger
having sex on couch video in "Tell Me You Love Me"
- Pamela Anderson
HOT body in candid bikini shots
- Rebecca Romijn
lookin hot in this light dress
- Hilary Duff
big cleavage pushed up
- Jennifer Love Hewitt
hot legs in black dress on "Craig Ferguson"
- Jessica Simpson
HOT MTV video
- Rachel Bilson in 4 clips from
Hayden Panettiere candid bikini "The Last Kiss"
- Farah Fawcett
topless in "Saturn 3" video
- Hayden Panettiere
cheerleader video in "Heroes"
- 3 nude videos
from "The Naked Mile"
- Charlotte Ayanna caps from "Stealing Time"
- Camilla Belle and 3 clips of her in "Chumscrubber"

- Lacy Chabert hot cleavage
- Lindsay Lohan hot legs

- Antonella Barba, former "American Idol" contestant sexy and graphic sexual photos x41
- Mayko Nguyen
has her firm breasts touched in "Rent-A-Goalie" x25 and hot in "Regenesis" x19
- Cameron Richardson
's HOT athletic body as she strips into tank top and panties in "SuperCross"
- Sophia Bush
x 22 caps in "SuperCross" and 28 caps from "Stay Alive"
- Elisha Cuthbert
x87 caps of her hosting "PMK" in her younger years
- Jessica Biel
hot body in tight jeans and gorgeous face in "Next" x102

- Natassia Malthe aka. Gorgeous SuperBeauty drinking blood and hot in "BloodRayne 2" x86
- Emmanuelle Chriqui
beautiful and awesome body, mostly paparazzi, x186

- Natassia Malthe - Norweigan superbeauty, gorgeous in "DOA" x29
- Sarah Carter
's perfect body and amazing shots of her perfect ass in "DOA" x133
- Holly Valance
wet, bikini, sexy, catfight, topless, in "DOA" x124
- Jaime Pressly
's hard body in bikini and tight athletic shorts in "DOA" x128
- Devon Aoki x79 vidcaps of her sweet body in bikini, fight scenes, etc. in "DOA"

- Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki, Sarah Carter, Natassia Malthe and Holly Valance *amazing* bodies in bikinis and cat-fights from "DOA" x451
- Salma Hayek
topless and cleavage in bra from "The Velocity of Gary"
- Model Adriana Volpe
nude in some photoshoot videos
- Mia Sarah
topless & full nude in "Black Day, Blue Night" (remember her from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?")
- Melanie Griffith
topless video clip
- Avril Lavigne
showing a little more than usual
- Jessica Simpson
hot legs in cut-off jean shorts x11

- Susie Feldman (Corey Feldman's wife) HOT on "The 2 Coreys" caps x41
- Marissa Miller "Perfect 10" nude photoshoot
- Hilary Duff candid shots in black dress
- Rebecca Romijn HOT in summer dress x12

- Monique Gabrielle nude video from "Bachelor Party"
- Bo Derek
in 4 nude videos from "Bolero"
- Adriana Lima
x5 sexy videos including breast exposure
- Jacqueline Bisset
video from "Secrets"
- Alley Baggett
photoshoot video
- Jessica Simpson
huge cleavage in blue dress (video)
- Claudia Schiffer
runway compilation (videos)

- Helen Mirren: WOW was she ever the hottest thing on the planet!  (still is actually)  Gorgeous face, stunning body, and super cute!  136 caps and 3 videos from "Age of Consent"
- Eva Longoria *HOT* body bikini candids showing great ass, lots more candids (gallery 13, gallery 14) x165
- Tyra Banks x264 - candids, near-nudes, vidcaps
- Mischa Barton leaving a luncheon in yellow dress, low-cut, no bra
- Reese Witherspoon lookin hot in black dress at the Toronto Film Festival x19


Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude    

- Anna Faris sexy in tight t-shirt in "The Hot Chick" (video)
- Vanessa Hudgens
of "High School Musical" 1, 2, & 3 fame full nude!
- Bridget Wilson
in sexy fighting clip from "Mortal Kombat"
- Pamela Anderson
hot body in bikini (candids) x10
- Jessica Simpson
with hard nipples
- Carly Rae Jepson
and Tara Oram from "Canadian Idol" x91

- Giada de Laurentiis x55 SUPERHOT cleavage and ponytail - maybe the hottest she's ever been in these caps!
- Elle Macpherson
older SI video
- Avril Lavigne
x3 videos
- Gisele Bundchen
bares breasts on runway
- Alena Seradova 4 nude photoshoot clips
- Lots more new picture/videos in the
- Monique Gabrielle nude in the 1986 "soft adult" movie 'Emmanuelle'
- Supermodel Barbara Chiappini in 2 nude video clips
Eva Longoria candid bikini pictures
- Courtney Cox in sweaty cleavage clip from "3000 Miles to Graceland"
- Jennifer Connelly
nude clips from 4 different films
- Traci Lords
3 clips from "Frostbite"
Supermodel Petra Nemcova 2 topless videos
- Jessica Simpson
hot legs x8

- Claire Danes & Kate Beckinsale in swimsuit/bikini video from "Brokedown Palace"
- Teri Hatcher
nude video in "Heaven's Prisoners"
- Lara Flynn Boyle
swimsuit video from "The Temp"
- Rachel Weisz
showing her granny legs
- Hilary Swank
's FIRM body in bikini, candid photos x7
- Erika Christensen
- Erika Christensen
gorgeous at "The Perfect Score" premiere x14
- Amanda Bynes
LEGS leaving TRL x7
- Jennifer Garner
black dress in Tokyo x8
- Britney Spears in SHORT skirt showing bum
- Gwenyth Paltrow
in "Great Expectations" video
- Avril Lavigne
video on Saturday Night Live
- Gwen Stefani
HOT bikini sexy tummy candids
- Annette Benning
x7 video clips from "What Planet are you From"
- Rihanna
almost pops out of her dress! (x5)
- Jessica Biel
is in the lead!
- Jessica Simpson firm breasts in tank top x6
- Elisha Cuthbert, Janurary Jones, and Ivana Milicevic
in a video from "Love Actually"
- Jordan Ladd
topless in "Club Dredd"
- Natasha Henstridge
high quality nude sex scene video  as VanDam gives it to her in the bathroom
- Sarah-Jane Potts
video from "National Lampoon's Barely Legal"
Petra Nemcova topless videos
- Kelli Garner bikini video from "Dreamland"
- Natalie Portman
lapdance video from "Closer"
- Amelia Jackson-Gray
TOPLESS video from "Snakes on a Train"
- Kimberly Stewart
- Rod Stewart's daughter: HOT!
- Christina Ricci
video from "No Vacancy"
- Erika Eleniak
video from "Chasers" (1994)
- Kim Catrall
posing with HOT legs x7
- Jessica Biel
x7 in skirt and nice tight top
- Jessica Alba
x10 in yellow dress at the Teen Choice Awards
- Jessica Alba
leaving restaurant in tight blue dress x12
- Alyssa Milano
huge cleavage x6 at Dickie Roberts premiere"
- Hilary Duff
nice legs @ Teen Choice Awards
- Megan Fox
, beautiful
- Erica Durance
topless video from "House of the Dead"
- Avril Lavigne
@ Teen Choice Awards xLOTS
- Erica Durance
hot in red x3

- Hilary Duff leggy on stage x10
- Christina Aguilera
x15 huge cleavage pictures! 
- Rachel Tennant
bikini candids!  Ex Miss Great Britain x14 pics of her by the pool.  Hot!
- Stacey Ferguson
out and about candids x8
- Rihana
- the beautiful bimbo at the Mobo nominations x7
- Maria Sharapova
in sexy red dress x5
- Christina Ricci
candids in tight dress x6
- Kate Hudson
on the set of "The Bachelor 2" x6

- Halle Berry in "Perfect Stranger" with nice cleavage, great ass x76
- Lena Headey topless with hard nipples and beautiful in robe/dress in "300" x40 (gallery 1)
- Kelly Craig
x18 as the topless oracle in "300" x18 (gallery 1)
- Hayden Panettiere
turned 18 today!  Happy birthday Hayden!  (I thought she was already like 20!)

Jennifer Aniston bikini candids !
- Heidi Montag candid bikini pictures x21 - HOT body (thread)
- Britney Spears
ass/thong x1 (thread)
- Jennifer Connelly
nice cleavage x8 (thread)
- Hilary Duff
hot (a bit drunk?) in car x8 (thread)

- Workout babes x182 (gallery 70, gallery 71, gallery 72)
- Sandra McCoy
's fit body in underwear in "Cry Wolf" x20 (gallery 1)
- Lindy Booth
in "Cry Wolf" - short schoolgirl skirt, bikini, x59 (gallery 2)
- MTV host Vanessa Minnilo
FULL NUDE! x2 (thread)
- Elisha Cuthbert
beautiful in black (thread)
- Penelope Cruz
pretty in yellow dress (thread)
- Mena Suvari
HOT bikini candids x12 (thread)
- Kate Beckinsale
out and about x7 (thread)
- Catherine Zeta-Jones
sexy b&w shoot (thread)
- Catherine Fulop
"Urban Bikini 2007" x12 (thread)

- Anne Hathaway BIKINI CANDIDS!  Also kissing a guy's nipple and in some weird positions (thread)
- Eva Longoria candids in bikini, out and about paparazzi, etc. (gallery 10, gallery 11, gallery 12)
- Claire Danes
x54 including some NICE shots of her in athletic gear (gallery 1)

- Carmen Electra bikini candids!  43 *HOT* pictures of her perfect body (thread)
- Jolene Blalock
shows some breast & nipple in "Slow Burn" x62 (gallery 4)

- Leelee Sobieski big breasts, lesbian kiss, nude bum in "In a Dark Place" x119 (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Tara Fitzgerald
masturbating and lesbian scene with Leelee Sobieski in "In a Dark Place" x32 (gallery 1)
- Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri
large breasts x20 (thread)  Eva is *HOT* !
- Cheryl Tweedy
hot on stage x5 (thread)

- Jolene Blalock hard nipples, hot ass in skimpy underwear in "Shadow Puppets" x93 (gallery 2, gallery 3)
- Natasha Alam - hot commie babe bare ass, topless, killer body in "Shadow Puppets" x41 (gallery 1)
- Katharine McPhee wind blows her skirt up revealing nice ass (thread)

- Sarah Roemer PERFECT body in bikini, tight jeans, etc x184 in "Disturbia" (gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4)
- COMING SOON:  Leelee Sobieski naked and lesbian scene in "In a Dark Place", Jolene Blalock topless in "Slow Burn"

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Britney Spears naked in the pool x2 (thread)
- Cindy Crawford
(remember her?) bikini candids x28 (thread)
- Eva Mendes
see-through x4 (thread)
- Nell McAndrew
topless on the beach (thread)
- Jessica Biel
being filmed on the set of a new movie (short hair?  HOT!) x10 (thread)
- Christina Aguilera
supersexy in sheer black outfit with awesome legs x8 (thread)

- COMING SOON:  Sarah Roemer - Yes, z0diac has found the most beautiful actress currently alive and her name is Sarah Roemer.  Amazingly *perfect* body in bikini in "Disturbia" .  Caps and videos coming soon.
- Elisha Cuthbert x272 (gallery 21, gallery 22, gallery 23) THIS UPDATE PUTS ZODCAPS PAST 100,000 ONLINE PICTURES !!  I just thought it would be fitting to have Elisha Cuthbert put us over the hundred thousand marker since she was one of the first galleries to go online and is one of the largest galleries currently online.  Thanks to all who've supported the site over the years - now lets get going on the next hundred thousand!
- Catherine Zeta-Jones
x67 premieres, photoshoots, paparazzi (gallery 4)
- Jennier Love Hewitt
x195 various shots with some nice cleavage pics (gallery 20, gallery 21, gallery 22)
- Carrie Underwood
x165 including some sexy on-stage shots (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3)

- Claire Forlani x4 shots in revealing top (thread)
- Catherine Bell
x3 hot in blue dress (thread)
- Cameron Diaz
hard nipples at the beach (bikini candids) (thread)
Ashley Simpson candid bikini photos!
- Melanie Brown
(aka. Scary Space) candid bikini photos (thread)
- Naomi Campbell
bikini candids x11 (thread)
- Geri Halliwell
x41 candid bikini pictures (thread)
- Hayden Panettiere MASSIVE MEGAPOST
: 1232 pictures added!  Candids, bikini, paparazzi, photoshoots, drunk with friends, etc, etc.  (gallery 18, gallery 19, gallery 20, gallery 21, gallery 22, gallery 23, gallery 24, gallery 25, gallery 26, gallery 27, gallery 28, gallery 29, gallery 30)
- Naomi Watts
in "The Painted Veil" very pretty x58 (gallery 11)
- Alice Eve
x38 pics of this pretty blonde British babe including thong in "Big Nothing" (gallery 1)

- Odette Yustman beautiful and great tummy in bikini top and skirt on "South Beach" x29 (gallery 1)
- Adrianne Palicki
hot working out on beach and looking beautiful on "South Beach" x54 (gallery 2)
- Christina Aguilera
megaupdate - 385 photos in lingerie, see-through, candids, photoshoots, bondage, bikini, etc (gallery 32, gallery 33, gallery 34, gallery 35, gallery 36, gallery 37)

- Odette Yustman - pretty brunette on the show "South Beach" in bikini and underwear x30 (gallery 1)
- Giada de Laurentiis, megababe of Food Network - 72 pics of her hot cleavage and beautiful face (gallery 1)

- Charlize Theron
bikini candids + more x110 (gallery 7, gallery 8)
- Topless babes from "Surf School" x110 (gallery 1, gallery 2)

- Back from a small holiday, I'll be rippin on the updates come tomorrow!
- Paris Hilton's swimsuit top falls down in the water
  exposing her breast/nipple - candids x27 (thread)

- Wow, the Jessica Alba vs. Jessica Biel thing is completely tied up right now!
- Emma Watson
x253 - lots of paparazzi at premieres, photoshoots (gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4, gallery 5)

- Britney Spears in the water in her bra and panties! She did it with a group of paparazzi all around
  her so I guess she didn't care! (thread)
- Hilary Duff
in tight leather pants performing x14 (thread)
- Hilary Duff
bikini scans from Shape magazine (thread)
- Hayden Panettiere
NBC All Star party (thread)
- Gisele Bundchen
sexy in shiny dress x140 (thread)
- Emma Watson
arrives at Letterman, July11 x22 (thread)
- Amanda Bynes
Hairspray premiere x10 (thread)
- Amanda Bynes
MTV's TRL - July 16, 2007 - 31x HQ (thread)

Paris Hiton nipple slip
- Adrianne Palicki gorgeous in a bikini on the beach in "South Beach" (gallery 1)
- Christina Ricci
TOPLESS in "Black Snake Moan" x170 (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3)

- Ashley Tisdale nipple slip x2 !! (thread)
- Ashley Tisdale
x328, massive collection (gallery 4, gallery 5, gallery 6, gallery 7, gallery 8)
- Megan Fox
candid, photoshoots, scans, etc (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4, gallery 5, gallery 6,
  gallery 7)
- Danielle Lloyd - ex Miss U.K. x25 (thread)
- Hilary Duff
x78 on "Lizzie" (gallery 7, gallery 8)
- Jenny Adams
x47 more caps of this beautiful busty brunette hosting her show (gallery 5)

- Babes from "Canadian Idol" 2007 x93
  (gallery 4, gallery 5)
- Jenny Adams
x244 - super beautiful host of the
  TV show "Help TV" and she was a contestant
  on "The Bachelor 7" (gallery 1, gallery 2,
  gallery 3, gallery 4)

- Hayden Panettiere bikini candids! (x62)  Finally!!
  Wow what a perfect fit body!! (thread)
Nicky Whelan from Neighbours hot in see-through
  thong bikini x20 (thread)
- Gwen Stefani
at the beach x5 (
- Giada de Laurentiis of Food Network showing some more nice cleavage of her beautiful
  breasts (gallery 10)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Brooke Hogan in a bikini!  x7 - hot! (thread)
- Pink lookin hot at an MTV event (thread)
- Jessica Simpson
turned 27 today, Sofia Vergara turned 35.


- 80 vidcaps of various nude women in "Hatchet Man"
  (gallery 1)
- Mia Zottoli
topless in "Hatchet Man" x57 (gallery 1)
- Mandy Moore bikini candids!
Laying in the sun in Mexico x29 (thread)
- Megan Fox
x193 pics of this sexy babe (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3)

- Ashley Tisdale bikini photo update: 13 more photos!  (thread)
- Eva Mendes bikini candis! x7 (thread)
- Laura Regan
x9 lookin pretty in "Dead Silence" (gallery 1)

- Krystal Wright lookin cute in "Don't Be Scared" (one of the lowest budget 'movies' I've seen) x27 (gallery 1)
- Hilary Duff BIKINI CANDIDS playing on the beach with her sister Haylie!  x58 (thread)
- Ashley Tisdale's
breasts poll.
- Jessica Biel
nude scene poll.
- Lindsay Lohan:
  want to know if she shaves her crotch area?  The answer is here - no underwear crotch shot getting out of boat x1 (thread)
- Happy 4th of July!
- Ashley Tisdale *HOT* update!  Candid bikini photos on the beach!  What a body! (thread) x31  I knew
  she looked like she had a nice body although she never revealed much of it before.  Look out Jessica Alba!!

- Lindsay Lohan turns 21 today.  I'm sure the bar owners have double checked to make sure their
  OPEN lights are on and have doubled their staff...

- Happy birthday Pamela Anderson!  I forgot her birthday was on Canada Day.  Pam turns the big 4-0 today.
  And oddly most 18 year old girls would kill to look like her.
- Paris Hilton
megaupdate (543 images): smoking pot, bikini, going to jail, photoshoots, candids, etc...
  (gallery 25, gallery 26, gallery 27, gallery 28, gallery 29, gallery 30, gallery 31)

- Tevaite Vernette x24 more caps topless with perfect perky breasts in "The Bounty" (gallery 1)
  (first 24 on this page)
- Caroline Dhavernas
naked and bikini in "These Girls" (gallery 1, gallery 2)

- Antonella Barba and other "American Idol 2007" babes x197 (gallery 14, gallery 15, gallery 16, gallery 17)
- Alyson Michalka
x8 vidcaps from "Phil of the Future" (gallery 1)
- Britney Spears x129
- topless in changing room, bra/cleavage in car, bikini, etc (gallery 22, gallery 23)

- Alice Greczyn absolutely stunning and baring breasts x27 - you may remember her as the hot
  brunette that Bo and Luke dropped of moonshine to at the beginning of "Dukes of Hazzard" (gallery 4)
- Britney Spears
leggy x10 (thread)
- Britney Spears
topless in changing room candids x9 (thread)
- Alessia Merz
x67: gorgeous Italian babe candid topless pictures in the sun! (gallery 1)

- Jessical Biel megaupdate - 370 *hot* images including some great bikini candids (gallery 29, gallery 30,
  gallery 31, gallery 32, gallery 33)

- Jessica Biel hard nipples in high quality bikini GQ photoshoot! x8 (thread)
- Jessica Biel
in pilot uniform x1 and on a cover x1 UHQ (thread)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude
- Kristanna Loken x6 vidcaps of her on the "2006 Spacey Awards" (gallery 1)
- Rachel Lutrell
on the "2006 Spacey Awards" (gallery 1)
- Katie Holmes
bikini candids x4 (thread)

- Hilary Duff x181 paparazzi and candid photos (thread)

Adriana Lima: breasts slip - both breasts exposed! (thread)
- Katharine McPhee (American Idol runner up) on "Canadian Idol" (2007) (gallery 1)
- Irina Voronina:
*gorgeous* Russian blonde babe topless in "Reno 911" (gallery 1)
- Reno 911: Miami
caps x59 - see through shirts, bikinis, topless babes (gallery 1)

- Agnes Bruckner in "Blood and Chocolate" lookin good (gallery 1)
- Lindsay Lohan...the hottest legs on earth x8...MUST SEE (thread)
- Jennifer Love Hewitt leggy x4 (thread)
- Amanda Bynes x159 sexy legs in paparazzi, candids, and movie shots (gallery 5, gallery 6, gallery 7)
- Britney Spears with more nipple slips - she just can't seem to keep her clothes on properly. (thead)
- Ali Larter
x248 images including paparazzi and photoshoots (thread or gallery 3 / 4 / 5 / 6)

- Britney Spears nipple slip and upskirt x7 (thread)

- Jessica Simpson
nipple slip x7 (thread)
- Lauren Holly
x5 vidcaps of her nice ass in "The Pleasure Drivers" (gallery 1)
- Sasha Knopf
x14 vidcaps of her being rammed with a strap-on in a lesbian sex scene in "The
   Pleasure Drivers" (gallery 1)
- Jill Bennett x17 vidcaps of her strap-on lesbian scene in "The Pleasure Drivers" then forcing
  herself onto Lacey Chabert (gallery 1)
- Britney Spears
in a simpy bikini!! x17 (thread)
- Kelly Brook
x228 bikini photoshoots, candids, paparazzi (gallery 8, gallery 9, gallery 10, gallery 11)
- Joss Stone
' s hot legs and gorgeous face serving beer and photoshoot (gallery 5)
- Heather Graham
x38 paparazzi (gallery 1)
- Claudia Schiffer
x53 paparazzi shots, still lookin good (gallery 2)


- Lacey Chabert HOT HOT cleavage and killer body in tight thin dress, masturbating in car,
  striptease, etc, x87 in "Pleasure Drivers" (gallery 2, gallery 3)
- Coming soon:
  Brooke Langton in "Primeval", Lacey Chabert in "Pleasure Drivers"
- Brooke Langton
in bra and tight shirts in "Primeval" (gallery 1)  You may remember her as the hot
  cheerleader in "The Replacements"
- Serena Williams
(tennis pro) bikini candids on the beach x19 (thread)
- Kristen Stewart
getting more beautiful as she grows up.  94 caps in "The Messengers" (gallery 1,
  gallery 2)
-  Workout show girls hot bodies x141 (gallery 68, gallery 69)

- Thora Birch x90 caps in see through nighty, cleavage, great legs, bound, etc. in "Dark Corners"
  (gallery 2, gallery 3)

- Kristi Angus x36 caps of this pretty blonde in "Kraken" (gallery 1)
- Victoria Pratt
x81 caps of her fit body in bikini tops in "Kraken" (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Where are they now: Remember those photos of Paris Hilton in her car driving around Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan that were posted awhile ago?  Wow what a difference a little bit of time makes.  A few months ago when those paparazzi photos were posted, all three of them looked good and looked to be having fun.  Now, Britney Spears has reportedly attempted suicide in rehab, Lindsay Lohan has gone into rehab, been released only to have her pictures taken passed out cold in a car, and is back again in rehab, and Paris is in jail for driving drunk.  Birds of a feather...FIND OUT WHO'S NEXT!
Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude
- Taryn Manning x36 caps with hard nipples and in bikini in "The Breed" (gallery 1)
- Michelle Rodriguez
x91 awesome body in bikini in "The Breed" (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Lindsay Lohan
drunk/stoned playing with knives x8 (gallery 30)
- Lisa-Marie Schneider
- blonde hottie in bikini in "The Breed" (gallery 1)
- Gisele Bundchen
Brazilian supermodel x88 (gallery 14)
- Jenna Elfman x14 (gallery 1)


- Kate Beckinsale x245 - hot candids in bikini and more (gallery 10, gallery 11, gallery 12)
- Jane McGregor absolutely beautiful in tank top, pjs, dress, cheerleader, in "She Gets What She Wants" x151
  (she's like a Natalie Portman with breasts!) (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Piper Perabo
x132 HOT caps of her in "She Gets What She Wants" first as a nerdy French exchange
  student then as a sexy dirty cheerleader!  (gallery 2, gallery 3)

- Christina Baily - stunning brunette star of UK's "Hollyoaks" TV show in bikini (last 4 on this page)
- Eliza Dushku
x36 candids (gallery 5)
- Britney Spears
x236: remember how she used to be hot? (gallery 19, gallery 20, gallery 21)
- Indiana Evans
SUPER-EXTREME UPDATE: 3224 pictures!  (Home and Away caps, photoshoots, etc)  She's a
  starlet breaking out of Australia (first gallery ... last gallery)
- Holly Hunter
scans x9 - still lookin great! (thread)
- Lindsay Lohan
drunk and disorderly x93 - with her AA tags hanging off the rear-view mirror - sad... (thread or gallery 29)
- Paulina Rubio
as Wonder Woman! (thread)
- Eliza Dushku
x49 candid images + phothoshoot (thread)
- Isla Fisher x91 pics of this beautiful redhead (gallery 1)
- Gemma Atkinson
x297 pictures of her great breasts in various sexy outfits (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4)
- Heather Locklear lookin great in a bikini x16 (thread)
- Alyssa Milano
hairy armpits x10 - ech!  (thread)

- Elisha Cuthbert megapost - 402 caps of her younger days, supercute, hosting "PMK" (All in a thread or gallery 19,
  gallery 20, gallery 21, gallery 22, gallery 23)
- Tony Braxton x14 posing topless by the stairs (covering herself) (thread)
- Mandy Moore hot in "American Dreamz" x63 - cleavage, pokies, beautiful (gallery 4)
- Sharon Stone x17 candids of her in a yellow bikini (thread)
- Rachel Weisz nipple pop-up out of water while in bath in "The Fountain" (gallery 2)
- Workout show girls
x231 from a couple different shows (gallery 65, gallery 66, gallery 67)
- Hilary Duff SUPERMEGAPOST - 1125 pictures!  (all paparazzi!) (ALL: thread or gallery 18, gallery 19, gallery 20,
  gallery 21, gallery 22, gallery 23, gallery 24, gallery 25, gallery 26, gallery 27, gallery 28, gallery 29)
- Jordan Madley
x91 - Catholic school-girl lesbian gets strip searched, lesbian kiss, etc (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Jennifer Miller
hot blonde Catholic schoolgirl x97 in "5ive Girls" (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Terra Vnesa
x17 caps of her hot body in underwear in "5ive Girls" (gallery 1)
- Amy Ciupak Lalonde
spanking & strip-searching Catholic schoolgirls in "5ive Girls" (gallery 1)
- Barbara Mamabolo
x20 caps of her as Catholic school-girl with open shirt in "5ive Girls" (gallery 1)
- Kirsten Dunst
HOT body bikini candids x15 (thread)
- Mischa Barton
big time nipple slip x7 (thread)
- Erica Durance
HOT bikini, red carpet, etc x39 (thread)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Thora Birch lookin pretty in "Slingshot" x31 (gallery 1)
- Svetlana Metkina
x16 caps of this hot Russian babe in "Slingshot" (gallery 2)
- Zora Holt
x41 - German actress/babe bare bum and hot in "The Challenger" (gallery 1)
- Kiele Sanchez
's nice breasts pushed into a black bra in "Class Warfare" (gallery 1)
- Lindsey McKeon
absolutely stunning in "Class Warfare" x182 (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3)
- Arielle Kebbel
x57, mostly paparazzi at events (gallery 7)
Coming soon: Lindsey McKeon & Kiele Sanchez *superhot* in "Class Warfare"
- Kaley Cuoco's awesome body in thong/jeans in "8 Simple Rules" x54 (gallery 1)
- Kristen Bell x32 lower-quality caps (low-budget flick) from "Roman" (gallery 3)
- Sophia Bush
x200 hot caps of her in "The Hitcher" - upskirt, great legs, tight tank top, cleavage,
  shower scene, beautiful face.  (gallery 4, gallery 5, gallery 6)
- Sophia Bush x22 caps looking beautiful in "Supercross" (gallery 3)
- Kim Poirier
x100 caps of this cutie hosing "Hypaspace" (gallery 10, gallery 11)
- Lindsay Lohan SUPER-MEGA-POST: 1043 pictures including a nipple slip of her nice wet breasts
  falling out of a bikini top while playing in the water!  Bikini candids, paparazzi, etc (thread)
- the workout girls x212 sexy caps of their athletic bodies (gallery 62, gallery 63, gallery 64)
- Haley Scarnato
from "American Idol" x25 in sexy green dress (gallery 14)
- Mandy Shaffer
- busty blonde beauty x25 in "My Brother's Keeper" (gallery 3)
- Alysson Hannigan's
hot body candid photos in bikini x10 (thread)
various hotties from "Turistas" x37 (gallery 1)
- Olivia Wilde
in bikini x58 in "Turistas" (gallery 2)
- Melissa George
amazing body in bikini x91 with hard nipples in "Turistas" (gallery 3, gallery 4)
- Beau Garrett
x79 caps of her in "Turistas" with some nice topless shots (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Halle Berry MEGAPOST: 380 pictures!  Hot cleavage paparazzi pictures, sexy photoshoots, etc.  (ALL in post, or
  gallery 12, gallery 13, gallery 14, gallery 15, gallery 16, gallery 17)
- Sarah Michelle Gellar
x11 bikini shots of her in her first Zodcaps gallery (gallery1) ... since she's never been added
  to the site yet, you can tell how huge a fan I am of her...

- How does Melissa George keep getting HOTTER each time we see her??  Coming soon:  Melissa,
  Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, and others in "TURISTAS"
- Regina Rice
x5 vidcaps of her flashing her body off while dancing in "Alpha Dog" (gallery 1)
- Olivia Wilde
x37 pictures topless in "Alpha Dog" (gallery 1)
- Heather Wahlquist
x20 getting it doggy style in "Alpha Dog" (gallery 1)
- Dominique Swain
x6 caps of her nice body in "Alpha Dog" (gallery 1)
- Charity Shea
x11 caps of her in a tank top with nice cleavage in "Alpha Dog" (gallery 1)
- Carla Gugino
x21 looking beautiful and busty in "A Night at the Museum" (gallery 2)
- Amanda Seyfriend, busty young blonde, x32 caps of her in "Alpha Dog" (gallery 1)
- Amber Heard strips down nude and goes into pool in "Alpha Dog" (gallery 1)
- Who would you rather see NUDE: Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel?
- Hot nude girls from "Pucked" x97 (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Kaley Cuoco
MEGAPOST x258 pics of her amazing tummy shown off in high-cut shirts (gallery 1, gallery 2,
  gallery 3, gallery 4)

- Estella Warren x37 gorgeous lips in "Pucked" (gallery 1)
- Shania Twain MEGAPOST: 330 hot pictures of this gorgeous singer (gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4,
  gallery 5, gallery 6)
- Various hot nude girls and cheerleaders from "Rave to the Grave" x75 (gallery 1)
- Jenny Mollen x41:
cute blonde with busty figure in tight shirts in the worst movie I've seen in a long time, "Return
  of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave" (gallery 1)
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead
x9 vidcaps lookin pretty in "Black Christmas" (gallery 1)
- Crystal Lowe
x20 vidcaps - nice cleavage in her PJ's in "Black Christmas" (gallery 1)
- Piper Perabo
big time pregnant in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" (gallery 1)
- Jaime King
x25 caps of her in bathing suit, hard nipples, tight outfits, in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2"
  (gallery 1)
- Hilary Duff
x41 swimsuit, bikini top, jean skirt, tank top in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" x41 (thread or
  gallery 6)
- Carmen Electra
x62 vidcaps of her firm body in bikini, hard nipples, cleavage, upskirt in tennis outfit, etc... (even
  having sex with a dog) (gallery 3)
- Michelle Trachtenberg
x12 vidcaps with a bit of cleavage in "Black Christmas" (gallery 2)
- Kim Poirier killercute in tight t-shirt and nice firm breasts hosting "Hypaspace" x24 (gallery 15)
- Paula Patton x110 vidcaps from "Deja Vu" including her perfect natural breasts in the shower and great
  ass.  Reminds me of a younger Halle Berry - HOT! (gallery 1, gallery 2)

- Hilary Duff MEGAPOST: 478 pictures!  Sexy candids and paparazzi and photoshoots.(thread)
- Eva Longoria
x182 with some NICE bikini candids of her (gallery 7, gallery 8, gallery 9)
- Happy birthday Jessica Alba!  (26 today)
- Rihanna
x279: bikini candids, photoshoots, on stage, scans, etc!  (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4)
- Serena Williams the tennis star x12 bikini pictures (thread)
- Uma Thurman
x55 candid bikini shots (thread)
- American Idol Kelly Clarkson
in bikini!  20 candid shots of her (thread)
- Courney Love
x15 amazing candid bikini shots of her.  Killer body (thread)
- Julie Dubela - knockout teen singer performing the US anthem at an NHL game (thread)
- Rachel Stevens
MEGAPOST x454: candids, paparazzi, bikini, gorgeous! (thread)
- Joss Stone
video: sexy long legs in short skirt at "Dancing With the Stars" (thread)
- Roberta Murgo
topless & nude x27 (thread)


- Betty Nguyen x24: the CNN sexy kitten lookin seductive as ever (gallery 30)
- Alyson Michalka
supercute in "Phil of the Future" x26 (gallery 1)
- Blake Lively
's gorgeous tanned athletic body in "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" x23 (gallery 2)
- Jessica Biel
x9 vidcaps of her sexy dress at the 2007 Oscars (gallery 22)
- Brooke Hogan
*amazing* tanned body x23 (thread)
- Gwen Stefani
- leggy and nice abs on stage x8 (thread)
- Britney Spears
very nice tummy x5 (thread)
- Jessica Simpson
camel toe x1 (thread)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Jessica Alba
x159 - some reposts but HQ versions, candids, paparazzi, etc.  (gallery 59, gallery 60)
-  Mandy Moore
MEGAPOST x314: see-through hard nipples in a dress, younger shots of her, paparazzi, photoshoots,
  etc (all in a thread or gallery 10, gallery 11, gallery 12, gallery 13)
-  Kristinna Loken
collage from "Bloodrayne" (picture)
- Girls Aloud in nice schoolgirl uniforms (thread)
- Rachel Bilson x3 hot collages (thread)
- Lacey Chabert x11 vidcaps of her showing some cleavage in "Black Christmas" (gallery 2)
- Katie Cassidy
sexy blonde in "Black Christmas" (gallery 1)
- Tammy Blanchard
beautiful x9 in "The Good Shepherd" (gallery 1)
- Angelina Jolie
x26 vidcaps of her in "The Good Shepherd" (gallery 6)
- Alicia Keys x65 very sexy vidcaps of her in "Smokin Aces" (thread, gallery 1)
- Jennifer Love Hewitt
MEGAPOST x381 - cleavage, sexy, photoshoots, candids, paparazzi, etc.  (get them
  all in this thread, or gallery 15, gallery 16, gallery 17, gallery 18, gallery 19)

- UK soap actress Tina O'Brien x20 (thread)
-  Dita von Teese:
lots of great nudes of her.  (thanks Grumpy!)  (thread)
- Marisa Miller: swimsuit model of Sports Illustrated - NUDE photos of her now in the forums
- Elisha Cuthbert x253 - paparazzi, candids, vidcaps, photo shoots (thread)
- Eliza Dushku
x93 shots of her: paparazzi and some sexy photoshoots (gallery 4, gallery 5)


-  Joss Stone
x134 mostly paparazzi pics and a very hot photoshoot (gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4)
- Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days - I'm moving all my programs from my laptop over to a new
  desktop I just built so it's a whole lot of reorganizing, installing, re-configuring, etc...  I just got my web
  editor on this, so the updates will start up again.
- Courtney Cox is a dirty girl x4 (thread)
- Holy shit!  Lando Calrissian turned 70 today!  (Billy Dee Williams)
- Jessica Simpson
MEGAPOST:  212 pictures of her, mostly paparazzi with amazing cleavage (gallery 11, gallery 12,
  gallery 13, gallery 14)
- Emilie de Ravin (of "Lost" fame) x97 - mostly paparazzi and some *hot* bikini shots (gallery 2, gallery 3)
- Jessica Alba megapost x171 more hot candids and some nice photoshoot pics (gallery 57, gallery 58, gallery 59)
- Estella Warren
x48 variety of topless, nudes, swimsuit, etc (gallery 1)
- Cheryl Tweedy
's superhot body x100 in candids, collages, photoshoots, etc. (gallery 3, gallery 4)
- Cameron Diaz
x110 including lots of bikini candids of her on the beach with hard nipples (gallery 3, gallery 4)
- Kailin See x69 supercute with glasses and brown hair, then blonde hair and no glasses, full nude in the shower with
  quick breast shot, bra-flash, cleavage in tank top, etc.. from "Decoys 2" - she's hot! (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Natalie McFetridge
topless with her large breasts in "Decoys 2" x11 (gallery 1)
- Michelle Molineux
- definition of a "sex kitten" in "Decoys 2" x45 (gallery 1)
- Margheritas Donato
- gorgeous in tank top which she pulls up to show her great breasts in "Decoys 2" (gallery 1)
- Lindsay Maxwell
topless in "Decoys 2" (gallery 1)
- Kim Poirier
absolutely stunning in "Decoys 2" (gallery 14)
- Dina Meyer
x8 hot headshots of her in "Decoys 2" (gallery 1)
- Miss Nevada
new untagged pictures (x18) of her lesbian/skanky club pictures! (thread)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Piper Perabo all tied up x23 in "The Prestige" (gallery 1)
- Scarlett Johansson
cleavage and pretty in "The Prestige" x67 (gallery 9)
- Eva Green
with big cleavage and her sexy eyes in "Casino Royale" x74 (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Evangeline Lilly x132, beautiful as always including some nice bikini candids (thread)

Who should be the next AMERICAN IDOL ?  VOTE!!
- Paulina Rubio x48 sexy shots of her nude, hard nipples, bikini, etc. (thread)
- American Idol contestants x230 during Hollywood week (thread, gallery 10, gallery 11, gallery 12,
  gallery 13)

- Gisele Bundchen x217 HQ/UHQ candid pictures of her perfect tanned body on the beach, as well as some
  sexy see-through shots of her in a black top (thread)
- Halle Berry
x216 - all sorts of shots from different sources (thread or gallery 9, gallery 10, gallery 11)

- Scarlett Johansson BREAST SLIP videos: 2 vids of her with no bra and breast side view in open side of her dress (thread)

- Sienna Guillory stunningly beautiful in "Eragon" vidcaps x24 (gallery 3)
- Kellie Pickler x38 caps of her great cleavage in a tight blue dress as she performs on "American Idol"
  (gallery 5)
- Antonella Barba
(the hot bown-haired American Idol contestant who got voted off a week ago) super sexy in
  see-through  wet shirt and bikini bottoms, lingerie, sexy dress, bare bum!! (thread)

- Antonella Barba and the rest of the American Idol contestants x252 vidcaps (gallery 6, gallery 7, gallery 8, gallery 9)
- Jennifer Aniston x6 candid photos of her in bikini taking pictures of guy jumping into water (thread)
- Jessica Alba in skimpy bikini all wet on the beach with hard nipples!  Candid photos! (thread)
- lingerie/swimsuit model and fitness baby Leeann Tweeden x439 (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3,
  gallery 4, gallery 5, gallery 6)

- Jessica Biel AMAZING BIKINI CANDIDS X15of her a few days ago getting some sun: HOT BODY! (thread)
- We need posters in the forum!  PLEASE - if you have *any* celebrity photos, post them!  My posts are   getting lots of views, and lots of downloads, but nobody else is posting anything.  Please contribute your pictures!
- Jennifer Aniston MEGAPOST x335 - candids, paparazzi, photoshoots, vidcaps! (gallery 7, gallery 8, gallery 9, gallery 10, gallery 11, gallery 12)
- Vanessa Lengies x123 absolutely gorgeous in paparazzi shots (gallery 10, gallery 11)
- Bridget Moynahan hot in bikini, tanktop, and beautiful face in "Prey" (gallery 3)
- American Idol babes including Antonella Barba x170 from their first auditions (gallery 3, gallery 4, gallery 5)
- Alison Lohman x72
caps of her sweet face and body in "Flicka" (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Kaylee DeFer
and her tight body in a bikini in "Flicka" (gallery1)


- VIDEO: Brittany Daniel
young and AMAZING body in bikini as she models in front of a guy (video)
the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition babes (thread)
- Jessica Simpson
x62 vidcaps of her busty breasts in tight shirts and cleavage in "Employee of the
  Month" (gallery 5)
- Angelina Jolie
very sexy in a '97 Platinum Mag. photo shoot (gallery 5)
- Yekaterina Rednikova x42 caps of this beautiful Russian in "Archangel" (gallery 1)
- Happy birthday to Eva Mendes (33) and Jolene Blalock (32) !

- Jennifer Garner (remember her?) x86 hard nipple candids, lingerie photoshoot, paparazzi (gallery 4)
- Edie Falco
(of "The Sopranos") strips off her robe and goes topless in "The Quiet" x17 (gallery 1)

- Nichole Hiltz vidcaps from "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie" x49 - awesome cleavage of her beautiful
  natural tanned breasts in bikini, bra, etc... (gallery 1)
- Nichole Hiltz x247paparazzi and photoshoot pics - what a body!! (and sexy smile) (gallery 1, gallery 2,
  gallery 3, gallery 4, gallery 5)
- Happy birthday Jessica Biel who turned a quarter-century today!
- Kate Beckinsale x540 megapost: all sorts of hot & sexy assorted pictures (thread)
- 2 amazing pictures of American Idol contestant Antonella Barba (the hot brown-haired girl) showing awesome
  cleavage and legs in lingerie (amateur pictures)  (thread)

- Christina Aguilera x240 - blue dress with NO BRA and see-through nipples!  Also in lingerie in photoshoot, massive
  cleavage, performing, etc... HOT! (thread or gallery 28, gallery 29, gallery 30, gallery 31)
- Avril Lavigne x236: including thin top with hard nipples and perky breasts on stage + upskirt in car! (thread or
  gallery 13, gallery 14, gallery 15, gallery 16)

- Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima beautiful in some fashion shoots and bikini (gallery 20)

- Jessica Biel x94 with hard nipples and no bra, candids, in bikini, walking her dogs, etc (gallery 28)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude

- Cameron Richardson
's fit body in small bikinis in "Open Water 2" (gallery 1)

- the Jennifer Aniston topless picture was *real*.  Proof here.
- Jenna Dewan's firm dancer body in "Step Up" x112 (gallery 1, gallery 2)
Happy birthday to Jennifer Love Hewitt who turned 28 today...

- Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen x175 pictures including some hot candid shots of them in bikini bottoms and open top on vacation in Hawaii (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4)
  (x36)  The hair salon owner wouldn't do it so Britney grabbed the clippers,
  went to the back, and shaved her own head. How drunk/drugged was she??? (thread) * Includes HI-RES photos! *

- Heather Graham & Bridget Moynahan hot lesbian kiss!!  Nice long open-mouthed kissing (thread)
- classic beauty Audrey Hepburn x117 various photos (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Elisha Cuthbert
x123 in bra and underwear, cleavage, chesty in "The Quiet" (gallery 22, gallery 23)

- Scarlett Johansson x58 caps from "Scoop" -- HOT and all wet in swimsuit (gallery 8)
- Sarah Roemer
x26 leggy cheerleader outfit and great ass in tight jeans in "The Grudge 2" (gallery 1)
- Up-and-comer Jenna Dewan very leggy in "The Grudge 2" x5 (gallery 1)
- Australian blonde beauty Teresa Palmer showing her body x43 off in "The Grudge 2" (gallery 1)
- Arielle Kebbel
x17 in schoolgirl outfit and in shorts showing hot tanned legs in "The Grudge 2" (gallery 8)
- Paige Davis
, host of "Trading Space" x36 stripping!  (for charity, but she shows quite a bit) (gallery 1)
- 87 candid shots of Nicole Richie in bikini on the beach - is she gaining her weight back?  Hopefully!
  She's actually starting to look a little bit healthy now.  Also paparazzi shots of her back with Paris.  Maybe
  they've buried the hatchet? (gallery 1, gallery 2)

- Rachel Bilson
x39 caps of her cleavage, sex scene where she goes topless, in "The Last Kiss" (gallery 1)
- Jacinda Barrett
x11 caps of her in "The Last Kiss" having her breasts groped, nice bum (gallery 1)
- Hilary Duff
x89 calendar, paparazzi and photoshoot pics (gallery 15)
- Jaime Pressly
x56 - cleavage in dress, pregnant, on Letterman (gallery 6)
- Stacy Ferguson
x62 hot in various photo shoots (gallery 1)
- Diana Lane
x42 always looking beautiful (gallery 1)
- Kristen Bell
x63 vidcaps from "Pulse" (2006) in bra, cleavage, tight jeans, etc. (gallery 2)
- Bree Turner
x31 caps of her in "Jekyll + Hyde" (2006) in her first vidcap gallery (gallery 1)
- Jordana Brewster
x53 vidcaps of her with cleavage and other beauty in "Texas Chainsaw: The Beginning" (gallery 3)
- big-breasted Diora Baird strips off her top into bra and underwear during bedroom scene in "Texas Chainsaw:
  The Beginning" x44 (gallery 3)
- Pictures leaked from "The Breakup" filming (thread)  ..and Happy birthday Jennifer!
   I guess it's only fitting to have her in her birthday suit on her birthday :P
- Scarlett Johansson
big cleavage in photoshoots and paparazzi pics x102 (thread) or (gallery 13, gallery 14)
- Stacy Keibler
x60 - very leggy and sexy in tight dress (gallery 22)
- Britney Spears
and another 161 pictures from her "drunk and skanky" collection (gallery 37, gallery 38, gallery 39)
- Anna Kournikova x76: candids, paparazzi, in the water, swimsuit, etc. (gallery 19)
- Ivanka Trump
x68 - The Donald's *HOT* tall, leggy, big-breasted daughter on various sexy pictures (gallery 2)
- Anna Nicole Smith dies at age 39.
- Carmen Electra x112 pictures of her in lingerie, hard nipples in dress with no bra, lots more (gallery 16, gallery 17)
- Elisha Cuthbert
megapost - 226 vidcaps of her hosting PMK in her younger days (thread)
- "Beerfest" babes
- 43 caps from the movie including Blanchard Ryan getting it doggy style and former Miss Ohio
    2003 Candace Smith topless (gallery 1)
- Salma Hayek
big cleavage x96 in "Bandidas" (gallery 3, gallery 4)
- Penelope Cruz
with amazing cleavage x103 in "Bandidas" (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Jacqueline Bisset in "The Deep" - 8 caps and 2 video clips (thread)
- Laura Ramsey x111 in "The Covenant" - shower scene nipple flash (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Jessica Biel x45
vidcaps from "The Illusionist"  Nothing revealing but she's still gorgeous (gallery 21)
Angie Everhart "Sexual Predator" 2 Clips & 1 clip from subsitute (thread)
- Paris Hilton
megapost - 190 pictures of her with lots of candids (gallery 22, gallery 23, gallery 24)
- Ellen Page x68 in "Mouth to Mouth" including caps of her having her long hair shaved off (gallery 1)

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude
- Katharine McPhee
(of "American Idol 2006") x166 - on stage, photoshoots, etc. (thread)
- American Idol
contestant vidcaps x104 including the hot Shyamali Malakar (with video) (gallery 1, gallery 2)

- Rachel Stevens
x29 highres shots of her sweet body singing on stage showing off her tummy (gallery 14, gallery 15)
- Sarah Chalke
x125 - vidcaps of her in bra in "Scrubs", lots more vidcaps, paparazzi (gallery 4, gallery 5)
- Jenna Jameson
x25 looking spectacular in gold dress (gallery 5)
- Hayden Panettiere
x166 - mostly paparazzi looking hot at different events including the recent Golden Globes (gallery 16, gallery 17)
Jessica Biel at LAX leaving for Sundance, January 24th (thread)
Paris Hilton - 8 Nude Vids & Caps (The Vids Everyone's Talkin' About)  (thread)
Brooke Burke - 8 Mixed Clips (Caps & Clips) (thread)

- Paris Hilton TOPLESS closeup (bikini top pulled back on boat) (thread)


- Jessica Biel x43 with some amazing shots of her in bikini again (gallery 24)
- Jessica Biel
x186 *awesome bikini candids* including faint camel toes :) (thread)
Rihanna - 2 Promo DVD Rips, 1 Nike Version DVD Rip, 1 HDTV Rip, and 1 DVD Rip (thread)
- Hilary Duff - "So Yesterday" [2004 Promo, DVD Rip] w/Caps (thread)

- Maria Sharapova
x191 *including 2007 calendar!* - the tennis beauty in TONS of very revealing and sexy candid shots,
   also including recent ones from her current competition in Australia (gallery 53, gallery 54, gallery 55, gallery 56)
Fergie - "Clumsy (Live @ Planet Rap)" Music Video (thread)
- Evanescence "Bring Me to Life" & "Zero" (Smashing Pumpkins Cover) @ Rock Am Ring 2004  (thread)
- Fergie's "London Bridge" Music Video (Promo DVD Rip)  (thread)
Stephanie McMahon Gets Kissed by Eric Bischoff on "Smackdown" (Caps & Vid.) (thread)

- Hot various babes from the "American Pie: Naked Mile" x139 (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3)
- THE KEELEY HAZELL SEX TAPE VIDEO! (top left on page)
- Nikki Cox & Vanessa Marcil
*KISSING* on "Vegas".  They share a nice lesbian kiss together in this video clip.  (thread)
Sheryl Crow x5 (Garden Luncheon in Honor of Gwyneth Paltrow, Beverly Hills)  (thread)
- Robin Tunney shooting pool 4x HQ (thread)
- Beyonce "Irreplaceable" Live @ Strictly Come Dancing, 11/11/06 (Caps and Vid) (thread)
- Rachel Weisz Collage (thread)
- Maggie Gyllenhaal on the "Tonight Show" (thread)
Christina Ricci - "The Man Who Cried" (Caps and 2 Clips) (thread)

- American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler singing American anthem at StL/Nsh hockey game (Jan.6/07) [video] (thread)
American Idol judge Paula Abdul *pissed drunk* during a TV interview (thread)
Evanescence "Haunted" Live @ Rock AM Ring, Germany (Caps and Vid) (
- Avril Lavigne's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" Music Video (Caps & Vid.) (thread)
- Evanescence "Bring Me to Life" and "Tourniquet" Live @ Rock Am Ring (Caps and Vid) (thread)

- American Idol
starts with a 2-night season premiere (Tue/Wed).  Talk about A.I. in the American Idol Forum!
- Paris Hilton
x146 in "Pledge This" with open front top, kinky sex scene, tease dance, etc. (gallery 8, gallery 9, gallery 10)
Various hot women x81 from "Pledge This" - lesbian kissing, nudity, etc. (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Paula Garces
x74 with her gorgeous firm tanned body in "Pledge This" (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- "Pledge This"
video clips gallery x6 (Paris Hilton, Paula Garces, Diva Zappa, Alexis Thorpe)
- Sarah Carter
x39 looking beautiful in "Pledge This" in her first Zodcaps gallery (gallery 1)
- Sofia Vergara
cleavage x7 in "Pledge This" (gallery 6)
- Carmen Electra
sexy in "Pledge This" x16 (gallery 3)
Jessica Biel's *perfect* body in small bikini in "Stealth" (video thread)
- The forum is off to a huge start, but it would be nice if people could reply to messages with a quick "Thank you." or
  something to show their appreciation.  Many messages have over 1000/1500 views and not one thank you yet.  :(
Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude
- Elizabeth Banks x50 vidcaps of her beautiful face in "Invincible" (gallery 9)
Beyonce "Irreplaceable" Live @ Strictly Come Dancing, 11/11/06 (Caps and Vid) (thread)

- Cassie Steele of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" sexy in a thong caps x116 (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Cassie Steele x62 Degrassie promo shots and other various pictures (gallery 1) - her first Zodcaps gallery!


Annabella Sciorra @ The National Board of Review Awards Gala, 1/9/07 - 10 HQ (thread)
- Amy Lee and Seether Performing "Broken" Live @ Pepsi Smash (Caps & Vid.) (thread)
- Evanescence Vid. "Call Me When You're Sober" Live on "...Conan O'Brien," 10/2/06 (thread)


- Keira Knightly x78 - candid beach bikini pictures in Hawaii!! (gallery 11, thread)
- Gisele Bundchen
x122 - very sexy in "Taxi" - long legs and feeling Jennifer Esposito's ass, breasts, crotch! (gallery 1,
   gallery 2, thread)

- Jessica Alba x199 - *amazing* candids in small bikinis with perfect body on the beach! (gallery 53, gallery 54, gallery 55,
   gallery 56)
- Salma Hayek x199 - big cleavage including some older shots (thread)
- Jessica Alba x25 HQ in bikini on Miami Beach on New Year's Eve (thread)

2006 :

- I'll be away until Jan. 1st of the new year (Monday) so if you leave me email and there's no reply right away, that's why. 


- Tara Reid
's large breasts x55 candid photos in bikini, magazine shoots, paparazzi (thread)
- Gisele Bundchen
x14 - wow, candid photos of her windsurfing in a bikini.  What a body! (thread)
- Jessica Alba
*HOT* bikini candids and paparazzi pictures x83 (thread)
- Arielle Kebbel
in "Reeker" - hard nipples, no bra, no panties in outhouse (x46) (thread)
- Adriana Lima
x35 - HOT candid shots of her in bikini on photoshoot set (thread)

- Emmanuelle Chriqui x53 - HQ photos (thread)
- Elisha Cuthbert x204 - vidcaps of her looking super cute on "PMK" (gallery 14, gallery 15, gallery 16, gallery 17)

  See what Zodcaps looked like on Dec.31, 2003 :)
- Jenny McCarthy x15 - nice tight shirt in "John Tucker Must Die" (gallery 1)
- Brittany Snow x71 - lesbian kissing Sophia Bush, lingerie, cheerleader in "John Tucker.." (gallery 1, gallery 2, videos)
- Sophia Bush x 95 - vidcaps of her in "John Tucker Must Die" (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, videos)
- Arielle Kebbel x 118 - vidcaps of her very cute in "John Tucker Must Die" (gallery 4, gallery 5, gallery 6)
- Katie Rees (Miss Nevada) raunchy (ie: SEXY!) internet pictures online (these are the photos that caused her to
  be stripped of her title... [thread]

- As you can see the forums are now up and running.  The old script was ditched and the forum is now run on a professional script with all sorts of nice features.  If you have any collections of celebrity pictures on your drive, or movie clips, please post them into the forums for everyone to see.
- Svetlana Metkina x36 - gorgeous tanned Russian babe getting a massage in "Mini's First Time"  (gallery 1)
- Carrie-Anne Moss x23 - showing off her body  in "Mini's First Time" in her    first Zodcaps gallery (gallery 1)
- Nikki Reed video - in red bikini sucking popsicle in "Mini's First Time" (thread)
106 athletic candid photos of Jessica Biel working out in tight clothing, as well as her out and about (this update is on galleries 1 & 2).  NOV.21 - 78 *hot*
- Nikki Reed x186 - vidcaps from "Mini's First Time" in sexy bikinis, lingerie, etc. (gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4, gallery 5)
- Jemima Rooper *MEGA UPDATE* x2290 - the largest single update ever done on Zodcaps.  Jemima is like the
  UK's version of Scarlett Johansson - big breasted, big lips, curvy body, gorgeous face.  Except Jemima's young
  career includes several hot lesbian scenes!  Enjoy these 2290 photos (mostly vidcaps) of her, as well as some
  nice girl-girl video clips.  25 galleries starting with gallery 1
Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude
- Rachel Stevens
x178 - finally with hard nipples! (tank top) plus candid in bikini, HOT! (gallery 12, gallery 13, gallery 14)
- Michelle Trachtenberg x238 - paparazzi, candids, magazine shoots, vidcaps (gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4, gallery 5)
- Lacy Chabert
x 204 - including her HOT Maxim shoot! (gallery 11, gallery 12, gallery 13)
- Hayden Panettiere
x153 - super cutie turned blonde bombshell, mostly paparazzi shots (gallery 14, gallery 15)

- Stacy Keibler x348 - huge collection of very sexy shots of her in photoshoots, magazine scans, candids of her
  out and about, paparazzi, lingerie, bikinis, etc.  (gallery 17, gallery 18, gallery 19, gallery 20, gallery 21)
- Debbe Dunning
x 41 - *amazing* body shots of her in different movies in her first Zodcaps gallery (gallery 1)
- Nicole Richie x 7 - looking like a skeleton (gallery1)

- BRITNEY SPEARS SUPER-SLUT UPDATE! x 72 - Paparazzi shots of her showing HER SNATCH!, TOPLESS IN HER SEX-TAPE, Paris Hilton's hand holding her breast, see-through shirt, lots more! (gallery 36)  Apparently she checked into rehab for her alcohol problem, but unfortunately for her, not before a bunch of nasty candid photos were taken of her partying it up with her guard down!
- Jennifer Love Hewitt
x 63: nice cleavage collages and paparazzi shots! (gallery 15)

- Adriana Lima x 105: lots of body/cleavage shots, paparazzi and magazine scans (gallery 19, gallery 20)
- Tons of new pictures and video clips in the backlogged directory here. Hopefully I'll get some free time this week and start a big dump to the site. Stay tuned.
- Sorry there haven't been a lot of updates recently - I'm working a lot so there's not much free time right now :(
- Hayden Panettiere x *295*: All sorts of shots from various sources (gallery 9, gallery 10, gallery 11, gallery 12, gallery 13)
- lots of Amanda Bynes video clips added here.
- Linda Cardellini
x38: vidcaps from "American Gun" in her first Zodcaps gallery (gallery 1)
- Nikki Reed x24: vidcaps from "American Gun" in her first Zodcaps gallery (gallery 1)

Amanda Seyfried x14: vidcaps of this big-breasted blonde in "American Gun" (gallery 1)
Jessica Alba x8: is she having sex in the ocean with her legs spread around this guy? (gallery 52)
- LESBIAN kissing
x116: various celebrity girls kissing other girls on 2 pages (gallery 1, gallery 2)

- Kaitlin Doubleday x26: vidcaps from "Accepted" nice cleavage in dress (gallery 1)
- Blake Lively
x49: vidcaps from "Accepted" including a few hot ones of her in a bikini top (gallery 1, gallery 2)
- Maria Thayer
x41: vidcaps from "Accepted" of this beautiful redhead in her first Zodcaps gallery (gallery 1)
- Paris Hilton x176: very hot paparazzi in lingerie and *hot* candids in bikini on the beach (gallery 19, gallery 20, gallery 21)
- Lindsay Lohan x161: mostly paparazzi with some sexy magazine scans (gallery 22, gallery 23, gallery 24)
- Hayden Panettiere x113: nice magazine shoots, paparazzi, movie stills (gallery 8, gallery 9)
vidcaps of big-breasted blonde babe Diora Baird (you might remember her from such films as "The Wedding Crashers" as well as a handful of videos of her.

NOV.19 - Click here to view all video updates from October.  20 very sexy candids of Jennifer Ellison's luscious body in a tight bikini as well as some hot magazine scans of her in bikini, 108 various photos of supermodel Adriana Lima, 74 candid/paparazzi shots of supergodess Gisele Bundchen getting onto airplane, waiting at airport, behind the scenes at fashion show.  NOV.18 - 119 great shots of Halle Berry exposing some killer cleavage.  NOV.17 - 79 pictures of Alyson Michalka, 195 vidcaps of Alison Lohman cute in "Matchstick Men", 118 shots of Arielle Kebbel including some some vidcaps of her sweet body in a bikini.  NOV.15 - 19 screenshots of Sophie Monk in her first Zodcaps gallery, Charisma Carpenter in "Voodoo Moon".  NOV.12 - COMING SOON:  Charisma Carpenter in "Voodoo Moon" and Nikki Reed in "Mini's First Time".  NOV.07 - 79 vidcaps of the morning workout babes and their beautiful fit bodies.  NOV.06 - 70 vidcaps of cutie Elisha Cuthbert hosting "PMK" before she started really acting, 11 vidcaps of Vanessa Lengies in her younger days hosting the TV show "Popular Mechanics for Kids".  NOV.04 - 47 photos of Jojo in her first Zodcaps gallery, 16 pictures of former "90210" star Jennie Garth showing off her sexy side (where has it been all this time??), 13 sexy paparazzi photos of Jenny McCarthy in hot maid Halloween costume.  NOV.02 - 58 pics (mostly HD vidcaps) of Sophia Bush - gorgeous brunette.  NOV.01 - 95 photos of tennis beauty Maria Sharapova - leggy, swimsuits, great ass.  OCT.30 - 51 pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt and her awesome cleavage.  OCT.29 - 59 hires candid shots of Michelle Rodriguez's fit body on the beach.  OCT.26 - 15 caps of beautiful CNN anchor Betty Nguyen, 129 vidcaps of Kim Poirier cute/hot/sexy hosting "Hypaspace", DAMN useless Nedstat: sorry everyone, I didn't know that lousy stat icon that was on the bottom of this page was causing pop-ups.  NEVER use that company for anything.  (It's been removed so if you were getting popups here before, that's been taken care of).  163 vidcaps of beautiful Elizabeth Banks in "Slither" as well as 6 movie clips of her in it.  Quite possibly the most beautiful female on the planet.  50 vidcaps of Jessica Simpson with some nice ones of her in shorts, and cleavage, 86 vidcaps of the gorgeous workout babes doing some nice stretching.  OCT.24 - 85 Natalie Portman pictures - everything from candids in bikini on the beach, to see-through tops at events, and magazine scans, 225 photos of some athletic beach volleyball ass, I'm slowly getting all the celebs here linked on FreeStarsCelebs (a celebrity link site) so with the change in traffic there'll also be a lot more files being put online.  OCT.22 - 144 awesome high quality paparazzi photos of Halle Berry and her amazing cleavage over recent years, 24 pictures of Alison Lohman looking elegant in black dress, 4 photoshoot shots of Alexa Vega really blossoming into a sexy young woman, 73 Nicole Kidman pictures from all sorts of sources.

OCT.21 - 9 Ling Bai (Bai Ling) photos with hard nipples in this photoshoot, 8 paparazzi pictures of Avril Lavigne in black (last 8 on page), 4 nice photos of Ashley Tisdale including a nice leggy one, a great collage of Ali Larter's perfect ass in "Heroes", 79 paparazzi shots and a sexy photoshoot of Arielle Kebbel OCT.19 - 18 mostly paparazzi shots of Ashley Scott in her first Zodcaps picture gallery, 42 Amanda Bynes photos lookin supercute/hot showing off some nice chest and tummy, 7 Anna Kournikova pictures looking glamorous in gold outfit, 7 Ali Landry pictures sexy body.  OCT.18 -  12 HQ photos of Alyson Michalka and sister Amanda, **461** pictures of Lindsay Lohan - bikini, see-through tops, legs, candid on beach, huge cleavage, lots more!, 100 Lacey Chabert pictures with her big brown eyes and great cleavage, 44 shots of big-breasted-British-beauty Lucy Pinder, speaking of nice big milkers, how about those of Nikki Cox - with 44 shots of her including nice candids of her with hard nipples.  And speaking of milk, here's Shannon Elizabeth milking her American Pie fame for as long as she can (why she's still around is anyone's guess), 116 Mariah Carey photos with some BIG cleavage and x-ray nipples through her tops, 4 Nicole Eggert pictures very sexy (remember her from Baywatch?)  OCT.17 - 18 Emmanuelle Chriqui photoshoot pictures.  OCT.16 - 34 vidcaps of Ali Larter on Leno.  OCT.15 - 35 topless pictures of Keeley Hazell promoting some football teams, 4 of Katherine Heigl showing a bit of her sexy side, 15 candid topless bikini pictures of former "Big Brother" (UK) personality Kate Lawler - nice body!, 15 candid pictures of Kate Beckinsale in bikini frolicking on the beach then suntanning, 9 Jordana Brewster photos at the Texas Chainsaw screening (last 9 on page), 15 shots of Romulan babe Jolene Blalock sexy in black, 38 pictures of Jessica Simpson with some *hot* candid shots of her in pink bikini with hard nipples, 61 Jessica Biel pictures including 3 of her possible lesbian kiss with a female friend, 3 cute photoshoot pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt showing some tummy, 11 Jenna Elfman pictures at some gala, 22 photos of Jamie Lyn Spears at a couple events, and photoshoots.  OCT.14 - 6 Jaime Pressly pictures very nice in thin white outfits.  OCT.13 - 4 pics of race car driver Danica Patrick in her first zodcaps gallery, 21 Arielle Kebbel pictures at various events.  She really loves having her picture taken.  12 amazing candid shots of Anna Kournikova on the beach in bikini checking out her crothch in some (smaller versions of these were posted before I believe).  OCT.12 - 37 vidcaps of Eva Mendes with slightly hard nipples on Jay Leno talking about her "Flaunt" magazine shoot, 70 vidcaps of the world's most perfectly beautiful face Elizabeth Banks in "Heights" (and a hot body to go along with it!), 49 caps of gorgeous blonde and former NFL cheerleaders Beverly Lynne in unknown movie wearing some sexy wigs in these scenes, 56 Monique Alexander vidcaps from "Hotel Erotica" showing her awesome tanned body off, 97 Adriana Lima pictures, mostly in bikinis  OCT.11 - 85 Jessica Alba pictures mostly from the "Walking Tall" premiere, 23 *sexy* candid pictures of Evangeline Lilly in a small bikini on the beach with a Hobbit, 17 Ellen Page pictures, 2 *hot* collages of Elisha Cuthbert on the beach with hard nipples and no bra in her thin dress, 15 pictures of "The Chronicles of Narnia" star Anna Popplewell very beautiful in red dress, 3 pictures of Amber Tamblyn with a nipple slip at some event, 177 vidcaps of a young Elisha Cuthbert hosting "PMK" - she's always been a cutie!  OCT.10 - Jennifer Love Hewitt is lookin fine in tight black leather outfit (98 pictures), wow!  Check out these 12 pictures of Jennifer Ellison!  2 nice paparazzi cleavage shots of Jennifer Aniston OCT.09 - 32 photos of Jamie Lynn Spears lookin cute,  5 pictures of Carla Gugino hinting at some cleavage, 7 shots of Anna Kournikova trying to stay a celeb at some event.  OCT.08 - 4 more candids of Hayden Panettiere, 196 Hudson Leick pictures (she's better known as "Callisto") from on the screen, candids, etc.  2 topless pictures of singer Alicia Moore aka. "Pink" (last 2 on page).  OCT.07 - WOW - 34 *hot* leggy pictures of Hilary Duff and her sister in skirts!, 10 Gina Gershon pictures looking beautiful - when I first saw her I thought she was half her age!, 34 small but cute caps (not by zodiac) of Hayden Panettiere as well as a kinky shot of her holding up some panties, 4 Chyler Leigh pictures looking beautiful in this magazine shoot.  OCT.06 - Check out Evangeline Lilly in this nice low cut dress - 12 pictures, Eva Mendes in a 6-shot photoshoot, 11 Eva Longoria pictures at an event and magazine scans, 14 pictures of Emma Rossum in her first Zodcaps photo gallery, 4 Emmanuelle Chriqui pictures, hires, semi-see-through nipple in one,  25 Emma Watson pictures lookin cute, 30 Christina Aguilera pictures absolutely gorgeous with short hair, and some candids, 4 paparazzi photos of Arielle Kebbel just lovin the camera, 5 photos of Anne Hathaway beautiful in red dress with cleavage, 21 shots of Amanda Bynes - candid, and photoshoots, 11 Alizee pictures of her nice tummy.  OCT.05 - 106 Britney Spears pictures of her nice belly in concert, 16 shots of gorgeous Ali Larter including some younger ones of her in a bikini.  OCT.03 - THE GRETCHEN MOL / BETTIE PAGE UPDATE! - *275* vidcaps of Gretchen Mol as Bettie Page in "The Notorious Bettie Page"  GREAT nudes of her amazing body, fetish gear, bondage, etc.  VERY sexy!  Also a lot of video clips of her from this movie.  OCT.02 - *20 NUDES* of Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima - finally!  OCT.01 - 15 more candid photos of Jennifer Aniston in white tank top on the beach walking her dogs, 16 Hilary Duff pictures sucking lollipop with Hayden Panettiere, and sexy eyes in black hat, 14 Hayden Panettiere pictures sucking on a lollipop with Hilary Duff, and in black leather!, 4 shots of Halle Berry with cleavage at the "Catwoman" premiere, 3 Eva Longoria Pictures in nice open-front dress (last 3 on that page), 11 Emmanuelle Chriqui pictures at "The Departed" premiere with no bra and open front, 29 Elisha Cuthbert pictures at a few different events, including a set of busty photo shoot pics. 

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nudeSEP.28 - 6 more Emma Watson pictures, *308* Emmanuelle Chriqui pictures from all sorts of places - premieres, photo shoots, vidcaps, and more, 42 vidcaps of Elisha Cuthbert in a segment on "Popular Mechanics for Kids".  SEP.27 - **60,000 PHOTOS ONLINE** with this update of Charlize Theron hard nipples with no bra, and getting her "Walk of Fame" thing done, 19 pictures of blonde babe Ali Larter including some *hot* hires vidcaps of her and her amazing ass!  21 *hires* candid pictures of Eva Longoria tanning in a bikini - HOT body!, 21 Liv Tyler pictures nice long legs and luscious lips.  SEP.25 - 13 Leilani Dowding pictures including a very revealing hires one of her in a see-through outfit, 9 Lauren Holly pictures in her first Zodcaps gallery wearing dress that gives her some great cleavage, 13 pictures of french supermodel/megababe Laetitia Casta including some nice candids of her on the beach in bikini, 18 pictures of "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell finally showing a bit of her sexy side, 8 Jill Hennessy pictures showing off her great legs, 16 candid pictures of Jessica Biel walking around town with Adam Sandler, 12 candid photos of Jennifer Aniston walking on the beach, 4 Hayden Panettiere pictures in red dress, 5 Evan Rachel Wood pictures looking elegant, 7 Eva Mendes pictures looking hot in tight white top, 2 Erika Christensen pictures showing great cleavage.  SEP.24 - 7 Emily de Ravin photos at some event, 5 Brittany Murphy pictures looking very proper yet sexy in a red dress, 3 cleavage pics of Alyssa Milano, 3 elegant shots of Elisha Cuthbert (last 3 on page), 1 great pic of Jessica Alba laying in her bikini, Short movie of Claudia Schiffer in a wet and very see-through t-shirt (oldie but a goodie!  available for everyone to download)  SEP.23 - *284*  hot Stacy Keibler picture's of wrestling megababe, 11 photos of former "90210" star Kathleen Robertson lookin pretty at some event, 80 caps of Alison Lohman with some nice ones of her cute butt and no top.  SEP.22 - 57 Paris Hilton vidcaps with no bra and hard nipples in tank top and dresses in "Bottom's Up", 28 vidcaps of Tevaite Vernette topless with great breasts in "The Bounty".  SEP.21 - 125 hot vidcaps of Vanessa Lengies in "Stick It" - gymnastics uniform, tight shorts, tank tops, *amazing body!*, 114 vidcaps of Missy Peregrym in her first Zodcaps gallery from "Stick It" - great body on this beautiful brunette, 62 vidcaps of gymnast turned acter Maddy Curley nice body and pretty face in "Stick It", 34 miscellaneous caps of various girls in the movie "Stick It", 101 Lacey Chabert pictures looking cute and busty as usual, 8 Kirsten Dunst pictures from a magazine photoshoot, 22 Kelly Ripa photos including some nice vidcap collages of her pole dancing, 50 Kelly Brook pictures of her in sexy lingerie and a nice upskirt shot, 27 Keeley Hazell nude pictures - what a hot young British beauty, 9 smashing (I just love that word) cleavage shots of Katherine Heigl in a dress.  SEP.20 - 35 Kate Hudson candid pictures of her killer body in a bikini in the water (Hawaii I believe), 2 Kate Bosworth pictures of her bending over with no bra exposing her breast, 21 Kate Beckinsale photos of her hot body in black bikini and working out, 28 paparazzi photos of Jessica Simpson leggy in short skirt and nice fitting top showing the curves of her breasts.  SEP.19 - 14 candids of Jessica Biel out and about (she must have paprazzi around her 24/7 because there sure are a lot of candis of her), 16 candids of Jessica Alba wearing pink track pants and tank top, 3 of Jennifer Love Hewitt including a nice one of her with great cleavage in a pink dress, 9 pictures of Jennifer Ellison sexy in black top and short skirt, 5 photoshoot pics of Jenna Jameson see-through bra.  SEP.18 - 9 pics of Hilary Duff, 77 paparazzi shots of Christina Aguilera very pretty.  SEP.17 - *WOW* Gisele Bundchen *perfect* bikini body in 23 high-res candid photos, 14 candid photos of Eva Longoria at it again tanning in her bikini!  4 pics of Emmanuelle Chriqui on a fashion runway (she'd put the rest of the models to shame!), 7 pictures of Elizabeth Hurley with amazing cleavage, 14 paparazzi pics of quickly up-and-coming beauty Arielle Kebbel at 2 different events, 25 various pictures of Anna Kournikova attempting to cling to the celebrity spotlight, 3 shots of Amanda Bynes leggy in short skirt.  SEP.15 - 255 very sexy caps of Kelly Brook in "Survival Island" - bikini, cleavage, topless, tired up, etc.  SEP.14 - 8 shots of Eva Mendes pretty in pink, 39 vidcaps of various nudity and hot young women in "Dorm Daze 2" and a bunch of video clips, 78 vidcaps of blonde beauty Jennifer Lyons with her perky breasts in a bikini, swimsuit, lesbian kissing, 15 vidcaps of Marieh Delfino leggy and cleavage in "Dorm Daze 2", 17 caps of Danielle Fishel with cleavage and lesbian kiss in "Dorm Daze 2", 43 vidcaps of gorgeous Gable Carr in awesome bikini top in "Dorm Daze 2", 41 vidcaps of China Shavers in bikini during the DVD extras photoshoot for "Dorm Daze 2", 77 vidcaps of model/actress Vida Guerra hot in "Dorm Daze 2" as well as a couple video clips of her, 5 of Eva Longoria sexy in a mag shoot, 6 shots of Emmanuelle Chriqui pretty as always,  70 photos of Ling Bai in her first Zodcaps gallery, 5 small but sexy shots of Avril Lavigne, 2 pictures of Amy Smart with LOW cut top promoting her new show (last 2 on page), 18 pics of Adriana Lima at a photo shoot.  SEP.13 - 27 photos of Elisha Cuthbert very pretty including a few of her with her sister (another hottie)  SEP.12 - Sexy Anna Kournikova video clip, Jessica Simpson bouncing boobs in bikini.  SEP.11 - 69 various pictures of hard body actress Kari Wuhrer with some sexy candids, 10 *sexy* photos of host Jules Asner in her first Zodcaps gallery, 7 photos of Jolene Blalock leggy at some TV Guide event, 17 scans of Jessica Simpson (last 17 on page), 4 pics of young Canadian beauty Jessica Pare - the world needs more of her!  92 photos of Jessica Biel - photo shoots with nice cleavage, candids of her out and about, lots more.  4 paparazzi shots of Jeri Ryan with awesome cleavage in pink dress.  SEP.08 - 43 caps of Jessica Biel on Letterman, 40 caps of Christina Aguilera in white dress performing on Letterman.  SEP.07 - 72 vidcaps of Cheyenne from her TV show, 106 caps of the workout girls lookin hot as usual, 78 vidcaps of Giada de Laurentiis cute as ever on her show "Behind the Bash"  SEP.06 -  12 pictures of Jennifer Connelly very pretty and nice cleavage in red dress, 7 pictures of Jenna Jameson gorgeous in white dress, 14 shots of Jamie Lynn Spears cute in pink top and jeans, 3 pictures of Jaime Pressly superhard body in bikini top and nice tan, 13 paparazzi shots of Hayden Panettiere awesome body in tight shirt and s fehort shorts, 23 shots, mostly paparazzi, of "The Nanny" Fran Drescher in her first Zodcaps gallery, 20 pictures of Eva Mendes including her hot Flaunt magazine shoot (last 20 on page), 10 magazine scans of Emilie de Ravin beautiful, 16 paparazzi shots of Eliza Dushku with a semi-see-through tank top, 22 photos of Elisha Cuthbert with a few wearing a nice dress showing off her firm golden globes.  SEP.04 - 9 shots of gorgeous Diane Lane showing off her nice breasts in low cut dress, 7 pictures of Angelina Jolie lookin pretty at some awards show, 8 photos of Amanda Bynes with nice cleavage (last 8 on page), 7 shots of Alyssa Milano at the MAGIC Convention in Las Vegas, 27 magazine shots of Brazilian superhottie Adriana Lima in lingerie - perfect ass, 33 screenshots and candid photos of Jessica Alba, MESSAGE FORUMS UP AND RUNNING:  New users should be able to join the forums now.  Post your own photos, movies, etc... comments about celebrities, whatever you want.  SEP.01 - 99 vidcaps of the morning workout babes showing off their heavenly bodies,  61 pictures of Ashley Tisdale mostly at different events, 24 vidcaps of Ashley Tisdale on "The Tonight Show" (Aug.9) 

AUG.30 - 37 photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2 different outfits with great cleavage, 11 shots of Jennifer Lopez wearing a "Fuck it!" shirt while performing on stage, 10 magazine shots of "Wedding Crashers" costar Isla Fisher including a hot one of her pulling open her top in a nurse uniform, 11 various photos of Gisele Bundchen, 5 pics of Hilary Duff with great legs in a short dress, Hot Eva Mendes x9, 13 paprazzi shots of Christina Aguilera WITH A WHIP.  AUG.29 - 106 photos of blonde beauty Hayden Panettiere with lots of here own self-taken photos from her personal album!, 13 pictures of "Lost" star Evangeline Lilly with some *hot* candid ones of her in small bikinin on the beach (some dupes in this update but all great shots!), 6 paprazzi shots of Elizabeth Banks in a nice black dress with Marky Mark, 3 promo pics of Elisha Cuthbert, 2 paparazzi shots of Eva Mendes with very low cut dress and possible nipple showing, 8 candid shots of Denise Richards out and about in nice white top, 1 hot nude of Christina Aguilera from a magazine (not showing any privates though), 25 candid photos of Charlize Theron in bikini on the beach, 17 photoshoot pics of Angelina Jolie sexy in black dress and eating a strawberry, AUG.28 - 53 vidcaps of Cheyenne Kimball (or here for the forum photos) from her show "Cheyenne" lookin lovely as usual, 21 photos of Vanessa Marcil (posted in forum and gallery).  AUG.27 - 9 mag scans of former "Lexx" star Xenia Seeberg NUDE!  Finally!  AUG.26 - 56 vidcaps of blonde beauty January Jones with hard nipples in "Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada", 38 old and new photos of German supermodel Claudia Schiffer (we don't see much of her anymore), 28 pictures of Christina Aguilera in different photo shoots, 6 shots of sexy young actress Nikki Reed in a tank top with Michelle Trachtenberg (you may remember her as the badass girl in "Thirteen" ).  AUG.25 - 12 magazine scans of perfect-body Carolina Ardohain (aka. Pampita), 7 photos of Avril Lavigne very pretty - doesn't she look like Nicole Kidman a lot?, 35 pictures of Asia Argento in her first Zodcaps gallery, 4 shots of gorgeous Arielle Kebbel, 3 photos of Anna Kournikova from photoshoot, trying to stay in the public eye I guess, 18 photos of Brazilian superbabe Adriana Lima on the runway in bikini, 39 caps of Emmy Rossum's nice cleavage in "Poseidon".  AUG.24 - 24 pictures of sexy British model Leilani Dowding in a short cut nurses uniform with cleavage and hot legs, 4 more of Brie Larson at some gala, 94 pictures of Italian superhottie Laetitia Casta with her great large natural breasts, 120 pictures of busty Lacey Chabert with great cleavage and beautiful big brown eyes, 37 photos of "Laguna beach" blonde beauty Kristin Cavallari with some *hot* candids of her in a bikini on the beach, 10 hot Pepsi ad pictures of Christina Aguilera AUG.23 - 26 caps of Crystal Lowe topless laying down in suntanning bed in "Final Destination 3", 29 caps of Chelan Simmons in accented thong and topless in tanning bed in "Final Destination 3", 20 caps of Mary Elizabeth Winstead lookin pretty in "Final Destination 3", 225 vidcaps of hot new singer Cheyenne from her MTV TV show, 28 vidcaps of Amanda Crew pretty with nice big brown eyes in "Final Destination 3".  AUG.22 - *381* large resolution pictures of Britney Spears: mega collection!  Candids in bikini sun-tanning, on beach, in lingerie, on stage, magazine scans, etc!  (galleries 26 to 33)  AUG.21 - 19 photos of Kirsten Dunst with great cleavage, and some very kinky shots too!  4 shots of Kari Byron from "Mythbusters" in a magazine shoot although I think she looks better on the show, 13 caps of Jennifer Love Hewitt with big cleavage, 4 pics of Kristen Bell sticking her tongue out.  AUG.20 - 25 parapazzi shots of Jessica Simpson hot in basketball jersey and mega cleavage in dress, 6 great scans of Christina Aguilera in GQ with amazing cleavage, 184 *hot* shots of Jennifer Aniston - no bra and low cut tops, candids, paprazzi shots, etc - great collection of pictures!  damn Hilary Duff looks fine in these 5 shots, 21 paparazzi shots of megababe Emmanuelle Chriqui with no bra and open top, possible nipple showing!  (last row of pics on that page) 41 caps (not done by Zodcaps) of Elisha Cuthbert on "Jimmy Kimmel".  AUG.19 - 127 pictures (mostly candids and parapazzi) of Pamela Anderson - see through tops, bikini, massive cleavage, etc!  6 very sexy photos of British beauty Jennifer Ellison from a magazine shoot (does she actually act any more?  I guess she's just a model now...) 1 great hires shot of Elle Macpherson showing she still has a KILLER body on her - candid paparazzi photo of her in bikini on the beach, 20 pics from a very sexy photoshoot of Christina Aguilera dressed up in red lingerie type garb, and some candids of her, 13 pictures of Jessica Alba in dress with low top showing off some sexy tan lines (last 13 on page), 18 photos of Jessica Biel gorgeous in a white dress that really accents here breasts while at "The Illusionist" premiere (last 18 on page)  AUG.18 - 51 more caps of Kim Poirier that I found in an old directory, 26 caps of Charlize Theron nude in the bathtub and lesbian kiss with Penelope Cruz in "Head in the Clouds, 26 caps of Shania Twain in an interview with some video shots, 20 caps of a younger Elisha Cuthbert hosting "Popular Mechanics for Kids", 12 caps of 2005 American Idol Carrie Underwood all dolled up, 16 caps of scream queen Kim Poirier hosting "Hypaspace".  AUG.17 - 26 photos of Emmanuelle Chriqui looking beautiful as ever.  AUG.16 - 116 caps of beautiful blonde starlet Brie Larson in "Hoot" as well as 124 photos of her with lots from her video.  AUG.15 - 4 sweet candid shots of Lindsay Lohan's exposed breast side view, *271 hot vidcaps* of young blonde beauty Hayden Panettiere in "Bring it On: All or Nothing" - gorgeous as a cheerleaders doing gymnastics routines.  Also a handful of movie clips of her!  17 candid photos of Jessica Biel in tight white track pants having lunch, and in a nice blue dress, 25 pictures of Jessica Alba with some very nice older ones of her in a bikini, 12 shots of Jennifer Love Hewitt very busty, 4 pictures of Elisha Cuthbert, superblonde, 19 shots of Ashley Tisdale at some gala - her first Zodcaps gallery, 26 pictures of Arielle Kebbel hot as a blonde and in bikini, 11 photoshoot shots of Jennifer Ellison AUG.14 - 6 candids of Jennifer Aniston showing off her hot body in a bikini on the beach, and in black with great legs, 9 paparazzi photos of adult superstar Jenna Jameson in black dress at some event, 41 photos of Jaime Pressly various, 6 nudes of gorgeous British busty 18 year old Keeley Hazell, 34 small but sexy photos of Kerri Kasem in a new gallery, 104 vidcaps of Casey Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem on the TV show "Build or Bust" working with power tools and showing off a very nice bust indeed.  Gorgeous face too with big Bambi eyes.  AUG.13 - 4 pics of Adriana Lima with a very nice see-through one of her (last 4 on page), 19 photos of "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell wit hard nipples.  AUG.12 - 176 pics of Kristin Kreuk from all sorts of sources - notice how there's lots of J's and K's in the names for recent updates?  (I'm going through my backlog directory alphabetically!), 24 pictures of Kirsten Dunst with some NICE paparazzi shots of her in a yellow bikini having fun in the water, 10 photos of Kelly Ripa, various, 6 photoshoot pics of Kelly Hu in her first Zodcaps gallery, 106 vidcaps of Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta" sexy in skirt, and shaved head, 4 Gmans edits of "8 Simple Rules.." star Kaley Cuoco with some awesome see-through bra-less tops, 3 *great* Gmans edits of Gisele Bundchen candid pictures showing her *perfect* tanned body off on the beach, 64 very sexy photos of British beauty Kelly Brook, 10 classy pics of Keira Knightley, 27 pictures of European babe Katie Downes (she was the sexy window washer in "European Gigalo"), 79 smaller photos of Katherine Heigl AUG.11 - 6 candid shots of Kate Beckinsale out and about, 8 *hot* paprazzi shots of Jessica Simpson with no bra and see-through nipples wearing a blue dress, 5 photo shoot pics of Jessica Biel with a neat look to the shots, 50 pictures of 80's babe Phoebe Cates from various shots over the years, as well as a hires clip of her in "Fast Times", 27 caps of chesty Vancouver-area weather presenter Karen Khunkhun, 19 vidcaps of blonde beauty Missy Crider in "Huff" from a scene where she's drunk, in nice tight top, Celebrity blowjobs compilation video.  AUG.10 - an amazing picture of Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain with friend, 27 paparazzi shots and photoshoot pics of Jessica Alba - very nice in a brown tank top, 19 photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt in some nice shots that show off her breasty curves, 6 photos of British busty blonde beauty Jennifer Ellison with a flag, 8 hires caps of superbody Jamie Pressly in bikini (the girl in the red bikini in one of the pics is Devon Aoki, 8 magazine pics of Heidi Klum awesome open cleavage and revealing outfits, 17 photos of Emmanuelle Chriqui with some amazing ones of her with an open top and great cleavage, 6 candid shots of Anna Kournikova (remember her?), 23 pictures of Amanda Bynes looking fine in orange dress, 149 vidcaps of the hot-bodied workout girls, 99 vidcaps of former "Darma & Greg" star Jenna Elfman supersexy in tank top and cowboy hat, and great cleavage shots from "Looney Tunes: Back in Action", as well as 3 video clips of her in that, 10 caps (not done by me) of Ashley Judd showing off her trim body with no bra and tank top/panties in "Someone Like You"  AUG.09 - 10 caps of Jessica Alba in a black dress at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, 11 vidcaps of Christina Aguilera with great cleavage of her firm breasts at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, 13 large candid paparazzi photos of Lindsay Lohan *in bikini with hard wet nipples*.  AUG.4 45 pictures of Kate Bosworth from all sorts of different places including some nice beach bikini-top candids.  AUG.3 - 117 caps of Kari Byron (sexy red-head host of "Mythbusters") in some kinky tight outfits.  AUG.1 - *wow* 58 paparazzi photos of singer Joss Stone - awesome body in a bikini on the beach!, 6 shots of swimsuit babe Josie Maran el-prego with cleavage,  8 pics of Jordana Brewster lookin pretty in some candids and photo shoot, 6 shots of Jewel Staite leggy on stage, 12 caps of Jennifer Love Hewitt with nice cleavage in "The Ghost Whisperer", 9 pictures of Jenna Jameson wih super cleavage, 4 photos of Jamie Lynn Spears very hot in pink low-cut dress showing off some nice tanned cleavage, 12 pictures of Hilary Duff with some nice ones of her singing at Much Music in Toronto.  14 pics of Jill Hennessy

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nudeJUL.31 - 9 *amazing* pictures of "Star Trek: Enterprise" star Jolene Blalock very sexy see-through and awesome ass shots in this magazine shoot, 4 more shots of Emmanuelle Chriqui including a nice ass shot of her in "Entourage", 24 vidcaps of Emily VanCamp - wow has she ever developed a great pair of breastises, 4 candid pictures of Elisha Cuthbert, having a smoke (not sure if that's sexy or dirty - it takes away from her "innocent" girl persona), 5 high resolution candid shots of Carmen Electra with nice pokies, 4 photos of blonde beauty Brittany Daniel pretty in dress (last 4 on page), 7 candid pictures of Jessica Biel in tank top, 7 shots of Ali Landry hot in black outfit, 136 photos of Alice Greczyn - hot body and gorgeous.  You might remember her as the girl at the beginning of "Dukes of Hazzard" that they went to drop off moonshine to.  JUL.30 - 50 various photos (mostly caps) of Amanda Bynes with some NICE cleavage shots and a great shot of her perfect legs/ass in tight blue jeans.  JUL.29 - 19 vidcaps of English hottie Samantha Morton with nice cleavage in "The Libertine", 20 vidcaps of Rosamund Pike in "The Libertine" in a carriage getting fingered then tastes herself as he puts his fingers in her mouth after.  JUL.28 - 153 original Zodcaps vidcaps of Milla Jovovich super sexy stomach, ass, and gorgeous face in "Ultraviolet", 9 Gmans collages of Jessica Biel from various pics of her that show off her hard body, 9 shots of Jessica Alba with a few of her with hard nipples pushing through her top, 11 pictures of Hayden Panettiere nice tanned chest and low-cut top..  JUL25 - 22 magazine pics of "Lost" star Evangeline Lilly very sexy in lingerie and showing off her hot body, 12 pictures of Emmanuelle Chriqui *hot* in sheer black see-through top, 9 pictures of Elizabeth Banks gorgeous in red, 8 photos of Elisha Cuthbert in a magazine shoot with nice cleavage and a hot one of her with see-through nipples, 5 candid pictures of Denise Richards in bikini by the pool, 8 pictures of Carrie Underwood performing on stage.  JUL.24 - 28 pictures of Kellie Pickler ("American Idol") lookin hot, 17 photos and caps of "Lord of the Rings" star Miranda Otto topless in different movies as well as a bunch of video clips of her.  JUL.23 - Zodcaps is back in full force - I'm back from my weekend excursion and have lots to post so stick around!  32 vidcaps of Laura Regan - nice ass and bra and panties in "Hollowman 2", 5 candid photos of Christina Aguilera with a couple nice Gmans edits of her with nie see-through nipples, 23 vidcaps of Jordana Brewster in uniform in "Annapolis", 7 photos of Carla Gugino busty in low cut black dress, 8 pictures of Brittany Daniel gorgeous in dress at a premiere (last 8 on page), 6 photos of Britney Spears nude and pregnant, 6 candid shots of Ashlee Simpson getting dressed with bikinin bottom on the beach.  JUL.21 - I'm away for the weekend.  'Will be back Sunday.  Cheers.  JUL.20 - 78 vidcaps of Emilie de Ravin hot in bikini top in "The Hills Have Eyes", new gallery with 26 vidcaps of Zara Taylor's hot young body in "Hollowman 2" hesitantly stripping off her top while being videotaped by her boyfriend.  JUL.19 - 69 photos of up and coming beauty Arielle Kebbel, various.  JUL.17 - 14 photos of Anne Hathaway ("Princess Diaries") with no bra and very see-through thin shirt, 33 shots of Amanda Bynes with some nice vidcaps of her in a bikini top (last 33 on page), 112 photos of 18 year old British beauty Keeley Hazell topless with perfect large natural breasts in many poses, 23 vidcaps of babe in jeans with beautiful ass on "So You Think You Can Dance", 12 HDTV vidcaps of Mariah Carey with some huge cleavage during an "E! Now" interview, 26 HDTV vidcaps of Katharine McPhee on "American Idol".  JUL.16 - 55 shots of Jessica Alba with some nice candid beach shots, 100 *very sexy* shots of Jessica Biel - in bikini on the beach, candids of her working out, walking her dogs, etc!  13 shots of your favorite Borg, Jeri Ryan hot in a dress, 12 photos of UK babe Jennifer Ellison in bikini and lingerie.  55 HD vidcaps of Pamela Anderson on "Ellen" with hard nipples then doing a sexy dance around the set, 19 HD vidcaps of sexy TV host Paige Davis on "Gameshow Marathon" dressed up in a kinky outfit.  JUL.14 - 73 vidcaps of American Idol bombshell Kellie Pickler, 52 vidcaps of the hot-bodied girls on the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance", 24 vidcaps of that Swedish hottie Malin Akerman opening up her shirt exposing her perky breasts on "Harold and Kumar".  JUL.13 - 210 vidcaps of Food Network host Giada de Laurentiis in her "Behind the Bash" show with great cleavage and beautiful face, 53 vidcaps of soft-adult / b-movie actress Beverly Lynne showing off her hot tanned body in "Sex Games Vegas".  JUL.09 - Back from holidays with 14 shots of Halle Berry lookin very leggy, 70 various shots of "Friends" hottie Jennifer Aniston, 32 photo shoot pictures of adult film actress (ok ok: porn star) Jenna Jameson, 5 shots of beautiful January Jones with a nice open shirt one, 4 pics of Heidi Klum and her nice tongue, 8 of Isla Fisher hot in photo shoot and candids.

JUN.27 - 4 nice shots of Keira Knightley on the beach.  JUN.26 - 125 shots with some HOT candids of Mariah Sharapova stretching on the grass, 36 pictures of Monica Bellucci from mixed shoots, 36 pics of Salma Hayek in different photo shoots, 21 shots of Adriana Lima on set.  JUN.25 - hot new video gallery of Bijou Phillips JUN.24 - 14 shots of Hilary Duff upskirt while sitting in a chair, 9 hires photos of goddess Chyler Leigh beautiful face and hot body.  JUN.23 - 54 vidcaps of Food Network's superbabe Giada de Laurentiis showing her hot body off with some nice cleavage and gorgeous face on "Behind the Bash", Holy shit!  7 *amazing* shots of Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park in a thong showing off her perfect ass! - hires, 11 pics of Elisha Cuthbert at the 2006 MuchMusic Video Awards, 5 pics of superblonde Brittany Daniel at a premiere, 11 shots of young and beautiful Arielle Kebbel at a premiere.  JUN.22 - 67 pictures of Emmanuelle Chriqui in this "belly showing" update - AND THAT PUTS ZODCAPS AT OVER 50,000 PICTURES ONLINE!!!  Now to get started on the next 50,000... JUN.21 - 17 vidcaps of Anna Paquin lookin pretty on Carson Daly's show, 21 vidcaps of Jennifer Aniston very leggy in short shorts on "David Letterman", 56 vidcaps of Milla Jovovich battling the undead again in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse", 18 vidcaps of Natasha Henstridge showing some cleavage in "She Spies", 46 vidcaps of former "Power Ranger" Amy Jo Johnson in a couple love scenes in "Fatal Trust" - new gallery, 8 photos of Angelina Jolie in a photoshoot showing some nice cleavage, 62 shots of ST: Voyager babe Jolene Blalock in lots of different outfits, 7 elegant photos of Jewel, 116 pics of Jessica Simpson with some great candids of her in a bikini.  JUN.20 - 27 pictures of busty Canadian actress Jessica Pare in a new gallery, 56 photos of Jessica Biel at premieres, photo shoots, and candids.  JUN.19 - 173 pictures of Jessica Alba - all sorts of different places and photo shoots, 83 shots of Star Trek Voyager babe Jeri Ryan with lots of wallpapers images.  JUN.15 - 9 caps of Emmanuelle Chriqui on the scene of some movie, 4 caps of Emily VanCamp in "Everwood", 8 pics of Denise Richards dressed like a 1984 hooker.  JUN.14 - 95 shots (mostly at premieres) of "7th Heaven" star Beverley Mitchell showing off her great cleavage, 12 pics of Arielle Kebbel various.  JUN.13 - 14 photos of super-tease Jennifer Love Hewitt flaunting her cleavage, 47 hires shots of Christina Aguilera in concert, 39 pics of Jennifer Aniston in a photo shoot and with nice cleavage and beautiful smile in low-cut dress, 11 pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt from a photo shoot and candids, 7 photos of supermodel Gisele Bundchen, new gallery with 8 shots of former American Idol Carrie Underwood on stage,  6 shots of Brooke Burke sexy in bikini, 5 different pics of Avril Lavigne's bum bum, 6 photos of Adriana Lima sticking out her tongue.  JUN.12 - 141 vidcaps of the world's sexiest vampire Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Evolution beautiful face and super sexy in black latex outfit.  Also a hot love scene.  JUN.10 -  176 vidcaps of Q'Orianka Kilcher so beautiful in "The New World" as well as a couple clips of her from the extras, 18 pictures of Jennifer Lopez sexy in lacy bra and also some candid bikini pictures of her in the water, 20 photos of Jennifer Garner, shots of Jenna Jameson at some premiere.  JUN.08 - *902* photos of blonde tennis babe Jelena Dokic and her nice hard nipples, ample breasts, and athletic body, 58 pictures of Jennifer Aniston hot in red lingerie from a Mark Seliger photo shoot, candids with hard nipples, more.  7 shots of Jenna Jameson sexy in magazine shoot (7 at bottom of page), 2 shots of Jenna Elfman nudeon her back and in costume, A new gallery with 10 wet and sexy photos of actress January Jones, 21 pictures of Christina Aguilera at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards wearing a silver dress with nice cleavage.  JUN.07 - 12 shots of Jamie Lynn Spears in a new gallery.  JUN.05 - 16 pictures of Jaime Pressly with some old nudes, 4 photo shoot pictures of Isla Fisher - damn she's hot!  We first noticed her in "Wedding Crashers" then in "London" she had a small role.  Hopefully we'll se more of her in the future.  10 shots of Hudson Leick on stage for something, 33 pictures of Hayden Panettiere, 20 shots of Halle Berry with some nice paparazzi shots of her in a bikini, 21 candid pictures of Keira Knightley's bangin body in a bikini, video gallery of Melissa Theuriau - it's very hard to stop watching her!  JUN.04 - 43 photos of *gorgeous* French TV news anchor Melissa Theuriau at the news desk and candid topless photos on the beach showing her perfect body, 23 photos of model/actress Sofia Vergara sexy with great breasts in bikini, dresses, etc.  JUN.03 - 19 vidcaps of Kelli Garner with lots of cleavage in "London", 11 vidcaps of Isla Fisher in "London", 33 photos of Paris Hilton in bikini showing nipple, candids, etc.  Some nice Gmans collages in this one.  JUN.02 - 105 vidcaps of Jessica Biel HOT in "London" - sexy black underwear, topless laying down, having her breasts and crotch felt, etc.. 19 caps of Joy Bryant in "London", 15 photos of WWE Diva Ashley Massaro nude (going by the name of "Ryan Mackenzie" in this photo shoot). 

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nudeMAY.31 - 19 pics of Carmen Electra very sexy in bra and panties in a photo shoot, 5 shots of "Lost" star Emily de Ravin looking gorgeous in white, 14 candid photos of babe-with-the-body Emmanuelle Chriqui out and about, 37 candid photos of Evangeline Lilly - SEXY hires shots of her on the beach in a bikini!, 12 pics of Ellen Page in a new gallery (she's an up-and-coming Canadian actress formerly of the TV shows "Trailerpark Boys" and "ReGenesis", 9 shots of Elisha Cuthbert at some different photo shoots, 14 vidcaps of Charisma Carpenter from some TV show (Charmed?) - not done by me, but lookin HOT in black bikini, 24 pictures of Brazilian superbabe Adriana Lima on set for something (commercial?)  MAY.30 - 43 vidcaps of Elisha Cuthbert in her younger days hosting "Popular Mechanics for Kids".MAY.29 - 147 vidcaps of the workout babes showing off their bodies, 16 vidcaps of Lucy Liu on the Carson Daly show from April 6th/06.  MAY.28 - 6 shots of "Not Another Teen Movie" star Cerina Vincent and her firm breasts and hard nipples, 9 photos of Amanda Bynes showing off her nice tanned legs as well as a sexy picture of her about to kiss another girl.  MAY.27 - 3 red hot pictures of Kate Bosworth in a see-through dress.  MAY.24 - 125 vidcaps of the girls from "The Amazing Race" especially Season 8 and those 3 hot Bransen blondes, The workout show got a hot new blonde girl!  67 caps.  2 photos of Evan Rachel Wood in a bikini, 6 vidcaps of Emily VanCamp showing cleavage in tank top in "Everwood", 87 photos of Eliza Dushku from various sources, HOT photo of Christina Aguilera with open-front dress, 8 shots of Beverly Mitchell (former "7th Heaven" star) with great cleavage, 3 photos of Amanda Bynes lookin nice.  MAY.22 - Back with a vengeance after a few days off - 78 pictures of Elisha Cuthbert at a few events and some photoshoots, 34 photos of Carmen Electra in workout outfit, and vidcaps of her in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2", 9 photos of Alyson Michalka in a new gallery.  MAY.17 - 127 photos of Hilary Duff including some high resolution photos.  MAY.15 - 74 shots of Jennifer Love Hewitt - candids, caps, photoshoots, 31 photos of Heidi Klum full nude with body paint & see-through,  new gallery with 17 pictures of pretty rising star Hayden Panettiere, 6 shots of Anne Hathaway seductive in blue dress, new gallery with 14 shots of country beauty Faith Hill showing some leg and those gorgeous Bambi eyes.  MAY.14 - 98 photos of Brazilian supermodel megababe Gisele Bundchen, 26 pics of beautiful French singer Alizee lookin sex in blue tank top as well as a bunch more video clips of her, 6 photos of Christina Aguilera with lipstick tube (use your imagination) and a silly pink hat.  MAY.13 - 10 photos of Eva Longoria at some event, 3 pics of Estella Warren pretty in black (why hasn't she done anything in awhile?), 7 shots of Adriana Lima with Gisele Bundchen and another model.  MAY.12 - 60 vidcaps of UK hottie Sienna Guillory in "Resident Evil 2" and some hot nude clips of her, 17 vidcaps of Kristin Kreuk on the TV series "Edgemont", new gallery of Christina Applegate with 15 vidcaps of her in "Anchorman" wearing only a cooking apron with a nice side view of her breast, new vidcaps gallery with 36 vidcaps of Jordana Brewster on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in sexy white outfit, 67 vidcaps of Carmen Electra on "Jay Leno" hard nipples in red dress and spreads legs.  MAY.11 - new gallery for Kellie Pickler of American Idol with 57 vidcaps and a video of her, new gallery with 16 photos of Erika Christensen as well as a clips page of her, 22 more photos of rising star Emily VanCamp, 62 shots of Aussie blonde beauty Emily de Ravin showing off her firm body.  MAY.10 - 14 shots of Elizabeth Berkley see-through and sexy, 11 photos of super beauty Elizabeth Banks (photoshoot and premiere), 28 pictures of Eliza Dushku various, 5 paparazzi photos of Elisha Cuthbert, 40 pictures of Alyssa Milano lots of cleavage and tight tummy, 9 pictures of Adriana Lima sexy with legs spread on chair and in red, 3 large photos of Anna Kournikova showing hard belly in tight pants (last 3 on page).  MAY.8 - 33 vidcaps of "Falcon Beach" star Jennifer Kydd chesty in tank top, 7 vidcaps of Emmanuelle Chriqui during an interview, 40 vidcaps of Elisha Cuthbert when she was a host of the TV show "Popular Mechanics for Kids", 17 pictures of Elisha Cuthbert hot as usual, 5 more photos of Claire Forlani candid shots in bikini on the beach, 13 photos of Eliza Dushku from various sources, 23 pictures of Jessica Biel very beautiful in these photoshoots, 20 photos of asian hottie Devon Aoki, 11 photos of Aussie blonde beauty Emily de Ravin at the "Hills Have Eyes" premiere and in a photoshoot.  MAY.7 - I'm back from my weekend away and so are the updates: 23 candid photos of Denise Richards in bikini and tank top, 9 pictures of Christina Aguilera, older ones but such a cutie, 100 vidcaps of Scarlett Johansson in "Match Point" in the rain with see-through shirt, cleavage, beautiful face, on bed with oil on her, etc.  Some movies of her in this flick too.  MAY.3 - 9 Carmen Electra pictures doing some nice positioning stretching, 182 Britney Spears pictures - some older ones in this update that I've never seen before, lots of her in skimpy clothing.  MAY.2 - The Site Search page has been re-linked - all the links on the sites' thousands of pages have been recaculated so now when you search for a celebrity all the results should be valid pages.  MAY.1 - 4 pics of Anna Kournikova lookin hot in black dress.  APR.29 - 24 caps of Charisma Carpenter in "Flirting With Danger" (some more I forgot to add the first update), 20 vidcaps of Karen Cliche in "Flirting with Danger" showing cleavage, in sexy tennis outfit, 59 photos of Carmen Electra in lingerie, bikini, on Howard Stern, more.  80 photos of Carla Gugino sexy cleavage, curves, gorgeous face, 8 photos of Anna Kournikova sexy tanned legs and pantie shot. Server down for an hour today:  Sorry but the server was down for backup purposes earlier today.  Usually this happens in the background so it doesn't affect the site but I had to take the web server down this time while it was performing the backup/update.  3 shots of Amy Smart in low-cut dress (last 3 on thfe page), 7 pics of Adriana Lima at some Pirelli thing, 130 vidcaps of Charisma Carpenter showing some *awesome* cleavage and breast shots in and out of tiny outfits from "Flirting With Danger" as well as movie clips of her in that flick and "Angel".  APR.28 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA ALBA!  Jessica turns 25 today. 7 photos of athletic blonde hottie Brittany Daniel in a tight dress, 90 sexy photos of beautiful Monica BellucciAPR.27 - 143 vidcaps of Charlize Theron in some kinky outfits and showing a quick topless shot in "Aeon Flux".  APR.25 - 7 photos of beautiful Chyler Leigh - why isn't she in more films??!?  10 photos of Christina Aguilera hot in white top and sexy legs, 103 photos of Canadian superbabe Emmanuelle Chriqui with some nice see-through shots of her in a black top, 19 photos of Cheryl Tweedy, 28 vidcaps of Jana Kaderabkova topless in "Hostel", 63 vidcaps of Barbara Nedeljakova hot topless scenes in "Hostel" as well as 2 movie clips of her.  APR.23 - 6 shots of "Buffy" star Charisma Carpenter showing off her hard curves, 6 photos of model Carolina Ardohain "Pampita" perfect body, 76 pictures of Cameron Diaz from different sources, 3 candid shots of Monica Bellucci lookin nice in a white bikini, 3 candid shots of Kate Beckinsale stretching at her gym, 3 candid photos of Avril Lavigne getting into her car from the gym in tight black outfit, 14 pictures of Adriana Lima in hot outfits.  APR.21 - 92 vidcaps of Lacey Beeman with firm body and lots of cleavage in "Adam & Eve", 74 vidcaps of sexy Brianna Brown (aka Brianna Lynn Brown) and her catfight with Lacey Beeman in "Adam & Eve".

APR.20 - 165 vidcaps of Emmanuelle Chriqui in bra/panties, topless, showing great ass, etc - in "Adam & Eve", 30 pics of Scarlett Johansson with some SEXY bikini shots of her on the beach in Jamaica.  APR.19 - 8 photos of Jennifer Connelly - nipples see-through in a sheer black top at the "Requiem for a Dream" premier.  APR.18- 119 vidcaps of Naomi Watts in "King Kong".  APR.17 - 83 pictures of model/actress Katie Lohmann showing of her hard body, 25 photos of Keira Knightley with some candids, 5 shots of Arielle Kebbel in outfits that show off her gorgeous body, 3 photos of Amy Smart in a sheer white top at a premiere, 19 photos of Brazilian superbabe Adriana Lima APR.11 - 16 pictures of Carmen Electra from 2 different photo shoots, 14 pictures of Anna Kournikova in a nice low-cut pink dress (is she still trying to be a tennis player or is she just riding out the rest of what's left of her fame since Maria Sharapova is now the 'in' girl? ), 2 photos of Alexa Vega at a premier, 36 pictures of Adriana Lima, 32 pictures of Gisele Bundchen at some event and some sexy b&w's of her.  APR.10 - 10 photos of Michelle Trachtenberg at 2 events, 13 photos/caps of Vanessa Lengies and her perfect ass in a movie, 72 photos of Amanda Bynes from various locations, 11 vidcaps of Sophia Bush stripping off her bikini top and kissing another girl, 7 pictures of Britney Spears out and about, 6 shots of Jordana Brewster at "Artificial Intelligence" opening, 7 photos of Christina Applegate from a photo shoot.  APR.09 - 18 vidcaps of Pamela Anderson very busty in black dress hosting the 2006 Juno Awards, added a sexy video clip from Basic Instinct 2 (top of page).  APR.06:  5 pictures of Alison Lohman in a kinky pink outfit as well as 2 hot lesbian video clips of her, 85 pictures of Scarlett Johansson - cleavage galore, 43 pictures of Jessica Alba in different photo shoots, 12 vidcaps of Jessica Alba at the 2006 Academy Awards in a dress that accents her bust nicely, 5 sexy photos of model Adriana Lima during a photo shoot, 32 pictures of Eva Longoria from various sources, 17 pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt sexy in off-the-shoulder top, 3 pictures of Anna Kournikova at a photoshoot, and candids.  APR.04: *537* pictures of Vanessa Lengies at awards, premieres, photoshoots, and vidcaps from "The Perfect Man" - she's a very beautiful rising star!  APR.03 - SIN CITY update: Rosario Dawson, Jaime King, Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy, Carla Gugino, Devon Aoki  APR.02 - 73 photos of Jewel Staite at a premiere, 64 pics of Jenna Jameson at some golf event and elsewhere, 15 HQ photos of Jennifer Ellison's HOT body in a photo shoot, 125 pictures of Italian superhottie Laetitia Casta, 260 photos of chesty British babe Lucy Pinder showing off her body.  APR.01 - 37 shots of Jennifer Lopez out and about, 18 photos of Baywatch beauty Traci Bingham nude in photo shoot, 10 b&w photos of Chloe Sevigny nude in a photo shoot.  MAR.31 - 40 pictures of Pamela Anderson looking SEXY in a Christmas outfit on Leno, and some nice Gmans collages of her, 39 photos of Aussie beauty Naomi Watts in different photo shoots, 37 high resolution photos of Vanessa Lengies in a see-through black top.  MAR.28 - 20 vidcaps of Kim Poirier lookin hot as a readhead on "Hypspsace", 10 photos of Jordana Brewster in jeans, 64 pictures of Salma Hayek with LOTS of cleavage in tops that really show off her busty figure, 15 photos of King Kong beauty Naomi Watts in see-through top.  MAR.26 - 14 photos of Jessica Alba with hard nipples including some nice Gmans collages, 10 pictures of Keira Knightley going out to her 21st birthday including an upskirt.  MAR.26 - 52 photos of Hilary Duff (doesn't anyone else thing she looked WAY better when she wasn't a skeleton?)  18 pictures of Jessica Alba lookin hot in a photoshoot and at a gala, 15 photos of Christina Aguilera being helped out of some place (drunk?) MAR.25 - 153 pictures of Elisha Cuthbert.  MAR.24 - 92 pictures of Jessica Biel, various sources, 45 photos of Jessica Alba at various events, *272* photos of Avril Lavigne with a bunch of nice hard nipple shots, cleavage, bikini, and more - as well as 5 video clips of her!  MAR.23 - Clips from "Kids in America", 19 vidcaps of Stephanie Sherrin in bikini and more from "Kids in America", 73 vidcaps of Caitlin Wachs as a high school cheerleader in "Kids in America" - hot body, kissing other girls, etc, 53 vidcaps of Julie Bowen in "Kids in America" looking good as the principle of the school.  MAR.22 - 38 caps (not done by me) of supersexy Chyler Leigh in a black bikini in a hot tub from a music video.  MAR.21 - 118 vidcaps of Canadian sex kitten Emmanuelle Chriqui from "In the Mix" - hard nipples working out, see-through bra-less & hard nipples in restaurant, bikini in the water, and more!  93 vidcaps of Keira Knightley looking pretty in "Pride & Prejudice" as well as Rosamund Pike in the same movie.  MAR.20 - 14 pics of Bridget Moynahan, movie clips from "Dukes of Hazzard" including stuff from the DVD extras section, 14 caps of Nikki Griffin in "Dukes of Hazzard".  MAR.19 - 118 vidcaps of Jessica Simpson in "Dukes of Hazzard" with hard nipples, cleavage, tanned legs, etc.  MAR.18 - *555* photos of Mandy Moore - hard nipples, nipple slip, semi-see-through, killer body, cleavage shots, and tons more!!  *264* photos of "Veronica Mars" hottie Kristen Bell with semi-see-through tops, hard nipples, cleavage, and great body, 156 photos of super gorgeous Gretchen Mol as well as 3 HOT nude videos of her.  Why isn't she in more movies?  246 pics of Rachel McAdams as well as 2 more videos of her from "The Hot Chick".

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nudeMAR.17 - 243 pics of busty "7th Heaven" beauty Beverly Mitchell, a nice shot of Tia Carrera in a see-through wet shirt on the beach, 56 photos of wrestling diva Stacy Keibler many from "Dancing with the Stars, 9 photos of Jenny McCarthy and adult film superstar Jenna Jameson together, 88 photos of Terminator Kristanna Loken and 2 movie clips of her.  MAR.16 - 97 photos of pretty princess Anne Hathaway with some nice see-through tops (she was the star of "Princess Diaries" and was in "Brokeback Mountain"), also a handful of nude video clips of her - wow!  MAR.15 - 13 photos of Anna Kournikova (remember her?) at some whatever., 52 vidcaps of Giada de Laurentiis (cooking show host) showing great cleavage and pretty face in "Behind the Bash", 95 caps of pretty girl in the shop of TV show "Build or Bust", 31 caps of the workout girls and another video of them, 19 caps of Trailer Park Boys beauty Tania Rudolph (she was the hot blonde in the episode "The Bible Pimp").  MAR.14 - 53 caps of the various babes from "Wedding Crashers", 57 caps of Isla Fisher in "Wedding Crashers" (she also played the hot blonde girl in Scooby Doo), 95 vidcaps of Rachel McAdams pretty in "Wedding Crashers", 11 pictures of Jewel Kilcher at Oscars and elsewhere, and a handful of videos of her.  MAR.10 - 104 photos of Jewel Staite: candids, photoshoots, vidcaps, etc.  MAR.09 - 9 photos of Samantha Morton in blue dress at some event, 4 pics of Lindsay Lohan looking nice in white dress, 39 pics of Keira Knightley attending varoius galas, 63 photos of Paris Hilton at different events, 13 pics of wrestling diva Torrie Wilson, 2 photos of Stacy Keibler and 1 of Paris Hilton, 7 photos of Traci BinghamMAR.08 -12 pictures of perky Jewel Staite and 1 video of her, 444 pictures of SUPER hot Christina Baily from the show "Hollyoaks".  If anyone has any videos of her please send them this way! MAR.07 - 16 photos of gorgeous Natasha Henstridge and LOTS of video clips of her,  70 pictures of Mischa Barton and 2 video clips of her, 12 photos of the beautiful Maria Menounos, 86 photos of busty British hottie Lucy Pinder as well as 2 videos of her, 26 photos of gorgeous model Luba added to The Vault, 8 photos of Paris Hilton in bride's gown and nipple slip, 8 NICE hires photos of "Lost" star Evangeline Lilly in bikini showing off her killer body (thanks to Jerry @ Reddragoncelebs!)  MAR.06 - ready to roll.  After BIG TIME screwing up the file structfure by accidentally moving a HUGE directory into another and messing up all the hyperlinks, I've gone through PAGE by PAGE in that directory to fix all the hyperlinks.  That's why here hasn't been an update the last 2 days.  So this week we'll be back to regular updates.  Sorry y'all. PS: none of the video clips were affected, just the pictures in the "More Photos" section.  MAR.04 - 71 photos of Charlize Theron (various), 2 new videos of Charlize Theron in "Head in the Clouds", 13 photos (caps) of Samantha Morton in a couple of movies and a bunch of movie clips of this hottie.  MAR.03 - 78 pictures of Angelina Jolie with lots of candids as well as a bunch of HOT movie clips of her (some nice sex scene clips from unrated versions of movies), 30 vidcaps of Connie Nielsen in bra and panties in "Ice Harvest", MAR.02 - 4 movie clips of "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" star Sienna Guillory MAR.01 - 95 photos of Linday Lohan - candid, in bikini, at premieres, photo shoots, etc., as well as a nice Gman edit of her sideways exposing her breast/nipple - nice firm breasts!  FEB.28 - 14 photos of Stacy Keibler lookin very hot in mini skirt and other pics, 15 scans of Kelly Brook's 2006 calender, 20 caps of Carmen Electra frolicking with Victoria Silvstedt on some show.  FEB.27 - 12 vidcaps of Jessica Alba tight top pushing chest out in "Dark Angel", 133 vidcaps of Jenna Bodnar nude, masturbating, threesome scenes, etc. in "Huntress: Spirit of the Night", 84 pictures of Anne Heche with lots of nice movie collages, 17 pictures of Stacy Ferguson's hard body in bikini, 81 mixed vidcaps of the babes in "European Gigalo", 10 vidcaps of Rachel Stevens sexy coming out of the water in "European Gigalo".  FEB.26 - 9 vidcaps of Kelly Brook in "European Gigalo", 12 vidcaps of Elisabetta Canalis awesome cleavage in "European Gigalo", 20 shots of Jenna Elfman - wow does she have a hot body!  Too bad she never showed if off like this in "Darma & Greg" (maybe she did but that was a chick show so...)  FEB.24 - 77 vidcaps of the morning workout girls as well as a short clip of them, 162 vidcaps of Keira Knightley in "Domino" with some nice pokies, rear-end, topless shots, as well as 3 new movie clips of her.  FEB.23 - 129 photos including lots of caps and collages of Sarah Chalke mostly from "Scrubs", 13 vidcaps of Lucy Liu in "Domino".  FEB.21 - 56 vidcaps of Belgium babe Hanna Verboom in "European Gigalo", 39 vidcaps of European superhotty Katie Downes with hard nipples and wet t-shirt from the "extras" of "Deuce Bigalo 2: European Gigalo", 98 photos of Christina Applegate - old, new, classy / slutty, etc. - as well as more movie clips of her, 14 photos of Canadian athlete turned model turned actress Estella Warren FEB.20 - 43 vidcaps of English babe Rosamund Pike in "DOOM" with pretty face, hard nipples.  10 photos of Minnie Driver in bikini on the beach in Malibu, 23 photos of Charlize Theron on the beach in a bikini in Malibu.  FEB.19 - 101 pictures of "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria, 15 more photos of curvy British beauty Kelly Brook FEB.15 - *HOT* new clip of Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jordan Ladd, Vanessa Lengies, and Kaitlin Doubleday all dressed up and dancing slutty in a pimp video from the extras disc of "Waiting" - hot!!  FEB.13 - 61 vidcaps of former "Popular Mechanics for Kids" host Vanessa Lengies (she took over hosting after Elisha Cuthbert moved on) from the movie "Waiting" - hot young body on her!!  Surprisingly a good/funn movie too!  15 vidcaps of Emmanuelle Chriqui in "Waiting" looking beautiful like always, 32 vidcaps of Bridget Moynahan in "Lord of War" in bikini.  FEB.12 - Kudos to G-Man for the Stacy Keibler collages he did (she's used in the graphics on the main page here).  FEB.11 - 58 vidcaps of "Lost World" actress Jennifer O'Dell in "Window Theory" as well as 4 movie clips of her, 28 vidcaps of young busty blonde actress Melissa Schuman in "Window Theory", *over 600 megs* of Pamela Anderson videos!  FEB.09 - 6 hot video clips of sexy blonde Ashley Scott from "Into the Blue" and "Walking Tall", 4 nice video clips of the TV show "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" star Barbara Alyn Woods topless and in bra (she played the mom on the show - you could always tell she had a nice body even with the "conservative" clothes her character wore.  Now you can see her nude! 19 vidcaps of Rachel Weisz nude in tub in "The Constant Gardener".  FEB.08 - 31 caps of Kirsten Dunst pretty in "Elizabethtown", 10 caps of Jessica Biel in "Elizabethtown".  FEB.07 - *844* photos of Rachel Bilson at premieres, candid, photoshoots, magazines, and lots more, Video clip of Brazilian superbabe Gisele Bundchen in different bikinis as she talks about herself in the "Maxim 100" photoshoot, 10 caps of Monica Bellucci in "The Brothers Grimm".  FEB.05 - 9 *nice* movies of soft-adult actress Tracy Ryan in various flicks.  FEB.02 - 26 pics of Rachel Bilson with BF walking their dog, 14 pictures with a bunch of candids of "Hot Chick" Rachel McAdams as well as a bunch of nude movies of her, 152 photos including some nice caps of British beauty Rachel Stevens, also a movie clip of her wearing a tank top from some "S Club 7" episode.  FEB.01 - 52 vidcaps of Ashley Scott in tiny bikinis in "Into the Blue", 59 vidcaps of Erin Gray in "Bck Rogers",  60 vidcaps of Pamela Hensley in "Buck Rogers".  JAN.30 - 94 vidcaps of Jessica Alba HOT body in bikini in "Into the Blue", 82 photos of Elizabeth Hurley in lots of sxy photo shoots, as well as 5 movie clips of her including some nice topless clips.  JAN.29 - 24 pics including some vidcaps of Eliza Dushku, 10 pics of Elizabeth Banks at premieres, 8 more pics of the gorgeous Emmanuelle Chriqui, 13 pictures of Brittany Daniel showing off her athletic body at a triathalon.  JAN.28 - 91 photos including vidcaps of "Band Camp" beauty Arielle Kebbel as well as a movie clip of her in bra and panties on the bed, 151 photos of Elisha Cuthbert in all sorts of shots - candids, photo shoots, premieres, collages, young vidcaps, etc!  Also added a nice movie of her in a black bra from "The Girl Next Door", 61 pics of Canadian superhottie Emmanuelle Chriqui as well as a hot movie clip of her in "Snow Day", 12 vidcaps of Mandy Moore on the show "Entourage", 59 photos of Mandy Moore at premieres, candid on the beach in bikini, etc.  JAN.27 - 8 *hot* clips of Anne Heche and lots of lesbian scenes with Joan Chen, 11 picture collages of "Saved by the Bell" beauty Tiffany Amber Thiessen, 47 pictures of Jaime Pressly from all sorts of places with some nice collages as well as a bunch of new movie clips of her, 10 pics of Jessica Alba with boyfriend at sporting event, 3 short but sexy movie clips of Anna Kournikova added.  JAN.23 - 61 great vidcaps of superhottie Elizabeth Banks from "The 40 Year Old Virgin" - stripping down showing her awesome body, and a bathtub masturbation video clip of her!!  112 vidcaps of the girls from the movie "American Pie:  Band Camp", 14 photos of Katherine Heigl with some nice hires shots and vidcaps as well as some awesome movie clips of he showing off her curvy body from various sources, Arielle Kebbel from "Band Camp" <- link re-done. 

JAN.21 - 9 pics of blonde superhottie superbody Brittany Daniel, as well as some AWESOME nude movie clips of her, 16 photos of Jessica Alba in a bikini on holidays in Hawaii.  JAN.18 - 27 photos of "Alias" star Jennifer Garner from various sources as well as 3 more movie clips of her - some really hot ones!  70 pictures of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen HOT candid on the beach in a bikini and lots of others, 78 pictures of Paris Hilton with some nice see-through bra-less shots, 10 pictures including some nice Gman collages of Scarlett Johansson with some great cleavage, 42 photos of Anna Kournikova - HOT beach bikini, swimsuit photo shoots, candids, etc. JAN.17 - 34 vidcaps of Star Trek beauty Jolene Blalock in a topless love scene in "Diamond Hunters" as well as a few caps of her in "Jason and the Argonauts" as well as a handful of HOT video clips of her in various photo shoots, TV shows and movies.  41 vidcaps of beautiful busty Larysa Harapyn, host of "Star! Daily", 48 vidcaps of the morning news girlsJAN.16 - 34 vidcaps of young actress Ambyr Childers in "Dickie Roberts", 59 vidcaps of Allison Lange hot body in bikini in "Sex and the Teenage Mind", Hot girl strip tease on a cell phone cam for some phone commercial.  JAN.15 - 130 pictures of Brazilian model Adriana Lima including some tasteful nudes of her.  Some dupes in this from previous pics of her probably, but she's worth the space.  Also 2 video clips of her including a nice nipple slip of her during a photoshoot.  JAN.13 - 14 vidcaps of Emmanuelle Chriqui on the TV show "Entourage" and 9 photos of her from a magazine,  58 photos of Carmen Electra showing off her tight body.  JAN12 - 176 pictures of Salma Hayek lookin hot in all sorts of poses and places, as well as 5 more movie clips of her!, 82 photos of Christina Aguilera as well as a high-res movie clip of her with the Pussycat Dolls.  JAN.10 - 34 caps of Nikki Cox and her awesome cleavage from earlier days.  JAN.08 - 137 vidcaps of Arielle Kebbel in "American Pie: Band Camp" as well as a clip of her sexy red vixen outfit from that flick.  JAN.07 - 27 sexy photos of Jessica Alba candid suntanning (new ones!), in the water, cleavage, etc, as well as 4 HOT movie clips of her from "Into the Blue".  JAN.05 - 14 vidcaps of Hilary Duff from a TV celeb magazine with some nice caps of her side the way the light's shining on her breast, 25 pics of Sofia Vergara with some nice ones of her at a premiere looking very breasty.  JAN.04 - Shit it's been a long time but I've been high on xmas cheer.  8 caps of Pamela Anderson being interviewed at the 2005 Grey Cup game, 14 vidcaps of Jessica Alba with hard nipples on the TV show "Entourage", 8 pics of Fast & Furious hard body Michelle Rodriguez including 2 topless shots of her at a club in the water!  (Thanks RedDragonCelebs for those)

2005 :

Celebrity video clips nude and non-nude DEC.24 - 100 vidcaps of Stacy Ferguson of the Black Eyed Peas on stage at the half-time show of the 2005 Grey Cup, also 2 video clips of Fergie - one from the Maxim 100 and another of her holding/shaking her breasts.  DEC.19 - 102 vidcaps of sexy Scarlett Johansson in "The Island" - great facial shots and in tight jumpsuit, as well as a bunch of movie clips of her (bottom of each page).  8 pics of Elizabeth Berkley as well as a ton of hot movie clips of her.  DEC.18 - 69 photos of Tara Reid as well as 3 more clips of her, 5 more video clips of Gina Gershon nude in various movies, new video clip of Rachel Stevens showing her beautiful breasts off in a bikini top,  39 photos of "Buffy" star Alyson Hannigan at varoius events.  DEC.17 - 199 vidcaps of Jessica Alba in "Fantastic 4" - wicked body, cleavage, and behind-the-scenes.  DEC.16 -  NOTICE:  I'm redoing the way movie clip thumbnails display because I'll be adding a LOT of clips now that the credit system has been implemented.  You as an end user should not notice any changes, but on the server end things will be a lot more organized.  While this re-structuring is taking place there might not be a lot of updates done, so please bare with me (I have to go through *EVERY* index page on the site - hundreds and hundreds - one by one to make the changes.  But it will allow for MUCH easier adding of movie clips in the future.  DEC.12 - 158 vidcaps of the hard bodied morning workout babes DEC.11 - 18 photos of Eliza Dushku as well as 2 movie clips of her - one kissing Angela Featherstone with lots of tongue in "Soul Survivors" and another that is a long compilation of photos and videos of her in bikinis (all her vids are available at the bottom of her picture pages)  DEC.08 - added a hires movie clip of Katie Downs from the DVD extras of "Deuce Bigalo 2: European Gigalo" where she plays the sexy window washer, with a sheer white t-shirt that's wet showing off her erect nipples.  HOT!  DEC.06 - 85 hires pictures of Canadian vixen Emmanuelle Chriqui from different events.  DEC.04 - 60 hires pics of Harry Potter enchantress Emma Watson.  DEC.02 - 26 more candids of Kelly Brook in bikini on the beach while on holiday, 35 candids of Eva Longoria in bikini bon beach, DEC.01 - 1 more GMan collage of Kelly Brook - perfect topless on beach (the last photo on that page), 60 hires photos of Charlize Theron in "Aeon Flux", NOV.30 - 65 caps of Kate Hudson from "The Skeleton Key" - nude from back, great legs/ass shots in underwear, wet etc. 7 hires photos of Kelly Brook topless on beach at Saint Bart with Billy Zane (he gets all the girls) NOV.27 - 98 caps of ex model turned chef/caterer Bridget Vezina, 52 caps of the babes of BreakfastTV, 60 photos of Kate Bosworth with some nice ones of her candid on the beach, and some anorexic ones of her in grey outfit (yechh),  145 photos of British pop singer Rachel Stevens NOV.26 - 120 photos of Paris Hilton - candid, photoshoots, and lots more - as well as 3 more movie clips of her, 50 hi res photos of Jessica Alba in a sexy red dress that shows off her perfect body at Voto Latino, 61 photos of everyone's favorite Borg Jeri Ryan in lots of sexy shots, as well as 3 movie clips of her, 39 hires caps of busty Nikki CoxNOV.22 - 98 vidcaps of Jessica Biel in "Stealth" - beautiful face, perfect body in bikini, more.  As well as 4 more video clips of her (see clips on image pages) NOV.19 - 53 hires photos of Nicole Kidman in all sorts of photo shoots, 53 caps of Nicole Kidman in "Bewitched" as well as a bunch of sexy movie clips of her.  NOV.15 - 300 photos of tennis star / superhottie Maria Sharapova, WE'VE PASSED 30,000 ONLINE PHOTOS!  132 vidcaps of the workout girls going strong.  NOV.12 - Wow, I'M APPROACHING 30,000 PICTURES!  218 photos of Scarlett Johannson from all sorts of different places with some HOT body shots in this update, as well as 2 sexy movie clips of her (available at the bottom of each of her gallery pages).  NOV.11 - 18 photos of German "Lexx" beauty Xenia Seeberg (last 18 on page).  NOV.07 - big Kelly Brook update - 316 pics of this busty British babe in all sorts of poses - photo-shoots, premieres, vidcaps, and she *finally* let some nude shots of her be taken! - and 4 HOT nude video clips of her.  NOV.06 - 119 vidcaps of gorgeous blonde Alison Doody in "King Solomon's Mines" (2004) - too bad she doesn't do more.  (you might remember her from Indiana Jones: Last Crusade), 67 pics of sexy Roselyn Sanchez.  NOV.05 - 3 superhot video clips of Stacy Keibler, 100 pics of Lindsay Lohan - candid with cleavage, hard nipples, bikini, etc.  Lots of good ones in this update.  78 photos of busty Christina Ricci.  NOV.04 - 63 photos of Kelly Ripa with some nice hires ones and collages of her showing off her killer body.  NOV.03 - Movie clip of Halle Berry practically bobbling out of her brawless low-cut dress on "The Tonight Show", Movie clip of wrestling babe Stacy Keibler stripping down to her thong and showing her long legs/ass in this stripstease.  NOV.1 - short movie clip of Jennifer Ellison on talk show showing off some killer cleavage, 31 vidcaps of Paris Hilton in "House of Wax" as well as a movie clip of her in that movie doing a sexy strip tease.  51 photos of French supermodel/superbabe Laetitia Casta hard nipples in bikini, see-through, more. 47 hires caps and photos of Halle Berry topless in "Swordfish", legs, bikini, etc., 111 hires photos of Alyssa Milano at premiers, photoshoots, candid. 

OCT.30 - 66 caps of Elisha Cuthbert in "House of Wax".  OCT.28 - 15 caps of sci-fi beauty Kim Poirier hosting "Hypaspace", Movie clip of Michelle Trachtenberg in "Eurotrip" from a deleted scene where she rubs her chest with a pop can, 11 HDTV caps of Larysa Harapyn (entertainment show presenter), 16 HDTV caps of Catherine Zeta Jones on "Ellen".  OCT.26 - 36 caps of sexy scarlet Kari Byron in bikini top and lookin good on "Mythbusters", 12 photos of luscious Scarlett Johansson posing nice.  OCT.24 - 50 sexy hires pics of Jennifer Lopez as well as  a movie clip of her topless in "U-Turn".  OCT.23 - Sorry for the delay in updates, been busy.  22 pictures of Rebecca Romijn from various sources, 71 photos of Mandy Moore with some nice hi-res ones of her bra-less and hardnipples, and a see-through photo showing nipple.  16 hiresphotos of Maria Menounos (last 16 on that page) as well as a movie clip of her showing off her perfect natural breasts, 62 vidcaps of the morning workout girls, 101 photos of Kate Hudson - at premieres, candid, covers, etc.  27 vidcaps of Mythbusters babe Kari Byron, 24 photos of Lacey Chabert, 135 scans and photos of Italian beauty Monica BellucciOCT.17 - 19 photos of model/actress Sofia Vergara as well as 4 more movie clips of her.  76 HDTV caps of Michelle Trachtenberg in "EuropTrip" - ass, bikini top, etc, 21 hires photos of Vanessa Marcil OCT.16 - 2 movie clips of Canadian blonde bombshell Stefanie von Pfetten lesbian scenes in "The L Word", 87 photos of Christina Aguilera with some NICE candids of her in various places, as well as photoshoots, as well as 4 hot movie clips of her.  35 caps of blonde hottie Kim Poirier topless in "The Rats" as well as hosting TV sci-fi news show, and 2 nice clips of her lesbian action in "Decoys", 27 more caps of Jessica Alba in "Into the Blue" - bikini, hard nipples, crazy body, 90 vidcaps of Melissa George in "Amityville Horror" and 21 photos of Melissa George from various sources, 188 pics of Jessica Simpson - all sorts (there are probably a couple dupes from previous pages but this update was so huge I didn't want to accidentally delete something that wasn't already online) as well as a sexy clip of Jessica Simpson jiggling her boobs.  OCT.1 - 108 vidcaps of Jennifer Love Hewitt in "Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber" with lots of cleavage shots, 38 vidcaps of Canadian blonde bombshell Stephanie Von Pfetten in the same movie - bikini, cleavage, face of a godess, 7 hires photos of Shania Twain (last 7 on that page), 22 vidcaps of Jessica Simpson cleavage while promoting "Dukes of Hazzard" at MuchMusic.  33 caps of Canadian country singer super beautiful Shania Twain - some older caps of one of her vids.  Perfect body.  SEP.30 - 18 vidcaps of Charlize Theron on the "Oprah" show.  SEP.29 - 41 vidcaps of "Radio Free Rosco" (TV) babe Julia Alexander (she plays "Grace"), 69 vidcaps of hot beach volleyball babes, Jessica Alba's beautiful body in "Into the Blue".  SEP.28 - Hilary Duff turned 18 today! (wow, I thought she was already like 19 or 20)  Oh well, Happy Birthday Hilary.  SEP.27 - Hear of the new thing called the "Internet" ? Sounds cool!  (I like the part where he says people on "Internet" practice restraint without cursing or swearing...  WHAT THE FUCK is that all about??)  SEP.26 - 133 photos of Carmen Electra: candid, posing in lingerie, nude, and vidcaps.  3 hires photos of Jessica Alba at "Into the Blue" premiere and "Sin City" vidcaps collage.  SEP.24 - 42 hires photos of Brazilian supermodel/superbabe Gisele Bundchen at premieres, candied, and photo shoots.  40 pictures and some vidcaps of Denise Richards in photo shoots, candid, and from "Wild Things", 98 pictures including lots of vidcap collages, nude, lesbian, etc. of Chloe Sevigny including an all-new HI-RES and LONG version of Chloe giving head in "Brown Bunny".  SEP.22 - 107 of young French singer Alizee - perfect body, perfect face.  Too bad she doesn't learn English and do some movies! 110 photos of Madonna, with lots of nudes, candids, and other.  As well as another movie clip of her giving head to a bottle..   SEP.21 - 90 various photos of Britney Spears candid pregnant, photoshoots, and other.  147 vidcaps of Canadian Idol (2005).  35 vidcaps of CNN sex kitten Betty Nguyen.  I can't seem to change the channel when she's on.  SEP.18 - 76 vidcaps of Australian superhottie Naomi Watts in "The Ring Two" - she's the type of woman that you could find just woken up in the morning, no make-up, and find it IMPOSSIBLE to take a bad picture of.  7 photos including a NICE bikini montage of Emily VanCamp's perfect young body, 25 vidcaps of Canadian cutie Emily VanCamp in "The Ring Two", SEP.16 - 209 photos, mostly hires, of perfect-bodied perfect-lipped, gorgeous faced Jessica Alba - there might be some dupes in these from previous posts but I tried to go through and remove anything that looked familiar, but we currenctly have over *1200* photos of Jessica Albal alone so it's hard to memorize exactly what's already online and what isn't.  43 super sexy hi-res photos of pro-wrestling diva Torrie Wilson in lots of skimpy bikini shots, as well as a movie clip of her in a Diva contest where cutie Stacy Keibler licks between her tits!  SEP.13 - 80 vidcaps of Monica Bellucci in "Spy Bound".  Damn movie was all in French but she did a nice strip scene in it when she was being admitted to prison, stripped down in front of a guard, then got the rubber glove :P  SEP.9 - 63 vidcaps of the hot girls in "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary" some very pretty and curvy women in this one  SEP.7 - 72 pics of model turned actress Angie Everhart from various sources, mostly older.  34 pics including vidcaps of Hudson Leick - she was "Callisto" on the TV show "Xena: Warrior Princess" as well as a movie clip of her topless in "Denial".  14 pics of actress Amy Smart with some nice hi-res candids, 16 pics of gorgeous Canadian country/pop singer Shania Twain, 50 photos of British beauty Keira Knightley at different photo shoots, 38 pictures of Italian superhottie Monica Bellucci.  59 photos with some hires ones of Paris Hilton in everything from candid on the beach in bikini, to lingerie at parties, to dressed up.  40 killer photos of Jennifer Ellison - young, blonde, big breasts.  SEP.6 - Sorry, been away for a few days fishing.  73 photos of Christina Aguilera - some really NICE hires ones here, and some of her bra-less tits with nipple ring.  SEP.3 - 73 photos of Natalie Portman including her with a shaved head, candid in bikini on the beach and more, 41 photos of Jennifer Lopez, 89 photos of Angelina Jolie, lots of candids.  SEP.2 - 89 photos of Mexican hotty Salma Hayek at various events and photoshoots, 80 pics of "Alias" star Jennifer Garner showing some nice cleavage, leggy, and more.  37 photos of "Lost" beauty Evangeline Lilly, Movie clip of Angelina Jolie's lesbian kiss with Elizabeth Mitchell in "Gia", Hot movie clip of Alyssa Milano doing a lap dance in "Charmed".  SEP.1 - 37 photos and hires vidcaps from HDTV of Elisha Cuthbert, 114 hires photos of Eva Longoria from various photoshoots, 46 hires photos of Carmen Electra: blonde wig and bikini, on stage in lingerie, and more.  AUG.31 - 11 vidcaps of Azalea Davila topless in "Primal Fear".  AUG.30 - 96 vidcaps of Quinn from "Inked" - she's the hot and giddy blonde bombshell receptionist on this A&E show.  51 montage pics of Jessica Simpson including a nice one of her with hard nipples, and another candid of her holding her tits.  81 vidcaps of photos of Hilary Swank - nice see-through top, pokies, nude in movies, 19 hires photos of Eva Mendes showing off some nice cleavage and her beautiful face.  AUG.29 - 65 vidcaps of Victoria Nestorowicz in "Radio Free Rosco", 76 vidcaps of Kate Todd in "Radio Free Rosco" as well as a news clip, 23 caps of Michelle Trachtenberg showin off her tight body in "Eurotrip", 73 vidcaps of cutie Hilary Duff from "Lizzy McGuire" (TV), AUG.27 - 97 photos of Rachel Bilson, 92 hires pics of British beauty Rachel Stevens, 29 pics of Kirsten Dunst with some nice hires photos, as well as a movie clip of her in "Crazy Beautiful" where you can see up her loose shirt.  AUG.26 - 100 pics of model Laetitia Casta showing off her curves, 34 pics of "Law & Order" and "Crossing Jordan" star Jill Hennessy as well as 2 sexy movie clips of her lesbian scenes.  AUG.25 - Added the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee home video to the movie clips section,  53 hires pics of model Pampita

AUG.24 - 76 hires pics of Paris Hilton, 143 hires pics of Lindsay Lohan, most of them candid shots of her from out and about, 36 caps by someone else of Annie Sorell and Alicia Loren (twin sisters) topless shower scene in "Cruel Intentions 2", AUG.23 - 55 hires photos of Anna Kournikova, 132 sexy photos of Jessica Simpson - photoshoots and candid, 117 pics of athletic super-beauty Jessica Biel, 67 pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt with some nice hi-res ones of her curvy body.  AUG.22 - 240 *awesome* pictures of Jessica Alba - PERFECT body on the beach (same as pics before but much higher resolution) and lots more hires candid pics - these pics take up almost 50 megs!, 57 sexy shots of Halle Berry, 54 hi res pictures of Hilary Duff - some nice see-through shirt (wearing bra), bikini, and open cleavage pics!  AUG.21 - 36 hi-res photos of Brittany Murphy, 25 caps of Olivia d'Abo in tights in "Flying" - she's always been a cutie!  AUG.20 - 77 hires pics of supermodel Rebecca Romijn in lots of sexy shots, short clip of Clea duVall necking with Natasha Lyonne in "But I'm a Cheerleader", *hot* hires movie clip of Olivia d'Abo laying topless on the bed making out with another girl in "Live Nude Girls" - remember here?  She was "Prince Jehnna" in Conan the Destroyer! (but has been in other numerous films as well), nice short movie clip of Britney Murphy's sexy lesbian kiss with Joanne Vannicola in "Common Ground", 80 hires photos of model/actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, 42 photos of Paris Hilton, 21 hires pictures of kid's TV host turned bad girl Elisha Cuthbert, 77 photos of Carmen Electra, 60 pictures of Eva Longoria with some hot ones of her in a pink bikini..  AUG.19 - 69 pictures with some really nice hi-resolution photos of Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen showing off her *perfect* body, as well as 2 more movie clips of her.  55 pictures of English lass Kate Beckinsale in some sexy poses as well as 2 hot lesbian movie clips of her!  40 montage pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt's killer body from various movies and shows, - 25 montage pics of Canadian beauty Elisha Cuthbert, AUG.18 - 9 pictures of Charlize Theron lookin like Marylin Monroe, 9 sexy photos of Jennifer Garner showing some nice curves, 7 hi-res- photos of Alyssa Milano, 33 *HI-RES* photos of gorgeous Emmanuelle Chriqui, 49 photos of "Stealth" star Jessica Biel including her superhot nude photoshoot (I can't believe I didn't have those online before!), 21 sexy pictures of Angela Taylor added to the Vault (she's the hot model in the "Bumfights" videos), 21 pictures of Hilary Swank with nude screencaps as well as movie premiere shots.  AUG.17 - 36 pictures of Thandie Newton nude in lots of movies - in case you don't know her name, she was the hot Necromonger chick in "Chronicles of Riddick" and the sexy thief in Mission Impossible 2.  45 caps of British babe Alice Evans in swimsuit, nude sex scene, from "Fascination", 172 pictures of French supergoddess Alizee - screencaps, PERFECT body on the beach, and tons more, 20 pictures of Monica Bellucci - pregnant, nude.  26 vidcaps of that blonde superhottie tutor Natalie Riedmann in "Tommy Lee Goes to College" as well as 6 photos of her (update: Natalie Riedman photos removed at the request of network).  24 pictures of Jessica Biel at various premieres and events, 6 pictures of Canadian cutie Victoria Nestorowicz (thanks Vicki)  AUG.15 - 7 photos of Jessica Biel in a tight shirt showing off her curves, 21 photos with some nice topless shots of Chloe Sevigny, 41 photos of Pamela Anderson - awesome cleavage, with Lindsay "Bones" Lohan, tanning in bikini, etc., 27 photos including some hot candid topless shots of Elizabeth Hurley, 32 pics of the always beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui (mostly movie caps), 18 pics of gorgeous Brazilian babe Gisele Bundchin.  AUG.14 - 21 pictures of Monica Bellucci topless, see-through, cleavage, etc., 228 photos of former "Sliders" star Kari Wuhrer as well as 11 movie clips of her!, 49 vidcaps of Linda Hardy in "Immortel" - see-through sheer top, sex scenes, topless showing her perfec tits (she was also Miss France 1992).  AUG.13 - 40 montage vidcaps of Jessica Alba, AUG.12 - sexy movie clip of French superbabe Alizee performing on stage for some TV show, 28 vidcaps of Sunny Mabrey and her nice cleavage in "XXX: State of the Union", 22 vidcaps of "I Want To Look Like Tammy Faye Baker" actress Tara Reid in "The Crow: Final Prayer", 18 vidcaps of Emmanuelle Chriqui in "The Crow: Final Prayer" AUG.11 - 20 pics of Britney Spears el-prego, upskirt, bikini.  CLICK HERE for a hot photoshoot video of Star Trek's Jolene Blalock, CLICK HERE for a photoshoot vid of Sofia Vergara, 76 candid photos of Jessica Alba lookin PERFECT in a yellow bikini o nthe beach, AUG.10 - 10 vidcaps of Jessica Biel in nice blue bikini in "Stealth", 131 high quality vidcaps of Jessica Biel in "Blade: Trinity" as well as some very sexy behind the scenes caps, as well as 5 movie clips of her - click here for a free one!  (Make sure you have WinRAR to exctract it)  Hot movie clip of Jessica Simpson in a sheer white shirt that shows her tits nicely, 21 vidcaps of Parker Posey as a vampire in "Blade: Trinity", AUG.9 - 31 pics of Cara Wakelin from magazine shoots, 19 vidcaps of Canadian playmate Cara Wakelin from a show on the Playboy mansion.  AUG.8 - 3 vidcap compilations of blonde Canadian hottie Kim Poirier hosting on Space.  Movie clip of Sharon Stone and Ellen Degeneres making out in bed in "If These Walls Could Talk 2", 18 caps of Jessica Simpson performing on Conan O'Brien.  AUG.7 - 83 caps of the hard-bodied cheerleaders in "Man of the House" (Christina Milian, Paula Garces, Monica Keena, Vanessa Ferlito, Kelli Garner)  AUG.6 - 25 vidcaps of Rosario Dawson's nice large breastisises in "Alexander", 33 vidcaps of Angelina Jolie in "Alexander".  AUG.5 - 15 caps of Discovery hottie Shannon Bentley, 33 nudes of Jaime Pressly in various photo shoots, 5 SEXY movie clips of blonde vixen Jaime Pressly in various movies.  44 caps of Hilary Duff in Lizzy McGuire (TV), movie clip of Tara Reid's shoulder strap falling off during a photo shoot.  AUG.4 - Movie clip of some nice girl-girl action between Holly Hunter and Deborah Unger as they make out in the back seat of a car in "Crash".  AUG.3 - 37 vidcaps of singer trying to turn actress Jessica Simpson on Leno, 16 vidcaps of British blonde beauty Dido at "Live 8", 5 pics of Mariah Carey with nipple slip, 15 caps of singer  Mariah Carey live on stage at Live 8.  AUG.1 - 93 pics of super gorgeous model Elisabetta Canalis with some hot headshots from a talk show.  JUL.31 - 25 more pics of leggy beauty Maria Sharapova, 29 pics of Mariah Carey with lots of nice candid shots of her in lingerie and bikini, 41 photos of Katie Holmes as well as 2 nice movies of her.  JUL.29 - 58 caps of gorgeous "Lost" star Evangeline LillyJUL.27 - Sorry boys and girls - I've been away for a couple days catching some nice bass but I'm back.  38 candid photos of Britney Spears el-preg-o, 11 nice candid photos of Jennifer Garner / "Bennifer" see-through top, hard nipples, pregnant, 15 nice candid photos of Cameron Diaz showing off her tight body in a bikini on the beach, as well as topless.  JUL.24 - 100 pics of athlete Maria Sharapova - this puts AT OVER 20,000 ONLINE PICTURES!  JUL.22 - 50 more pics of leggy tennis star Maria Sharapova

JUL.21 - 31 caps of Diane Lane and some nice cleavage on the Tonight Show.  JUL.20 - 20 caps of that busty blonde beauty that Leno was interviewing during a skit for his show last night - not a lot of brains in her head but with 5 kids already, you know what she was built for. 150 more photos on 6 more pages of tennis beauty Maria SharapovaUL.19 - 16 vidcaps of TV host Larysa Harapyn on a special on Miami, 18 vidcaps of CNN hottie Betty Nguyen JUL.18 - 16 more modeling pics of Luba lookin sexy added to the Vault, 50 caps of busty blonde beauty Pamela Anderson from "VIP".  JUL.17 - 18 caps of brunette beauty Victoria Nestorowicz from the TV show "Radio Free Rosco", 49 caps of the contestants of "Fear Factor", 16 caps of CNN beauty Betty Nguyen, 36 caps of Megan Ward with a nice girl-girl kissy kissy scene in "Tick Tock" - if Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ashley Judd, and Elizabeth Shue all had a sister, it would be Megan Ward - she resembles all of them :P  30 caps of the morning workout girls.   JUL.14 - 76 pics and caps of singer Anastacia showing off her body with some nude pics too, 33 nice pics of Jessica Alba, 867 photos in part 1 of massive update of tennis hotty Maria Sharapova - hard nipples, cleavage, long tanned legs, gorgeous face and everything else of her!  Over 900 more photos of her to come!  JUL.12 - 53 photos of Rebecca Gayheart in various locations - some nice candid nudes of her!  Wow, with a body like that it's a wonder why she hasn't done more nude scenes to show herself off!  26 photos with somce nice nudes of New Zealand beauty Rachel Hunter, Nice small clip of Kate Beckinsale walking around topless in "Uncovered".  JUL.11 - 66 vidcaps of super sexy Larysa Harapyn (host: Star!TV and others) as she does a show about the Playboy mansion - even some hot vidcaps of a photo shoot she did there! 15 hot photos of TV host / supergodess Larysa Harapyn, 29 awesome cleavage shots of Scarlett Johansson, 30 vidcaps of Agnes Buckner in bikini top in "Blue Car" JUL.10 - 24 hot pics of Melissa Midwest added to the Vault.  JUL.09 - 8 clear caps of Christina Ricci's nice full nude scene in "Prozac Nation", 11 hi-res photos from Jessica Simpson's "Dukes of Hazzard" calendar showing off some great cleavage.  JUL.08 - 89 photos of Stephanie Beecham - she had a guest appearance on a Star Trek: TNG episode playing the "Countess Regina Barthalomew".  She's still wicked sexy. Nice nude clip of Kate Beckinsale in "Haunted", 2 topless movie clips of Charlize Theron added.  JUL.07 - 10 sexy nudes of former model and former Rod Stewart wife Rachel Hunter (last 10 on page), 50 photos of leggy blonde tennis beauty Maria Sharapova in lots of revealing shots as well as 2 clips of her in action, and 6 more caps of her from a commercialJUL.05 - 110 photos of Paris Hilton - see-through, bikini, candid, lots in this update!  10 candid photos of Mandy Moore going to some even and tanning in bikini on beach, Hot clip of Denise Richards and Neve Campbell necking in the pool in "Wild Things" (yet another clip of those 2!)  JUL.04 - Happy Independence Day to all you Yankees who visit!  15 hot candid photos of Kate Beckinsale in bikini on the beach, and other locations. JUL.02 - 36 pics of curvy Jessica Simpson at premiers, photo shoots, candid getting out of card and walking around town as well as 2 movie clips of her.  33 pics of skin-and-bones Lindsay Lohan in various stages of her wasting away, 24 photos of former NFL cheerleader gone model Bonnie Jill Lalflin in bikini and other pics, 45 pics of Karina Lombard making out with another girl, nude, photo shoots, etc.  I just found out that she was the hot Native girl in "Legends of the Fall" !  JUL.01 - Happy Canada Day to all you Canuck hosers out there who visit Zodcaps!  Lots of movie clips of Monica Bellucci added, as well as 2 sexy clips of the girls of the Russian band "Tatu" kissing on stage.  JUN.30 - 24 photos of Italian hottie Elisabetta Canalis with her perfect tits.  25 pics of blonde hottie Amy Smart in various places including her hot undressing scene in "Road Trip" as well as a movie clip of that scene.  JUN.29 - 34 caps of Russian American tennis hottie Maria Sharapova from yesterday's Wimbledon match.  30 caps of blonde beauty Mika Boorem (you might remember her from "Blue Crush" in "Sleepover".  JUN.28 - 55 pics of "celebrity nobody" Traci Bingham.  Some pics looks like the photographer was going for quantity not quality but there's some nice ones in there.  Why she's even a celebrity I have no idea.  15 pics of busty British brown-eyed beauty Kelly Brook, 27 photos of Pamela Anderson in some skanky looking situations.  14 vidcaps of brown-eyed beauty Paula Marshall from "Veronica Mars".  People asked before why I put her up from "Cheaper by the Dozen" but I think she's absolutely gorgeous.  28 vidcaps of newcomer Kristen Bell from the TV show "Veronica Mars".  Hopefully I'll have a lot more of her on here in the future.  JUN.26 - 27 vidcaps of some hot girls on Fear Factor - really gorgeous blonde!  28 vidcaps of British hottie Keira Knightley in "The Jacket" - nude in both, topless love scene, headshots.  JUN.25 - 2 small but HOT movie clips of Nikki Cox showing off her amazing cleavage and with hard nipples added to the movie section.  JUN.24 - 19 caps of gorgeous Vanessa Marcil in "Las Vegas", 24 caps of Nikki Cox in "Las Vegas" wit LOTS of cleavage.  JUN.21 - Thanks to RedDragonCelebs for a lot of the pics in the update today:  20 pics of British blonde curvy beauty Jennifer Ellison showing off her body.  34 photos of supermodel Heidi Klum - some nice see through and hi-res pics!  22 *sexy* pics of Cheryl Tweedy on stage, 16 photos of former "No Doubt" singer Gwen StefaniJUN.20 - 115 photos of Lindsay Lohan - bikini, nipple slip, photo shoots, and lots more!  Also added 2 sexy movie clips of Lindsay Lohan.  JUN.19 - 24 caps of Star Trek - Enterprise hard body babe Jolene Blalock in an episode where a long-haired blonde alien hottie comes on to her in her quarters and starts rubbing her body.  Jolene's character gets very turned on!  Also a movie clip of this!  44 caps of Kate Todd from the TV show "Radio Free Rosco", 32 *hot* caps of SUPERBEAUTY January Jones in "Anger Management" - awesome cleavage, gorgeous face, kiler body, kissing another girl!  Also get the movie clip of it!  15 caps of Hilary Duff from the TV show "Lizzy McGuire". 

JUN.17 - 53 photos of the ever-beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones looking... beautiful.. 25 pics of singer Avril Lavigne in bikini on beach and others, JUN.15 - 14 pics of hard-bodied Girls Aloud member Cheryl Tweedy, 17 hi-res scans of wrestling babe Stacy Kiebler, 16 clear pics of Jessica Alba.  JUN.14 - 30 pics (lots of caps) of Charisma Carpenter off various shows.  Some nice cleavage shots.  JUN.13 - 23 caps of former "90210" beauty Kathleen Robertson in XX/XY with some nice girl-girl kiss scenes and her sucking off a popsicle.  59 caps from the babes of the morning workout shows, 31 caps of Jennifer Connelly from "Requiem for a Dream" (depressing movie!) having sex with a double-ended dildo with another girl in front of a crowd.  JUN.12 - 17 caps of Hilary Duff in "A Cinderella Story, 43 caps of Ashley Scott in "Walking Tall": stripping, nice body / cleavage, 27 caps of Monica Bellucci being anal raped and having sex on bed in "Irreversible".  JUN.10 - 37 hot photos of Mariah Carey showing off nice cleavage and curves!, 16 pics of perfect bodied Vika and 18 pics of beautiful Luba added to the Vault, 13 caps of Jennifer Ellison in "Phantom of the Opera", 19 pics of Tara Reid lookin HOT and some nudes of her in movies, but man does she look BAD when she's wasted (but don't we all...), 16 pics of Scarlett Johansson and her nice cleavage.   JUN.09 - 197 pics of Jessica Alba lookin great - some very nice ones at the end of her in a see-through sheer dress!  Movie clip of Jordana Brewster and Sara Foster making out a bunch of times in the movie "DEBS".  90 vidcaps of the girls of "DEBS" (mostly Jordana Brewster and Sara Foster)  With this update Zodcaps has just passed 17000 pictures online!  JUN.08 - 24 photos of Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy in outfits that shows off her tight body, 20 pics of Victoria Beckham, some nice candid ones of her tanning topless.  Thanks to Reddragoncelebs for these updates.  JUN.07 - Awesome update today:  44 vidcaps of Mayko Nguyen from the TMN tv show "Regenesis" (great show!), 155 vidcaps of the 2 hotties in "Wild Things 3: Diamonds in the Rough" - their killer hard bodies, hard nipples, nude, girl-on-girl, and lots more!  Also 3 *VERY HOT* movie clips of these 2 girls making out with each other!  JUN.06 - *250* pics of superbeauty Elisha Cuthbert.  Some really nice pics in this one - sexy, hard nipples, awesome cleavage, etc.  JUN.05 - 24 candid pics of Britney Spears picking out a wedgy, in bikini, pregnant, etc..., VERY graphic movie clip of Chloe Sevigny giving head in movie "The Brown Bunny", 25 photos of various origin of Chloe Sevigny, 9 candid photos of Claudia Schiffer strutting around topless.  She's still got the body!  JUN.02 - 25 pics of Pamela Anderson large breasts, hard nipples, lookin hot on tv talk show.  14 pictures of Christina Ricci in provocative poses, hard nipples, see-through tops.  JUN.01 - HOT movie clip of Smallville's sexy Kristin Kreuk stripping down by the pool to show off her KILLER body, 62 pictures of super sexy Elisha Cuthbert in various locations.  Hot clip of "Wild Things" star Denise Richards as she gets turned on reading a book and slips her hand under her pants to masturbate on the couch in "The Life".  Also 21 caps of Denise Richards from the same movie.  MAY.31 - Congratulations to Natalie Glebova of Canada in winning the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand.  48 pics of her.  MAY.29 - 15 caps of sexy "Access Hollywood" host Nancy O'Dell with nice cleavage, 8 pics of blonde hottie Britanny Daniel in bikini top, hard body, cleavage, 14 pictures of british beauty Alice Evans (she was the girlfriend in "Blackball" - funny flick) from various sources, some topless, 39 caps of the Olsen twins in "New York Minute" MAY.27 - Well I'm back from vacation and it's time to get crackin.  19 caps of Diane Lane in "Judge Dredd", 20 caps of Kim Basinger in "The Door in the Floor" having sex with a young guy, 3 pics of Britney Spears in one of her usual skanky outfits, 32 vidcaps of former "La Femme Nikita" star Peta Wilson in movies (naked, making out with another girl), 9 caps of the new rotation of morning workout girls, 15 awesome hi-res shots of Kirsten Dunst falling out of her swim top in public (finally a neckit shot of her!)  APR.23 - 108 pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt, some see-thru shots, LOTS of pics of her flaunting her great cleavage as well as a bunch of movie clips of her, and everything in between. 16 pics of a perfect body blonde removing her clothes on the ski slopes!, 15 shots of nice perfect tanned body into the Vault,  21 photos of former Playmate Neriah Davis in a photo shoot with *another girl!*  Wow!,  12 shots of 2 friendly girls having fun in the mud, 10 sexy pics of Mariah Carey in skimpy lingerie type outfit, 16 pictures of Susha and her friend Leka in the Vault, 12 pictures of a brunette hottie added toeh Vault, 15 shots of sexy nude blonde model, 20 nice photos of young model Geline added to the Vault.  APR.22 - 22 caps of the babes of Fear Factor from their Miss USA show, 23 caps of hot Canadian blonde Reagan Pasternak in "In a Heartbeat", 8 caps of blonde bimbo Tara Reid showing cleavage at the 2004 Billboard awards, 4 caps of Britney Spears in a semi-see-through outift at the 2004 Billboard Awards, 17 caps of a couple of Discovery Channel girls, SPR.21 - 24 various pics of everyone's favorite Vulcan:  Jolene Blalock (Star Trek "Enterprise" ), 17 caps of blonde hottie Kate Todd in "Radio Free Roscoe", 47 vidcaps of the party documentary "The Real Cancun" - man that Laura girl was hot!, 44 pics of sexy "The OC" star Rachel Bilson showing off her nice body.  APR.19 - 5 caps of Rosario Dawson in "Sin City", 17 caps of Jaime King topless in "Sin City", 17 caps of Carla Gugino topless in "Sin City", 2 hot movie clips of Baywatch star Traci Bingham showing off her hard body while pouring water over it, 57 sexy pics of Traci Bingham in various poses.  APR.15 - 90 hi-resolution photos of 24/Girl-Next-Door beauty Elisha Cuthbert, 28 more pics of Paris Hilton (some very explicit!), 11 pictures of Jaime Pressly showing off her athletic body on stage (she used to be a gymnast you know!), 14 pics of Christina Aguilera with Sharon Stone, cleavage, and more.  Thanks to Red Dragon's yahoo group for many of the pics.  APR.11 - 102 pictures of the ever beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones - topless in early movies, great ass shots, looking naughty, and awesome cleavage!

APR.10 - 55 caps of the 2 babes from my new favorite morning workout show APR.09 - 16 caps of Anna Kournikova in a sexy SI photo shoot, 120 photos of Britney Spears:  cleavage, topless, sunbathing in bikini, with her sister, bum, hard nipples, etc.  APR.08 - 35 pictures of Natalie Portman, some modeling shots, paparazzi topless on the beach, and more.  APR.07 - 37 caps of a new morning workout show with a couple nice fitness babes APR.06 - 75 caps of "Alias" babe Jennifer Garner in "Elektra" showing cleavage, nice body, and finally a girl-on-girl kiss with superhottie Natassia Malthe!  19 caps of gorgeous Norway babe Natassia Malthe in "Elektra" lots of which kissing Jennifer Garner and also a *HOT* movie clip of Jennifer Garner kissing Natassia Malthe!!. APR.04 - 17 caps of the 4 hotties in various shots from "Mean Girls", 49 caps of busty redhead Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls", 46 caps of hot-body Lacey Chabert showing nice face, cleavage, and legs in "Mean Girls", 13 caps of Amanda Seyfried in "Mean Girls" - nice body, holding breasts!, 37 caps of Canadian hottie Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls" as well as a HOT movie clip of the 4 girls doing a SEXY Santa's helpers dance in skimpy Christmas costumes!, 10 caps of pretty brunette (at least she is in the movie) Lizzy Caplan in "Mean Girls", 14 caps of pretty blonde Alyson Michalka in "Phil of the Future" (TV).  APR.03 - 116 vidcaps of Natalie Portman in "Closer" - WOW!  Hard nipples, wearing only a g-string while stripping, spreading her legs, talking dirty, and lots more!  Also a great movie clip of this scene, as well as a clip of Julia Roberts talking about how she was fucked, what positions, the taste of cum, etc!  APR.01 - SEXY movie clip of supermodel Gisele Bundchen getting some lesbian feeling going on with Jennifer Espisito rubbing her tits and ass in front of cops in "Taxi".  MAR.28 - 32 *hot* new pictures of hard-bodied luscious-lipped Jessica Alba tanning on the beach (great ass!!) with her bikini top slightly lifted up, and various other photo shoots.  30 various pics of Carmen Electra scantily clad on the floor, various other nude and paparazzi pics, 54 more caps of the red carpet arrivals at the 2005 Academy Awards, 60 vidcaps of Canadian sex kitten Alycia Purrott in "Jailbait" (2000) - wicket face, schoolgirl look, amazing ass shots.  MAR.26 - *368* pictures of that Japanese wicked-assed wicked-bodied hottie from "2 Fast 2 Furious" (the one that drove that pink car) Devon Aoki: movie caps, modeling, nipple slips, open tops, see-through, great ass/leg shots, etc. MAR.25 - 14 caps of Jennifer Tilly in "Relative Evil" (2001) also known as "Ball in the Room".  Her character was pretty trashy so it was hard to get good caps of her in this one.  MAR.24 - 16 caps of Blanchard Ryan full nude, bikini, in "Open Water" (shitty movie), 44 caps of Paris Hilton in "The Hillz" - hard nipples, bikini, bikini crotch closeup, etc., MAR.23 - 19 original vidcaps of Canadian beauty Karen Cliche from the TV series "Adventure Inc", 30 sexy pictures of Brit superbabe Naomi Watts in see-through, cleavage and lots of other revealing photos, 2 very sexually explicit clips of Michelle Williams in some steamy nude lesbian scenes with Chloe Sevigny in "If These Walls Could Talk 2" - having her perfect breasts touched by Chloe as she lays on the bed, having her nipples sucked, kissing, etc..., 14 pics of Amy added to the Vault - more proof that there *is* such thing as a *perfect* natural body! MAR.22 - 63 *hot* and sexy pics (mostly caps) of former "Dawson's Creek" star Michelle Williams in LOTS of nude and lesbian scenes including caps from her sexy scene with Chloe Sevigny in "If These Walls Could Talk 2" where Chloe kiss her and sucked on her nipples and rubbed her crotch.  She needs to be in more movies!! 19 pics of former Baywatch "Acter" Traci Bingham in various poses showing off her her new inserts.  More of her (nudes) coming soon.  MAR.21 - Sarah Chalke sharing a nice lesbian kiss on prime-time TV show "Scrubs", 17 *HOT* pics of 2 gorgeous girls who are very friendly with each other, and gorgeous Brazilian Sandy (15 pics) added to the Vault.  Coming soon: some VERY graphic vidcaps of English beauty Samantha Morton in "Code 46" as well as other nice nudes from "Open Water" (shitty movie though)  Oh yah, also Jennifer Tilley in "Relative Evil" and Paris Hilton in "The Hillz" (Don't ask how I manage to find the worst movies ever made)... I've got them all on the 'puter I just have to cap them up.  I'm just in the process of getting food back into my stomach and getting up and about again after being couch-ridden for the last week or so with what was probably some kind of virus that will spread throughout the planet and destroy all life as we know it...  PS: If you know of any good movies that have some nice SEXY actresses is in the (nude or non-nude) please email me the titles so I can cap them up. MAR.15 - Sorry, been away on vacation the last few days.  32 caps of the morning workout girls in their  usual hard-bodied sexy poses, 30 caps of Newfoundlander beauty Joanne Kelly in "Going the Distance", 2 movie clips of Mayko Nguyen (she's one of the main acters in the TMN  TV series "ReGenesis" - one where she's being eaten out by a hot blonde farmer's daughter at the dinner table, and another were she's sucking off a popsicle in a store.  Also added 98 pictures of Mayko from "Going the Distance" in all sorts of scenes - sucking of a popsicle, topless in the water, great ass shots, bikini, etc..  MAR.09 - 56 caps of the girls from the new Fear Factor ripoff show "Endurance". 

MAR.07 - 19 original caps of a *gorgeous* girl working in the US army that I caught on some documentary on hi-tech warfare.  Tell me YOU could do your job working next to her all day!  37 original vidcaps from the 2005 Academy Awards - wow look at that cleavage Salma Hayek is sporting!  Whew!  72 pics of actress/model Josie Maran, 30 pics of super hot Cara, 16 pictures of a girl with her hands full, 16 pictures of *super hot wicked gorgeous* Hanna,  and 36 pictures of the hard bodied Reef Girls added to the Vault.  MAR.03 - 8 hi res pics of Canadian bombshell Pamela Anderson, 7 busty shots of killer cleavaging Jennifer Ellison, 14 nice candid shots of Brit actress Kate Beckinsale in a bikini frolicking on the beach with some guy - I never new she had such a nice set of breastisesiz!  6 more pics of Joss Stone at the Academy Awards, 45 pics of the young super-hottie singer Joss Stone FEB.18 - 21 photos of British beauty and former "S-Club 7" singer Rachel Stevens nude (with flowers), great cleavage and other hot body pics, 54 various pictures and vidcaps of Canadian actress/model Natasha Henstridge topless, full nude movie caps, and lots more.  Here's 9 candid photos of actress Claire Forlani ("Mallrats") topless on a beach, 12 pics of Elisha Cuthbert in a magazine shoot and premier, 9 caps of Jessica Biel in "Cellular".  Click here to leave feedback to Zodcaps.  FEB.17 - 50 pictures of Canadian super-hottie and one of, if not the, most beautifully perfect looking women in the world Shania Twain in various shots - mega cleavage, bikini tops, and lots more.  24 shots of singer Pink - bottomless, about to kiss another girl, topless with pierced nippes, and wearing thong underwear.  130 super sexy pictures of Christina Aguilera in everything from her early "innocent" years to shots of her in lingerie and handcuffs!,  61 various photos of super-bodied Josie Maran. FEB.16 - 23 caps of Angelina Jolie in "Life or Something Like It", FEB.14 - 45 photos of teen star Hilary Duff in lots of different poses with some nice cleavage and head shots!, 34 vidcaps of beautiful Jennifer Garner in "30 Going On 30".  FEB.13 - 49 pics of curvy Maria Menounos and her wonderful breastisises.  FEB.12 - lots of new pics today: 5 pages and 203 awesome pictures of Russian superbabe and sometimes tennis player Anna Kournikova in every shot imaginable... bikini shoots, nude candids, and everything in between!, 123 *very* nice pics of singer and "Newlyweds" star Jessica Simpson in all sorts of different poses showing lots of cleavage, 10 pics of sexy Keira Knightley on the set of a movie, 18 pictures of Lacey Chabert nude in a movie and some nice cleavage shots, 20 pictures of hot Ashton in a photo shoot, 16 pictures of Luba, and 14 pics of a very hot blonde in (and out of) lingerie added to the Vault FEB.11 - 40 more caps of the babes from Fear Factor, 62 vidcaps of Kari Wuhrer in "Vivid" - full nude, having her body painted, having sex doggie style, great topless shots and more!  FEB.09 - 9 pics of hardbodied singer/actress Stacy Ferguson, 7 pics of Rebecca Gayheart nippleslip and stripping off topless out of her bikini at the beach!  With a perfect body like that it's a shame she doesn't show it off more in movies!  35 pics of Canadian super hottie and "24" star Elisha Cuthbert from various sources, 11 pics of Russian tennis beauty Anna Kournikova caught at the beach pulling down her bikini bottoms!, 12 pics of curvy Scarlett Johansson at two events showing off her nice cleavage, 31 pics of french beauty Ludivine Sagnier topless and full nude in various movies (she even played the role of Tinker Bell in Peter Pan!), 19 pics of tanned Brigitta Kocsis, 124 pictures of sexy girl next door "Nikki" and 20 pictures of a gorgeous blonde stripping off her Bikini added to the VaultFEB.07 - 115 pics from 2 galleries of Zdenka and 41 pics of varoius *hot* women, 15 pics of 2 girls in the bath and 15 pictures of hottie Kandie getting naked outdoors added to The Vault, 30 vidcaps of british beauty Catherine Zeta Jones in "The Terminal".  Good movie but too bad she wasn't in it more.  FEB.06 - 10 vidcaps of those 2 young hotties on the show "Scooter Girls", 11 vidcaps of Trading Spaces host cutie Paige Davis, 8 vidcaps of Canadian sex kitten Lindy Booth from the TV show "Relic Hunter", 35 hot photos from various sources of sexy Eliza Dushku.  FEB.05 - 9 caps of South African beauty Charlize Theron stripping off her bikini top in "Reindeer Games", 6 caps of super gorgeous Elizabeth Banks in "Catch Me If You Can", 12 caps of Canadian bombshell Kate Todd from "Radio Free Rosco" (TV), 29 caps of young busty Canadian blonde beauty Mandy Schaffer on the TV show "Relic Hunter".  FEB.04 - 51 caps of Scarlett Johansson's nice lips, panties with open legs, and beautiful face in "The Perfect Score", 13 caps of the babes of "Daily Planet", 57 caps of those energetic hard bodied morning workout babes, 22 caps of the babes of TechTV, 61 caps and pics of super hottie long legged beautiful Kristin Holt hosting the TechTV show "Cheats", 25 pics of freak show Rose McGowan wearing pretty much nothing with the superfreak at the MTV Video Awards 1998, 22 pics of Tina Jordan and 12 pics of *HOT* bodied Angel added to the Vault.   FEB.02 - 129 hot sexy nudes of Dalene added to the Vault.  FEB.01 - 36 more pics of super bodied Cara in the Vault, 27 caps of the super hotties on the Discovery Channel TV show "Daily Planet", 53 *hot* vidcaps of Canadian beauty Neve Campbell in "When Will I Be Loved" - full nude shower scene, lesbian makout scene (with the hot blonde girl from Swim Fan) and nice doggy-style sex scene!  Also 3 movie clips of these added to the movie clips section!  JAN.31 - The Vault welcomes 12 pictures of perfect-bodied Cara JAN.29 - 16 photos of a hot blonde added to the Vault,  295 photos added to the Vault.  One set of a HOT bikini contest and another of hard bodied Madi Rose Fanelli.  112 caps of the sexy babes on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search TV reality show.  It sucks that Jenna got cut!  She was the best of the 4 that are left!  22 more caps of the morning workout girls.

JAN.28 - 2 hot clips of Jessica Alba, one 21 meg clip of her in "the Sleeping Dictionary" where she has her boob fondeled and gets fucked pretty hard in bed, and another 1.5 meg clip of her stripping off her shirt.  Both are on this page.  21 caps of Canadian beauty (and ex synchonized swimming champ!) Estella Warren in "Evil Remains" She actually plays a lesbian in the movie but unfortunately there's no girly-girly scenes :( JAN.27 - 106 caps of this year's sexy girls to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated's 40th Swimsuit Anniversary edition.  Nice shots of perfect bodies, bikinis, and body painting!  30 nice photo scans of Britain's "bad girl" Jordan naked, 88 caps of Halle Berry showing some killer cleavage in her black leather catwoman outfit.  JAN.18 - Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple weeks. Been off the computer for awhile.  'Will have lots of posts comingup soon.  JAN.6 - 14 cops of hot-bodied blonde Jaime Pressly in "Torque" (easiest the worst movie of 2004), as well as 12 caps of Monet Mazur from the same movie.  JAN.5 - 10 caps of Samantha Mathis topless with Christian Slater in "Pump Up the Volume", 9 caps of busty British cooking beauty Nigella Lawson making an appearance on some show,  23 caps of Elisha Cuthbert (the girl at the top of the site logo above) in her early career on a Canadian TV program called "Popular Mechanics for Kids"  JAN.2 - 158 hot pics of Christina Aguilera in lingerie, bikini, skimpy outfits on stage, etc. 

2004 :

DEC.31 - 39 photos of Brazilian superbabe Adriana Lima in various sexy shots,  6 caps of Catherine Zeta Jones with nice cleavage in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (coming out in January), 3 collage pics of Natalie Portman at various events as well as in her new movie "Closer"  DEC.28 - 62 caps of Keira Knightley in "King Arthur" - headshots, cleavage.  DEC.26 - Ho ho ho, 8 caps of Angelina Jolie from her upcoming moving "Mr. and Mrs. Smith), 29 caps of Elisha Cuthbert (the girl in the graphic at the top of this page) in her earlier years on the educational Canadian TV show "Popular Mechanics for Kids", 24 caps of a few babes from the "Fear Factor" TV show.  DEC.20 - 12 low-res caps of Canadian country/pop beauty Shania Twain from a CNN/People biography special, 44 caps of "In a Fix" hardbody host Jennie Lyn Bernston, 14 caps of Hilary Duff from the TV show Lizzy McGuire, DEC.17 - 42 more caps of the morning hardbody workout girls DEC.14 - We've officially passed the 10,000 picture mark!  34 vidcaps of "I, Robot" beauty Bridget Moynahan, 37 pics of Resident Evil: Apolcalypse goddess Sienna Guillory - pics from the movie, modeling, and some nice caps of her perfect bare butt!  16 montage caps of Kelly Ripa from various shows, 24 caps of Chloe Sevigny giving head and having sex in "The Brown Bunny" (very graphic - 18+ yrs of age only!), 5 new pics of superhottie Brittany Daniel at various events, DEC.11 - 71 various photos of Donald Trump's gorgeous and leggy blonde daughter Ivanka Trump  DEC.08 - We're closing in on 10,000 pictures!  34 amazing vidcaps of beautiful blonde Sunny Mabrey (you might recognize her from "A Midsummer's Night Rave") with her *perfect* ass and awesome boob job showing it all off in "Species 3", 28 *HOT* pics of super beauty newcomer Amelia Cooke topless, beautiful face, cleavage in "Species 3"  DEC.06 - 203 pics added today: 99 *hot* pics of Britney Spears from her Live in Miami concert with lots of flesh, and cleavage showing.  16 caps of brunette beauty Paula Marshall in "Cheaper by the Dozen",  9 caps of Hilary Duff in "Cheaper by the Dozen", 38 caps of singer/actress Mandy Moore in "Chasing Liberty" - stripping down nude, cleavage, etc.  41 various pictures of long-legged WWE babe Stacy Kiebler, lingerie, nude, nice ass shots.  DEC.05 - 3 composite pictures of "In a Fix" busty co-host Jennie Lyn Bernston workin hard, 31 modeling shots of European hotty Luba both alone and with another gorgeous blonde, 12 various pics of curvy beauty Katherine Heigl (last 12 on page), 19 caps of Kirsten Dunst in "Spiderman 2"  DEC.04 - 21 more caps of the morning workout girls.  DEC.03 - 7 caps of Jerry Seinfeld's beautiful wife Jessica sitting in the audience on Oprah, 76 caps of our morning workout babes, 17 caps of Canadian beauty and ex synchronized champion swimmer Estella Warren in "I Accuse", 32 caps of Amanda Bynes in "What a Girl Wants", NOV.27 - 19 caps of the beautiful Liverpool lass Amelia Warner in "Nine Lives", 3 caps of Paris Hilton from the same. NOV.26 - Yah it's been a long time since I did an update.  I tried moving the site to FortuneCity but I didn't have FTP access and since I moved I switched over to FrontPage 2003, so I guess since this site was made on the 2002 version, when I tried to upload the entire site, it garbled everything up.  So right now the server is hosted locally, and I'll be going back to a 100mbit/sec dedicated server.  20 more caps of the morning workout beauties, 32 caps of blonde beauty Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" lesbian kiss, hard full nude sex, and of course the famous leg crossing.  22 caps of morning hottie Kelly Ripa in "Hope & Faith" lookin good and about to get it on with her sister :)  NOV.10 - 49 caps of hard-body Brittany Daniel in "Club Dread" - lots of nice bikini pictures, see through bikini top, gorgeous face shots.  25 caps of Jordan Ladd in "Club Dread" - lots of topless shots as well as bikini top, face, and more.  NOV.08 - 159 pics added today!  42 caps of blonde Canadian hottie Stephanie von Phetten in "Decoys" with her blonde friend, undressed, etc..., 77 caps of another gorgeous blonde Canadian babe Kim Poirier in "Decoys" as well as "Dawn of the Dead", nude, kissing other girls, beautiful face and body, and finally 40 caps of super gorgeous Canadian Meghan Ory in "Decoys" (yah, lotsa hot girls in that movie!) NOV.06 - 15 caps of super-bodied Jennie Lyn Bernston who co-hosts the TV show "In a Fix" - with these 15 caps Zodcaps has now hit the 9000 picture mark!, 20 caps of those 2 hot workout girls from the morning workout show, 5 caps of Paris Hilton on Leno, OCT.30 - 17 vidcaps of supermodel Gisele Bundchen on the Conan O'Brien show, 33 vidcaps from the movie "Beach Heads" - yes, I rented this pathetic DVD just to cap the damn thing.  OCT.29 - 89 caps of former Spice Girl "Victoria Adams / Beckham" in all sorts of poses - perky nipples, see-through, sexy, etc.... 12 sexy nudes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Charisma Carpenter, 6 candid shots of Anna Kournikova in a skimpy bikini relaxing with Enrique Iglesias (bottom of page, thanks johnr), 12 more caps of the "Babes of Fear Factor" (bottom the of page), 8 caps of Rosanna Arquette making out with Holly Hunter in the 1996 film "Crash" in the backseat of a car, 34 pics of hardbodied girls in morning workout show OCT.20 - 37 pics of Canadian beauty Rachel Blanchard, 65 sexy pictures of Entertainment Tonight's Maria Menounos in various poses at different events.  OCT.18 - *HOT* Zodcaps original movie cap of Christina Applegate having her breasts felt by 4 other women in the bathroom in "The Sweetest Thing" - high quality!  And 9 pics from this scene of Christina Applegate here.    37 various pics of Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk ("Smallville") lookin hot, some semi-see-through pics too!  OCT.17 - 62 hot pics of Shannon Elizabeth mastubating in "American Pie", nude in other movies, magazine shoots, and more!  (3 pages), Nice movie clip of Clea DuVall on a bed necking with Natasha Lyonne in "But I'm a Cheerleader"  OCT.13 - 75 great pictures of German model Luba, many with her twin sister, as well as 2 video clips of Luba on page 2 of the movie clips section.  SEP.20: 17 vidcaps of super sexy perfect cleavage TV host Maria Menounos from the 56th Emmy Awards. 

SEP.08 - AS PROMISED!!! FINALLY!  ELISHA CUTHBERT! (she's the babe on the top of the page here and on the bottom right, and star of the TV show "24" and lots more).  22 photos of Elisha here, 79 *very sexy* caps of Elisha in "The Girl Next Door" - everything from her making out with an older woman, giving head to her neighbor's father, stripping down, etc.., as well as a high quality movie clip of ALL OF THIS!   SEP.07 - 87 caps of brown haired beauty Susan Ward in web bikini as well as a nice lesbian kiss and 3-some scene from "Wild Things 2", and a HOT movie clip of Susan in a the same scene.  56 pics of Paris Hilton showing nipple slip, bikini, and modelling shoots.  25 caps of Jessica Alba's sexy friend in "Honey" Joy Bryant showing off her hard body. AUG.31 - 102 vidcaps of the girls in the National Lampoon movie "Dorm Daze" including Fresh Prince of Belair's Tatyana Ali, "Boy Meets World"s Daniel Fishel, Marieh Delfino (sister of Majandra Delfino who started in TV's "Roswell"), and even a couple nice lesbian kiss shots with a former Playboy playmate kissing the young french exchange student, and did a high quality movie clip of of that kiss in the movies section - very hot!. AUG.30 - 26 vidcaps of Kate Bosworth in "Win a Date with Ted Hamilton"  AUG.22 - 46 vidcaps of Ali Larter, Joy Bryant, and Gina Gershon in "3 Way", as well as a movie clip from "3 Way" of Ali Larter getting it doggy-style!  12 vidcaps of a couple of Olympic trampolinists. 14 caps of 2 hot girls in a morning workout show.  AUG.19 - Sexy topless love scene movie clip of Keira Knightley in Dr. Zhivago as well as 15 vidcaps of Keira Knightley in "Bend it Like Beckham" (what's better than a beautiful hot-bodied girl in a sports uniform?), 27 vidcaps of scantily clad hard-bodied beach volleyball babes from the Olympics (Aug.18 match - Canada vs. Norway)  AUG.15 -  50 hot vidcaps of some hard bodied aerobics babes in some very sexy poses.  Great movie clip of Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen in lots of nice slow motion clips in see-through tops on the runway!,  Very sexy movie clip of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen with open shirt on the runway, backstage, and by the pool.  AUG.13 - 22 more pics of super gorgeous model Pampita wearing various versions of next to nothing showing off her perfect body.   AUG.07 - 44 candid digital shots of girls at the beach (I love summer time!) and just walking around town.  40 pics of Argentina model with THE WORLD'S PERFECT BODY (and gorgeous face) Carolina Pampita Ardohain in lots of different poses.  LOTS more of her to come.  Also added 2 steamy movie clips of her doing an Elle magazine photo shoot and a Maxim magazine photo shoot.  Enjoy!  Come back for more because there's like 200 more pics of her I hvae to get online.  17 caps of hotties during a morning workout show.  Lots more to come.  AUG.01 - 20 more pics of Anna Kournikova, swimsuit, nipples, nude, and more!  Lots more to come.  20 more pics of Anna in the newly added gallery #5 of her.  JUL.28 - Added 54 pics of Brazilian bombshell supermodel Gisele Bundchen (she said she'd never do nudes but I finally found a couple of her showing a bit - movie clips of her beautiful bouncing breasts on the runway and behind the scenes on photo shoots coming soon, Added 56 *sexy* pics of Brazilian super sex supermodel Adriana Lima.  JUL.08 - 71 caps of Paris Hilton in the TV show "The Simple Life" (part 1 of 2)  JUN.15 - 28 caps of 2 hot straight women have to lick chocolate off a VERY SEXY topless blonde model in a TV show contest and they're NOT comfortable doing it.  Also get the movie clip of this scene in the movie clips section!  JUN.13 -  31 super sexy photos of S-Club singer Rachel Stevens in some very revealing shots, as well as 2 movie clips of her sexy body in her "Sweet Dreams" video, and her in a loose bikini top and tight jeans in out-takes from making "Natural"JUN.11 - did up 27 vidcaps from the horror B-movie "Adam & Evil" with some pretty girls lookin..... pretty.  JUN.10 - 2 more candid photos, rollerblading and sidewalk hottie.  JUN.09 - 45 digital photos in a new set of galleries I just started up containing candid shots of hot girls around the city.  Many from the beach, but also rollerblading babes, and just girls walking on the sidewalk :)  JUN.06 - 81 caps of super beauty Kristina Anapau from "Cruel Intentions 3" - bikini, hot head shots, hard nipples, getting shagged.  57 caps put into 3 galleries of all the hot girls from  "Cruel Intentions 3" in bikinis, nude, getting shagged, and lots more! JUN.05 - Did 23 vidcaps of sports news anchor hottie Hazel Mae from the TV show "J-Zone" and 16 caps of a morning workout show. 33 caps I did awhile back of a nice lesbian tease scene between wrestling stars Torrie Wilson and Sable. There's also some nice lesbian kissing movie clips of Torrie on the movie clips page. JUN.04 - Added a hot clip of Cameron Diaz playing with her breasts in "The Sweetest Thing" (top of the movie clips page) JUN.01 - 20 caps of blonde beauty Gretchen Mol in "The Shape of Things", 19 caps of Gretchen Mol in "Look in My Shorts" APR.23 - 24 caps of Rachel Weisz in "The Shape of Things", 16 caps of luscious-lipped Scarlett Johansson in "8 Legged Freaks" APR.19 - 74 caps of Brazilian swimsuit beauty Sofia Vergara showing off her cleavage in "Chasing Papi" APR.18 - 97 caps in a new gallery I've started up focusing on the athletic babes of various workout shows, 101 pics of Alyssa Milano full candid nude on beach, lesbian movie scenes, stripping, and sexy modelling shots - large.  23 caps of Clare Kramer in "The Skulls 2".  APR.13 - 22 caps of busty beauty Nikki Cox in "Run Ronnie Run" (hilarious movie), 6 shots of Monica Bellucci's WICKED cleavage and sexy face in "Matrix 3: Revolutions.  MAR.30 - 84 super hot caps of super sexy absolutely perfect babe Jessica Biel in wet see-through t-shirt, tight jeans, cleavage, and beautiful face in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", 18 caps of Naomi Watts nude love scene in "21 Grams" as well as a movie clip of that scene.  14 caps of Drea de Matteo lookin hot in "Prey for Rock and Roll" (you might recognize her from "The Sopranos")  MAR.28 - 44 *HOT* caps of Gina Gershon's lesbian performance on the bed in "Prey for Rock and Roll" (how that scene didn't make the movie R-Rated is beyond me!) as well as a movie clip of that scene in the movies section!  SUPER HOT!, 52 vidcaps from "The Polish Kitsch Project" - don't even ask me where I find this crap.  The whole damn movie was in fucking Polish.  MAR.27 - 32 vidcaps of blonde French hottie Ludivine Sagnier topless, full nude, and more in "Swimming Pool" as well as  a movie clip of her masturbating by the pool in the same movie.  MAR.26 - added a VERY sexy clip of Anna Kournikova's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photo shoot onto the movies page - high quality video too, 18 caps of former "Northern Exposure" star Cynthia Geary (she played "Shelly" in "Mulletville", 36 caps of Diane Lane topless, getting nailed doggy style, sex, in "Unfaithful", added a movie clip of Diane Lane getting nailed doggy style in a hallway in "Unfaithful", 8 caps of Halle Berry in "Gothika" (creepy movie)  MAR.24 - 84 *HOT HOT* sexy caps of Jessica Alba in "Honey" - she's all grown up from that TV show Flipper isn't she?  Added 2 movie clips of Jessica - one from "Idle Hands" where she's in her bra and panties showing off her perfect butt, and another where she's taking off her top to change and you get a peak of her right breast.MAR.22 - 6 vidcaps of Paris Hilton in bikini in "Wonderland", 8 vidcaps of former Blue Crush beauty Kate Bosworth in the shower and getting the bone from Val Kilmer in "Wonderland", 15 *hot* pics of super sexy Canadian babe Elisha Cuthbert in shots from red carpet arrivals and her new movie "Girl Next Door".  MAR.2 - 8 caps of full-breasted cutie Nikki Cox in "Las Vegas"  MAR.1 - 40 pictures and vidcaps of Kristanna Loken (she was the terminator in "Terminator 3")  75 vidcaps of the hotties at the 2004 Oscars last night including the red carpet arrival show, added 26 vidcaps of Elizabeth Hurley from "The Weight of Water", bikini, hard nipples, topless. FEB.29 - 75 *hot* pics of Salma Hayek - topless in Frida, lesbian in Frida, bikini, etc, etc.  FEB.28 - 14 caps of Tara Reid stripping off her clothes in "My Boss's Daughter" as well as a movie clip of the same strip-dance.  Personally I can't stand her but it's a pretty sexy scene.  Finally got up 7 caps of Christina Aguilera's massive cleavage in the recent Golden Globe Awards, put up 23 vidcaps of Carmen Electra in "My Boss's Daughter" - wet t-shirt, ass, having breast felt.  FEB.27 - Added a VERY high quality (near-DVD quality!) movie clip of Carmen Elektra with a see-through wet t-shirt coming out of the water in "My Boss' Daughter" ('not a bad movie either!) (clip is located at top-middle)  FEB.26 - 28 caps of Canadian/German super beauty Stefanie Von Pfetten on the Mike Bullard Show.  Believe it or not she has German royalty in her family and retains the title of Baroness.  FEB.25 - 83 caps of more teen babes from the TV show "Fear Factor" and their Couples special (pages 6 through 9) FEB.24 - 61 caps of Catherine Zeta Jones looking so beautiful in "Intolerable Cruelty" - mostly shots of her gorgeous face, 41 caps of the babe from the TV show "Average Joe Feb.21 - 40 pics of super hottie Eva Mendes, 14 pics of Roswell busty beauty Katherine Heigl, Added a SUPER HOT movie clip of 2 gorgeous teen twin sisters with perfect tits doing a nice lesbian kiss in the shower from the movie "Cruel Intentions 2", 30 hot collage pictures of Sharon Stone nude in various movies, as well as 3 video clips of her in Sliver, Basic Instinct, and an unknown movie.  more to come today!  FEB.12 - 37 pics of singer Pink in various locations and videos, 19 vidcaps of Canadian beauty Jessica Pare and her lesbian scenes (and others) in "Lost and Delerious", 33 photos of Hilary Duff at vrious locations, lookin sexy.  19 photos of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) Kirsty Swanson, 26 more photos of Keira Knightley 

FEB.9:  11 vidcaps of Elle Macpherson making out with Kate Capshaw in "A Girl Thing", 46 vidcaps of brown-eyed beauty Eva Mendes in "Out of Time", 26 caps of French singer and blonde beauty Ophelie Winter in "2001 A Space Travesty" FEB.8: haven't done an update in awhile so I just put up 37 vidcaps of Jennifer Connelly nude in various movies, as well as 4 movie clips of her nude.  12 vidcaps of sexy host of "Clean Sweap" (home renovation show) Stacey Dutton looking perky as always!  49 *VERY* sexy pics of Mandy Moore - she's looking even hotter every day!  Lots more to come soon. JAN.30 - 93 caps of all the sexy celebs at the 2004 Golden Globe Awards, added a nice clip of 4 hot girls (Jessica Pare is one of them!) frolicking on the bed in "Posers", 19 Caps of Cerina Vincent in "Cabin Fever" (she also played the always-nude foreign exchange student in "Not Another Teen Movie"  JAN.29 - 62 caps from "House of the Dead" with 2 gorgeous Canadian babes. JAN.28 - 26 caps from a Pepsi commercial that will air during the Superbowl with Britney, Pink, and Beyonce dressed up as sexy gladiators :P JAN.27 - 36 caps of Geena Davis in "Earth Girls are Easy" in lingerie, bikini, pokies. JAN.26 - 11 caps of sexy blonde WWE star Torrie Wilson on TSN's show "Off the Record" (Jan.26/04) JAN.24 - Nice free movie download available here of Eliza Dushku ("Bring it On" dyking out in slow motion with Angela Featherstone ("Wedding Singer") in "Soul Survivors: lots of tongue! - check back here every day for new freebie clips!  JAN.20 - 50 pics of young Canadian sex kitten Avril Lavigne (pages 2/3), 51 more pics of tight-bodied Christina Aguilera, various (2 pages) JAN.19 - 32 sexy pics of Catherine Zeta Jones - thanks Celeb Peeper and Red Dragon, 98 pics of Jessica Simpson in lingerie, massive cleavage, and on the show The Newlyweds - bullshit she's a virgin like she says... JAN.16 - 7 caps of Kari Wuhrer in "Final Examination" 8 pics of Tech TV's Morgan Webb on "Xtended Play" 5 pics of Tech TV's Laura Swisher  JAN.11 - 14 pics of Canadian singer hottie Avril Lavigne flashing her bra and bare bum - she's really starting to fill out nicely up top! (new pics are on the lower column of the page) 26 pics of Natalie Portman - all grown up with hard nipples and see-through tops!  34 more pics of Canadian superbabe Elisha Cuthbert, Added 47 pics of blonde bombshell Brittany Daniel (she was the hot chick in "Joe Dirt")  JAN.10 - Added a nice clip of Keira Knightley making out with 2 guys at once, having her pants pulled down to show her sweet hips, having her crotch grabbed, and flashing her tits in "The Hole" (she was only 15 at the time!)  JAN.07 - 101 caps of English babe Kate Beckinsale as a sexy vampire in "Underworld", 39 caps of super cutie Sophia Myles in "Underworld", Added 42 caps of busty British beauty Kelly Brook from the movie "Absolon" 

2003 :

DEC.24 - MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE - yes I know it's been awhile since the last update but I have the flu and can't sit at the 'puter without getting dizzy and ill.  I'll do any up pdate soon - check back every day. DEC.17 - 97 photos of supersexy Keira Knightley as well as a movie clip of her flashing her tits in "The Hole"  DEC.15 - Movie clip of red-head-beauty Debra Messing giving co-star Megan Mullally a nice long kiss on "Will and Grace"  Sorry for the lack of updates, I've got a bad chest cold and brutal fever.  Bwah...  DEC.12 - Added 199 pics of Britney Spears and 2 movie clips of French MEGAHOTTIE Alizee singing on stage - one in slow motion of her showing off her *perfect* ass and the other live in Amsterdam singing "Moi.." prancing around on stage.  Damn she's beautiful. DEC.11 - 68 caps of sex kitten Mandy Moore in "How to Deal" as well as a high-res movie clip of the stretching routine she does at the beginning of the movie - *amazing* positions :) DEC.10 - Added a 14 meg 4+ minute long clip of Halle Berry getting fucked in pretty much every position from the UNRATED version of Monster's Ball - it's practically porn!  Hah..  DEC.9 - 17 caps of Salma Hayek in "Frida" (nudes, lesbian, etc) and 4 movie clips of these caps!  (first 4 at top of page) DEC.8 - 35 caps of the various hotties on TechTV.  DEC.7 - 85 caps of British SUPER hottie Keira Knightley in "Pirates of the Caribbean", DEC.6 - 18 caps of Eliza Dushku in "The New Guy" (the part where she's trying on bikinis) 8 caps of Lizzie star Hilary Duff (bottom of page) in American Dreams.  DEC.5 - 26 more vidcaps of beautiful Naomi Watts in "The Shaft", New gallery of 45 hot pictures and vidcaps of sexy siren Gina Gershon as well as 5 VERY hot movie clips of her lesbian scenes in "Bound"   DEC.3 - New gallery of Denise Richards - has nice bikini/modelling shots of her, as well as her making out with Neve Campbell in "Wild Things" - More to come later.  NOV.23 - 3 new movies added:  Elizabeth Berkley (former star of "Saved by the Bell") open mouth lesbian kiss (with tongue!) with Gina Gerson in "Showgirls" as well as a clip of Gina Gershon fondling Elizabeth Berkley's tits and nipples in the same movie.  Also added a slow motion clip of Britney Spears kissing Madonna on stage.  These 3 clips are at the top of the movies page.  NOV.22 - 3 new movies added:  Alyssa Milano having her topless chest licked by a vampire as she's lying in bed, Jennifer Connelly GREAT topless in "The Hot Spot" - you can even see her pussy as she's bent over fully nude from behind!  And I re-did the Alyssa Milano lesbian threesome from "Embrace the Vampire" -- it's longer now and contains the full scene.  These clips are at the top of the movies page (all new clips are added from the top down.   NOV.21 - Added new movie clip of Alyssa Milano stipping off her shirt and standing topless in "Caught in the Act"  NOV.19 - Added 82 vidcaps of Angelina Jolie in "Tomb Raider 2".  Not much showing her body in this movie, but lots of sexy headshots with those luscious lips.  NOV.17 - NEW MOVIES!!  I got around to adding a bunch more new movie clips.  Now online are:  Laetitia Casta "megamix":  shows her in nude/sex scenes from various French movies as well as runway, modelling, and bikini shots.  Also online is Shannon Elizabeth and her nude/masturbation scenes from "American Pie, 2 clips of "Buffy" star Alyson Hannigan in lesbian kiss scenes - one with LOTS of tongue with Jaime PresslyJennifer Garner looking way hot in skimpy lingerie in "Alias".  And finally, 2 *very* hot scenes of Alyssa Milano - one were she's completely nude in a lesbian three-way, and one where she fondles Charlotte Lewis' breast, and fingers her while she open-mouth kisses her with LOTS of tongue.  Get them all in the movies section!  More to come!  NOV.16 - PARIS HILTON SEX VIDEO IS NOW ONLINE!!  Yes it's the real one.  It took a lot of tracking down to do but you can now download it in the ever-growing movies section NOV.14 - 8 caps of Shania Twain lookin good in a hockey commercial (top).   NOV.13 - New movie clip added:  Elle Macpherson and Kate Capshaw (she was the main chick in Indiana Jones Temple of Doom) nude and lesbian kissing and Kate fingers Elle at the end.  Very hot.  New movie clip added:  Sarah Michelle Gellar lesbian kissing Selma Blair in "Cruel Intentions" (it's in the movies section), 25 vidcaps of Maria Bonnevie in "I Am Dina", 17 vidcaps of Jennifer Aniston's perfect cleavage in "Friends" NOV.12 - 50 sexy shots of Shannon  Elizabeth, 44 photos of Buffy / American Pie beauty Alyson Hannigan, including lesbian scenes from Buffy.  NOV.8 - 14 caps of Natasha Henstridge in "Ghosts of Mars"   NOV.7 - 57 photos of Italian beauty Monica Bellucci (she was in Matrix Reloaded) NOV.6 - 54 more hot and sexy pics of Angelina Jolie, 28 pics of young beauty Amanda Bynes

NOV.5 - 37 vidcaps of Naomi Watts in Mullholland Drive - lesbian kissing, topless.  NOV.4 - 117 all-original caps of the babes of the TV show "Fear Factor".  I'll keep adding to this gallery as they come.  60 pics of Brazilian superbabe actress/model Sofia Vergara, 22 caps of Emmanuelle Chriqui in "100 Girls" (bottom)  NOV.3 - 15 more of Kylie Minogue including her 2004 calender,  NOV.1 - Yah it's been a while boys 'n girls but z0dcaps is now 195 pictures larger in this update.  25 shots of Jewel lifting her shirt while having her tit licked and watching it on tv and other caps of her sexy face/body, 47 pics of sexy young awesome-bodied star Jessica Alba showing off all her wares in various shows (pages 2 and 3), 5 more at the bottom of the page of Jessica Biel in some glamour shots as well as see-through pool caps.  1 more smiley pick of Hillary Duff (last one), 29 nude/bikini/candid/etc of super goddess Halle Berry, all sorts of more sexy Christina Aguilera pics and vidcaps, and of course, 56 more of Britney Spears.  Enjoy.  -z0d   OCT.17 - 8 caps of Halle Berry at 2003 Oscars, 11 more sexy and nude shots of Jessica Biel (last 11 on page), 13 cleavage and topless photos of Catherine Zeta Jones (at bottom of page) and 15 vidcaps of Catherine Zeta Jones at the past Oscars showing lots of cleavage, 53 photos of WWE superbabe  Stacey Kiebler, 22 "montage caps" of Jessica Alba, OCT.16 - 20 caps of British beauty Rhona Mitra in "The Life of David Gale" (good movie!)  OCT.15 - 48 caps of Canadian blonde bombshell Rachel McAdams in "The Hot Chick", 23 vidcaps of Canadian hotty Emmanuelle Chriqui in "Wrong Turn" and 7 caps of another Canadian beauty Lindy Booth in the same movie and finally 18 caps of Eliza Dushku in same movie..  OCT.14 - Movie clip of Roselyn Sanchez showing how to give head using a banana (in the movies section), 30 caps of Charlize Theron in "The Italian Job"  OCT.13 - 78 vidcaps of sexy latino babe Roselyn Sanchez in "Boat Trip", OCT.12 - 54 more pics on pages 3 and 4 of the Xenia Seeberg galleries, 48 shots of Shannen Doherty sexy and nude, 40 revealing pics of S-Club member Rachel Stevens, Nicole Kidman nude (20 shots), 46 pics of sexy Alias star Jennifer Garner OCT.11 - New movies online:  Britney Spears with hard nipples on stage, Cameron Diaz "going down" on Christina Applegate, Geri Halliwell being groped by lots of women, Jennifer Connelly kissing Kirsty Swanson - get them in the movies section.  16 pics of Rachel Hunter nude and see-through, 58 pics of busty beauty Jennifer Connelly, 11 pics of the Olsen Twins walking around downtown in bathrobes (??), 32 sexy magazine shots of Liberty X, Laura Harring topless in various movies, 10 pics of Kirsten Dunst, 17 pics of Beyonce Knowles, 14 pics of Star Trek's Jeri Ryan, 23 pics of sexy Catherine Zeta Jones, 28 more hot pics of Britney Spears, OCT.10 - Short movie clip of Britney Spears having her pants pulled down (top of table).  OCT.09 - 139 shots of Charlize Theron, 12 pics of Daryl Hannah in Playboy, 49 pics of Charisma Carpenter, 6 *HOT* pics of Britney Spears (last 6 on this page) OCT.05 - 18 more concert pics of Christina Aguilera (at bottom of page), 29 hot pics of megababe Jessica Biel, 45 sexy/topless pics of Star Trek Voyager babe Jolene Blalock, 40 more hot pics of Lexx babe Xena Seeberg, 6 caps of Jeri Ryan topless in "The Last Man" (bottom of page),   OCT.04 - 31 shots of tight-bodied Star Trek babe Jeri Ryan, 40 hot bikini & see-through/topless pics of Kylie Monigue  OCT.03 - 22 pics of Britney Spears, hard nipples-no-bra-outside and various others, 20 sexy pics including the pinup ones of Jennifer Lopez  SEP.17 - 5 caps of Britney Spears having her pants pulled down at show before baseball game, SEP.15 - 76 pics of Russian tennis superbabe Anna Kournikova, 26 pics of sexy "Lexx" star Xena Seeberg, 33 see-through photos of Christina Ricci, thanks Robb.  SEP.14 - 5 caps of Halle Berry in "Swordfish" as well as a should movie clip of that scene, 3 caps of Scarlett Johansson at the Toronto Film Festival, 15 Eliza Dushku caps of lesbian kiss scene in "Soul Survivors", 2 movies of the same caps - one in regular speed the other in slow motion (get them in the movies section below)  SEP.12 - 4 more pics of Bonnie Laflin, 5 caps of Christina Ricci nude in "Prozac Nation", 12 cleavage caps of Jodie Foster in "Panic Room" (thanks DragonCeleb).   SEPT.11TH - 44 pics of Elle Macpherson with lots of nudes, 26 pics of Kelly Brook, 12 pics of Victoria Adams/Beckham from GQ and candid nude.  Thanks RedDragon and celebpeeper.  2 movies of Torrie Wilson.  One in a posedown with Stacy Kiebler and one kissing Dawn Marrie.  Both are in movies section below.  SEPT.6TH:  79 pics of UK superbabe Jennifer Ellison SEPT.5TH:  83 pics of Bonnie-Jill Laflin, 19 pics of former Baywatch beauty and now TV host Brooke Burns, 26 pics of gorgeous singer Alizee, 20 fan photos of Hillary Duff, 16 more pics of Britney Spears,  36 sexy pictures of Canadian beauty and "24" star Elisha Cuthbert, 2 Elle Macpherson movies from "Sirens" - one with her nude scenes, one with her "lesbian tease" scenes - get them in the movies section below,  Big update of Catherine Zeta Jones in "Chicago" (68 vidcaps) and 4 vidcaps of her in "Entrapment" and 11 vidcaps of Lucy Liu in "Chicago" SEPT.4TH:  15 new vidcaps of "Lindy Booth" ("Relic Hunter" regular) in the movie "Rub & Tug", SEPT.3RD: 2 new movie clips - Carla Gugino ("Spy Kids") lesbian kiss with Molly Parker in "Center of the World", Molly Parker masturbation scene in "Center of the World" - get them in the movies section below, 18 vidcaps of Carla Gugino in same movie.  SEPT.2ND:  Emily Mortimer movie clip topless in "The Sleeping Dictionary"  SEPT.1ST: 4 Diane Lane movie clips below in the movies section, 10 sexy Playboy pics of "Relic Hunter" star Tia Carrere  AUGUST 31ST:  Movie clip of Patricia Zentilli ("Bunny") taking a shower in "Lexx", Nice lesbian kiss movie clip from show "Lexx" as Zev kisses Bunny.  As promised, the *VERY SEXY* strip scene by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in "Femme Fatale".  Both high-quality and low-quality versions for your viewing pleasure.  See the Movies section below. Nicole Kidman clip of her perfect ass in "Eyes Wide Shut".  Shitloads of caps/pics/movies to be added over the next couple days, check back often.  AUGUST 30TH: Melissa Sagemiller - 50 caps from "Get Over It" and "Sorority Boys",  Angelina Jolie lesbian clip from movie "Gia", Britney Spears / Madonna / Christina Aguilera open-mouth kissing on stage at the 2003 MTV awards, and movie clipAUGUST 29TH:  The Femme Fatale Update - *93* hot lesbian kiss caps of supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos necking with another hottie in "Femme Fatale" - also get the movie clips of this scene!  Edited perfectly by so that only the hot parts are in the clip (movie clip is below in the movies section - both 768kbps and 1500kbps versions) STILL TO COME is the hot strip scene she does - I should have that up Friday.  AUGUST 28TH: BIG UPDATE:   18 nude and bikini shots of supermodel/actress Rebecca Romijn Stamos, 20 sexy shots of Rachael Leigh Cook in various poses, 10 sexy swimsuit/bikini shots of "Adventure Inc" star Karen Cliche, 15 pics of Baywatch's Nicole Eggert topless in magazine, 33 very sex photos of Jennifer Lopez, including no panties candid shot, 19 hot magazine pics of Canadian superbabe Natasha Henstridge, 5 nude topless candid shots and 3 bikini candid shots and 5 tv cleavage caps of Jennifer Aniston ("Friends") on the beach, 7 sexy pics of Mandy Moore (thanks Red Dragon), 7 sexy pics of Mariah Carey (thanks Celeb Peeper) AUGUST 27TH:  Video Clip - Piper Perabo ("Coyote Ugly") and Canadian model Jessica Pare lesbian scenes from "Lost & Delerious"  (Jessica was only about 18 during this...)  Movie link is below in Movies section.  AUGUST 24TH:  SCARLETT JOHANSSON lookin hot as usual in "Ghost World", JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT huge cleavage shots in "Heartbreakers", JENNIFER ANISTON thong and lesbian kiss in "Rock Star", 2 new movies: Laura Prepon (redhead from "That 70s Show") kissing tongues with another girl, and masturbating on the couch (see top of movies section at bottom)  AUGUST 12:  ANGIE HARMON nice body/cleavage in "Cody Banks", HILARY DUFF looking great in "Cody Banks", MARG HELGENBERGER who is currently in CSI - this is her in 1995's "Species" showing some boob, ESTELLA WARREN movie of her swimming in the movie "Driven"  JENNIFER ANISTON movie of her lesbian kiss scene in the movie "Rock Star" AUGUST 8TH: AVRIL LAVIGNE at 2002 Canadian Juno Awards,  BROOKE BURKE looking nice in magazine shoot, BRITNEY SPEARS doing the same, ELIZABETH HURLEY movie caps and candids, JEWEL KILCHER sexy magazine shots and nude candids, SHANIA TWAIN at Juno Awards and Superbowl, ANGELINA JOLIE Tomb Raider and nude caps, AVRIL LAVIGNE in concert, awards, and magazine photos, CHRISTINA AGUILERA see-through, sexy magazine shots as well as cleavage candids.  New movies added:  Kim Bassinger and Laura Prepon